Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 8th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 8th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Deepu asks Raghav about his future plans. He says he learnt cutting vegetables today and tomorrow he will learn mixing spices. She asks what about marriage. He says he just completed his engineering and has to get a job first and needs time for marriage. She asks how much time. Khushi comes home happily and says she is back. Other sisters joke with her and ask her to have food. They all think before Bobby goes back, they have to do something and stop him.

Soniya apologizes Raghav for adding chilli in his food. Sister on the other side think they should get Raghav and Soniya engaged. Raghav says Soniya it is okay, he did not mind. Sisters on the other side think how will they get rings for the engagement as they don’t have money. Landline rings, Deepu picks and speaks and says call was from Ratna Roy and asked them to get back their payment and clothes. All other sisters get happy hearing that and think they can buy rings.

Soniya sees Raghav/Bobby’s wallet on the table and thinks of returning it to him as he will not have money to pray for rickshaw. She asks Khan chacha about Raghav who says he just now went. Soniya runs and finds Raghav trying to open his car. He stops hearing her voice. She gives him wallet and asks whose car it is. He says he has bigger vehicles and says it is public buses. Once she leaves, he gets into his car and leaves to his office. Soniya’s sisters reach Ratna’s office to get their payment and sees him there. Manager informs that his mom is calling him and refers him as Raghav. Sisters ask who is he calling you Raghav. He sees peon and says he is Raghav. They ask what is he doing in this office. He says he came to take food order. They ask if he saw this office. He says no. They joke that they come to this office often and know Ratna Roy very well and call her as Rattu aunty. He asks if they know Ratna’s son. They say he is very arrogant. He then sees Ratna coming there and escapes from them saying he has some work. Sisters also think they escaped on time, else their bluffing would have been caught. Rati tries to keep money envelope in her bag, but drops it by mistake.

Soniya says Khan chaha that she is feeling guilty about misusing Raghav. Khan says it is the fate that god send him for her help and not to worry.

Sisters reach jewelry shop to buy rings. Daad daadi also reach there and clash with them. They apologize daada daadi. Sisters then look at rings and get confused. Daadi hears their versation and help them selecting rings. Sisters invite daadi daadi for Soniya’s engagement. They say they cannot come, but will bless Soniya. Sisters ask Rati to pay money. She checks her bag and finds envelope missing. Sisters are shocked to hear that.

Raghav is with his mom Ratna. Secretary comes and informs that Abhiman accepted job proposal and will join from tomorrow. Raghav says Abhiman was very arrogant. She says he is talented, so she gave him job.

Soniya sees Ratna’s costume party payment not yet received and calls her office. Receptionst transfers call to Ratna’s cabin instead of accounts by mistake. Soniya starts scolding Ratna and asks her to clear her payment. Raghav identifies Soniya’s voice and gets tensed. Ranta says she does not handle small issues and asks her to contact her accts department. Soniya continues to blubber. Security comes and gives money envelope to Raghav. Raghav cuts call and says he will handle the issue.

Sisters scold Rati. Rati blames them instead and says it is because of them, she lost money. Deepu asks how will we get money to buy rings. Abhiman is seen standing behding Deepu and reading paper. Deepu pokes her umberalla to Abhiman unknowingly and he gets irked. Sisters see that and signal her. Deepu turns back and clashes with Abhiman, his papers fall down. She apologize him and help him pick papers back. Abhiman says she should be careful with her umbrella. She gives his paper, but he asks her to keep it herself now. Deepu sees a competition paper in it with price money of 35000 rs and says she would attend it.

Precap: Soniya gets Khushi’s friend’s call and goes to call her, finds all sisters missing from their beds.

Update Credit to: MA

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