Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 22nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 22nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Viren goes home and asks Chandra why did she argue with Neelima. Chandra says Neelima provoked her and she spoke only at last. Kusum says Jiji is right. Viren says if he had known all this, he would have confronted Diwakar. Chandra yells how can Diwakar be so foolish and listen to Neelima, she does not know how Saachi is staying there and tolerating their torture. O the other side, Diwakar says he made mistake by making this alliance and accepting Saachi as bahu.

Aryan and Saachi’s romance continues. Aryan says after returning home, he will clear all the diferences between families and he will apologize his in-laws. She says no need for that as her parents are not angry on him. He says he will. Their romantic nok jhok continues. Saachi says Priyanka was right, couple forget their differences during honeymoon and reunite. She then mimics him limping. He touches her feet and asks where she is hurting and wiggles her.

Viren prays god to keep Saachi happy. Kusum consoles him not to worry, nothing will happen to their daughter. At Sethia bhavan, Prabath sits tensely with Daadi and children. Neelima suggests him to mortgage house to bank, at least they would not hear Viren family’s taunts. Prabhath warns her to stop giving her lame ideas. Nishanth and Neeti tell they cannot think of living in another house, they are born and grew up here. Diwakar with Sarita comes and hears their conversation.

Sushanth tells Priyanka that after selling haveli, they will repay Viren’s loan and will buy apartment from remaining money. They will buy it near office, so that he does not have to waste time. As soon as she calls him for meals, he can easily come. Diwakar on the other side tells Sarita that because of him, his family has to leave this house. His grandfather, father, him and all were born in this house, he will be guilty for getting his family out of this house. Sushanth tells Priyanka that he will miss this house, though seeing apartment amenities, he will eventually foret this haveli. Priyanka consoles him. Diwark continues feeling guilty and gets a heart attack. Sarita worriedly calls family. Whole family rushes towards him. Sushanth calls doctor.

In Goa, Aryan says if babasa sees this T-shirt, he will get heart fail. Saachi says babasa will look good if he walks wearing this T-shirt in the morning. He says no…She says she will give it to Nishanth then and will buy something else for Babasa. Priyanka calls her and Saachi tells herr that she was right, couple get closer during honeymoon. Priyanka says Babasa is not well and they should come home soon. Saachi informs Aryan.

Precap: Neelima brainwashes Sarita that Diwakar’s condition is because of Saachi’s parents. Sarita shouts at Viren that he is responsible for Diwakar’s condition.

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  1. Ye kya mazak bana rakha hai yaar…prb ko Itna bhi mat badhao ki archi to kya koi superhero aake bhi thk na kar paye.. ???

  2. hi guys !!!! its getting so boring these days . i wonder what prob does neelima have with mitthals . she keeps on brainwashing other members of the house

  3. Pehle kam problems hai Jo neelima aur create kar rhi h ……..

    Bit still I’m happy for archi

  4. archi scenes were more and much better than expected..so I’m happy..but I feel pity on them..bechare they are so happy..and wapas aake they’ll have to go through this disastrous environment..and sanchi is the most easily and freely available victim every time..pehle family members were nice to Aryan was upset..ab jab he is happy to family will start having prb with her..fasna to use hi hai..

  5. had he… ye Neelima or bua ko WWE ya CID me vej do yr.. itna jhagdalu or sakki man he un dono ki. agar Aryan fir se wohi rup lenge to sajhedari word ka koi meaning nehi hoga.. ArChi ko ek sath dekhni he hume yr..

    1. hmm sath me to dekhna chahte hain..lets hope for the best..but seriously..aise kaun behave karta hai yaar..aajkal k bacchon me bhi itna bachpana nai hota..even kids are much more matured than these ladies..zabardasti ego issues bana rakhe hain sab ne..

  6. JenniferAndrews

    Hope now archi won’t have any more misunderstandings

    1. they won’t ?

  7. This nilima ?mujhe ek khoon maaf jardi bhagwamji yeh nilima ko mein maar doongi.????

  8. See nilima s n a soup now she didnot expect that after telling babasa abt chandra actually whatever she herself said he wld decide to sell house n now she s beain storming sarita against mittals so that the truth s not out.

    So sad fir archi hopefully they both handle this sensibly.

    Now all elders will b against mittals n sanchi but i think aryan will support her.comeon that girl has left her house for him n since day1 poor girl s dealing with rejection frm him.

    I think younger generation will resolve all differences.

    1. hospital scene me to both Aryan and his dad were nice to her..but don’t know what’s there after that..poor them..how many issues to deal with..jo misunderstanding hai wo to hai hi..but apart from that the lady who is staying in their house uska kya..she will create one more earthquake..bechare kin kin ko handle karenge yaar..

    2. Problem iss baat ka nahi hoga ki woh lady “bade bhai ki dulhaniya” ban kar aayegi, but probelm tab hoga jab Mittal usse wahan lekar aayega….. phir ek our ilzaam Saanchi ke naam …. Hahahahahaha

    3. haan..wo kehte hain na ki jab musibat aati hai to har taraf se aati hai..Wahi ho raha hai yahan bhi..

    4. Yeh rishta misunderstandings ki sajhedari ka ban gaya. People r sajhedars but misunderstsndings ke nilima n chandra.now diwakar n viren..sarita n viren.n thn it wil b priyanka n sushant ?

    5. Misunderstandings ke list me … Neelima aur chandra ko mat daalo yaar….. yeh dono ko misunderstanding ka bimaari nahi balki EGOISM ka bimaari hai jiske kaaran yeh log apna mistake maante nahi aur doosro ko mislead kar rahe hai…. Pura Sajhedari … Misunderstanding se bhar gaya….. sab ek doosre ka dushman. Hahahahahaha

    6. very true.. ?? good 1 ?? and it is as though both families are selecting their sajhedars themselves..both the dads..both the aunts..and I think after today it’ll be both the moms because kusum will not handle viren’s insult..baki jo bach gye hain wo bhi future me dhund hi lenge kisi ko.. ????

    7. Okk pradeep exclude nilima n chandra.

    8. We can add them in misunderstandings badhane mein sajhedaar?

    9. sach me Ye Dono to kumbh k mele me bichdi behene lagti hain..that too they are no ordinary sisters they are twin sisters..jinka Sirf face alag hota hai baki sab same to same..

  9. And neelima I thought was sorry after swimming pool incident but got worse; they should buy sep house and move; will cause problems daily

    1. even in a separate house she won’t stop interfering..she said sorry but she never felt it..irritating ladies both of them..na khud chain se rehte hain na dusre ko rehne dete hain..

    2. That will happen too woh future tracks ke liye reserved hain ?

    3. ya..Abhi to problems have just started..until they have 20-30 layers of problems and misunderstandings tab tak aise hi chalne wala hai..we need a lot of patience ???

  10. This show started really good but going down hill now.

  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VpUCl6w47U
    i dont knw why i find it hilarious… 😀 😀 😀

    1. Haa nice one i think aryan s doing it on purpose so that his mom will realise that if being the eldest in the house if she doesnot respect her DIL then her son wont respect his wife n he did it in front of whole family n babasa scolded him.
      In a way he has convey the rite msg to his mom lookg fwd to it.

    2. Lagta hain sarita nilima ke jhaase mein aa gayi

    3. yes it was all planned by both of them and they are also planning to shoo away everyone who comes to buy their house ???

    4. haan wo to Aaj hi Aa jayegi..and I like ki inspite of having so many issues with her family Aryan’s dad is giving sanchi full respect and rights in the house..aisa hona chaiye jo aajkal hota nai hai..

  12. kya aryan acting kar raha he sanchi par gussa hone ka?? by the way mujhe kuch dar si lag rahi he.. ye problm khatam hote hi ye log serial bandh kar denge kya? eisa abhi mat kariyega plz. and babasa is superb… neelima to sukuni mami ban gayi he… jahar gholti rehti he.

    1. haan acting hai..and don’t worry prb ki kami nai hoti hai families me..ek drama khatam hoga to dusra Shuru ho jayega..but mujhe Sony se jyada ummeed nai hai..whatever it is I’m gonna watch it until its on air..rest left to makers..

    2. Aree yaar dont vory abt tomorow enjoy what s gog on.

    3. Diwakar s a gud soul no wonder aryan s respectful towards elders n a gud human being.

    4. yes very true..

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