Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 14th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 14th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sethia family plans for a movie. Saachi waits for Aryan if he will ask her to sit with him in his car, but Neeti asks Saachi to sit with her. Saachi looks at Aryan’s face and sits with Neeti. Viren in his home tells family that Saachi’s family went for a movie, but their family is sittting at home. Vaibhav comes fixing meeting with client over phone. Viren scolds Kusum that she bore a bbusinessman and not son. Vaibhav says whenver he wanted to go out, papa is always busy in his cooking experiments. Family laughs. Chandra says they should be happy that Saachi’s family acceted her.

Saachi and family reaches back home from movie discussing they saw such a good movie after such a long time. Neelima says Prabhath was sleeping. Prabhath says he did not.

Neelima asks Saachi if he was sleeping or not. Saachi says yes. Nishanh tells Saachi let us go and play video game. Sarita says they can play game in the morning and should go and sleep now. Everyone walk toward their room. Sarita tells Diwakar that since Saachi and Aryan’s marriage, everyone are around them, they should plan and let them spend some time alone, so they should send them for a honeymoon trip.

In the morning, Aryan gets ready for office and sees Diwakar watering plant. He asks why did he wake up so early. Diwakar shows a flower plant and says this plant flowers only for 15 days in a years and if they don’t take care of it well, flowers will not bloom, same with relationships. Aryan says he did not understand. Diwakar gives him money envelope and says he should go on a honeymoon and spend some quality time with Saachi. Aryan goes back in. Saachi asks him where they are going for honeymoon. He asks her to select venue. She says she will search some places on net and they both will select one. He says okay and leaves of office.

Sushanth in his room looks at his and Priyanka’s photoframe and imagines Mala in mirror. Priyanka comes and says he is staring at photo instead of staring at her live. She says Aryan and Saachi are going on a honeymoon. He says he knows. She says even she wants to go on a honeymoon. He says with whom. She asks if he wants to go with someone else, never think of that. He says even he was thinking of a vacation.

Mala walks on street with her son who asks when will they meet papa. She says soon. She sees Sushanth on road and runs behind him calling Karan (revealed Sushanth is her son’s father). Sushanth leaves in his car. Mala comes in front of Viren’s car and falls down. Viren gets out of car and asks if she is fine. People yell rich people don’t care about poor and crush them under their car. Viren says this lady ran in front of his car. Mala says yes, it is not Viren’s mistake. Someone brings Mala’s son and her bag. Viren insists her to come along to get her head injury treated and takes her in his car. Mala’s photo ablumb falls down in which Mala and Sushanth’s pics are.

Aryan is at office. Saachi calls him and says she has decided they will go to Maldives. Aryan says okay. He hears client shouting at Prabhath outside and walks out. He sees client demanding Prabhath to pay his payment, else he will stop supplying raw material.

Precap: Aryan reaches home. Saachi asks Aryan if booked flight ticket. He asks if they can cancel this trip. Diwakar calls Aryan.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Vishakha

    nooooo…?????? yaar ek drama khatam ho nai rha and dusra shuru hone ko ready hai..jaise ki Itne time se aryan ka fula hua face dekhna hamare liye kafi nai tha jo ab sushant aur priyanka bhi line me lag rhe hain..

    1. Ab toh aur bada siyappa hone waka hai if mala stays @ virens house aur bada drama coming our way .n imagine if bua somehow comes to know ki sushant n mala ka affair tha i cant even think woh kya kar sakti hain.???

      1. Vishakha

        as per spoilers soon Aryan’s family will get to know everything and priyanka will be shattered after that and sanchi will play a major role in pacifying her..lets see how much of this is true..

  2. yaar reapeat this show at 1;30 pm plzzzz

  3. yup! ryt.. in logo k drame me sanchi bisari fas jati he bar bar…. sushant ki vajese kahi jaipur honeymoon v cancl na ho jaye…

  4. Vishakha

    but the good news is finally archi will be together and at least unka hug to Dekhne milega after a long wait…

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