Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 21st February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nikita takes Aryan to meet Malvika. Aryan is shocked to see Malvika is Saachi. He runs and holds her hand and says he is her husband Aryan. She says what rubbish and orders guards to send him away. She walks towards her car and Aryan continues running behind her. She gets into car, scolds security this is how they work and leaves. Nikita is shocked to see Saachi’s identical. Aryan reaches home and informs Diwakar and Sarita that Malvika is Saachi. Diwakar says sometimes it happens that we see the people we love all around. Aryan says eve Nikita saw Saachi. Nikita says Malvika behaves differently.

Kusum at her home cries reminiscing Saachi. Chandra consoles her. She then goes and opens door hearing door knock and fumes seeing Aryan. Aryan says he needs to talk to papa/Viren. Chandra asks him to leave. Viren comes and Aryan says he needs to sleep, Saachi is alive. Viren is shocked and holds pillar. Everyone run towards him. Aryan informs whatever happened.

Nikita calls Rajender and informs that Malvika resembles Saachi. He says there are 7 identical people in the world and Malvika has a family in US, if she wants he will investigate.

Aryan with goes to meet Malvika and starts again that he is her husband Aryan. She slaps him and asks security to call police and get him and his companion arrested. Viren is also shocked seeing Saachi’s look alike. Nikita says if she was Saachi, she would not have slapped Aryan.

Kusum also discusses at home about Malvika. She gets a call that Aryan and Viren are arrested for trespassing into Malvika’s hotel room. She then runs to Sethia bhavan and informs them. They all rush to Malvika’s place. Kusum shows Aryan and Saachi’s pics. Malvika says morphing pic is a crime. Nikita says this is Saachi and not her and Kusum is Saachi’s mother and Aryan her husband. She requests her to take back case. Malvika calls inspector and asks to release Aryan and Viren. Nikita thanks her and leaves. Kusum stares at Malvika and Malvika notices it.

Precap: Aryan asks Nikita why did she invite Malvika for home stay without even consulting him, she thinks something and does something. Malvika clashes with Aryan while entering Sethia bhavan.

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  1. nice slap, malvika..

  2. Great episode, ise ek baat pata chal gayi nikita ke baare mein.khayal jaise bhi ho dimag te hai chori ma

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