Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 11th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 11th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sushanth and Aryan walk towards parking lot after business meeting. Sushanth sees his old college girlfriend Mala and is surprised. He walks towards her and she gets into auto and leaves. Aryan asks whom he is searching. He says M…then stops and says nothing.

Priyanka and Saachi chat. Priyanka asks Saachi not to worry, she will help her in setting up her room and even help her in kitchen. Saachi happily hugs her and says I love you. Priyanka jokes to keep her love for her husband. She asks if something is wrong between her and Aryan. Saachi nervously says no and smiles. Priyanka says when she came to her room after marriage, she felt they were not happy. Saachi says it was just suhagraat nervousness and asks her how was her suhagraat. Priyanka says her suhagraat was. Saachi asks what. Priyanka says Sushanth was behaving weird.

Aryan drives car and notices Sushanth in deep thought. Sushanth thinks if the woman was Mala itself and goes into flashback where he enters his room n his suhaag raat and asks Priyanka if he can sit on bed. She says yes and says she knows his and her father are close friends and says she will follow all the rituals of this house and will not let anyone complain and wants something in return from him. He asks what. She says she wants him to be loyal to her and says her friend’s husband betrayed her and she does not want him to betray her. Sushanth gets out of flashback. They both reach home. Priyanka comes out and scolds Sushanth why did he take Aryan for a business deal instead of leaving him with Saachi and orders Aryan to take Saachi for a movie. Aryan says he has to prepare presentation for client. Sushanth says he will prepare and scolds. Aryan says okay and goes in. Priyanka says Sushanth he looks so cute when he orders as an elder brother.

Saachi asks Aryan that bhabhi sa told he called her. He says yes, if she wants to watch a movie. She says if he insists. He says yes. Nishanth and Neeti hear their conversation and ask even if they can come along. Saachi says yes. They say they will go and inform family. Prabhath and Diwakar discuss about business. Prabhath says if they get their new order, they can repay a part loan of Viren. Neeeti and Nishanth inform Neelima that they are going for a movie with Saachi bhabhi and Aryan bhaisa. Neelima says even she wants to come. Daadi saays they all will go for a movie. Diwakar says it is a good idea for a family outing. Saachi looks at family’s happiness and tells Priyaka she married Aryan not because she loves him, but because of such a lovely family. Priyanka jokes parivarik chalana chitra samaroh.

Prabath calls ticket agent and rejects romantic and action movies and books family drama. Priyanka goes to her room and sees Sushanth searching something and asks what is he searching. He says Bcom books. She says why now, she will search them in store room later. He says no need, he will download them online. She asks why he is acting weird since he returned home. He says he is fine and says she is looking very pretty and he will also change his dress to match her. She smiles.

Mansoor and Daadi’s nok jhok starts near cars. Prabath tells Diwakar their drama is more imporant than movie. Mansoor says Movie is important and gets them all in car. Saachi looks at family’s happines and tells Aryan that he asked for a movie today on bhabhisaa’s insistence. He says he is doing this for his family. Saachi feels sad.

Precap: Diwakar gives Aryan money and says it is for his honeymoon, he should go on a vacation with Saachi.

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  1. I don’t know what to say..

    1. Even i dont know what to say n what to do ?

    2. Is any EDKV Fans herea

  2. Mala might b sushants girlfrnd but beta uska nahi hoga .someone else mig8 hav deceived her.n sushant n aryan wil try to help her but priyanka or sanchi will doubt n their husbands. N v audience wil get a moral apne partner pe shakh mat karo ?

    1. This s just suspense buildup.

    2. ya..going by his character I can understand ki he might have loved her but Apne dad k samne bol nai paya hoga and ultimately he had to marry priyanka..but even I don’t think ki the kid is his child..agar aisa hota to wo ladki shadi thodi karti..

  3. Sanchis dress designer ke liye suggestion plz usko sarees behenji type mat do yaar woh aur badi lag rahi hain.these big border waali sareez yaar not done.
    Priyanka looks younger than her sometimes.

    1. mere muh ki baat cheen li yaar..priyanka’s Saree is much better than hers..

  4. jaise ki bua kafi nai thi aag lagane k liye jo ab mummy bhi pahuch gyi..sanchi k saare efforts waste kr diye..

    1. Bua ke rehkar woh bhi sathiya gayi hain…?

    2. true..sangat ka asar dikh rha hai

  5. Aryan honeymoon jayenge toh kya eise hi muh banate rahenge ya romance v karega?? itne din ho gaye ab toh sanchi se pyar se baat karo yr…

    1. pyar ka p bhi bht dur hai abhi to.. ?

  6. yup! ab to sanchi ki maa v aa gayi jale pe namak sirkne…

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