Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 5th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 5th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Soniya is shocked to see Raghav. Her sisters asks if she liked their surprise and asks Raghav why did he come to cook after engineering. Khan says engineering is his work and cooking is his passion. Sisters take him to feed food. Soniya says Khan chacha they are unnecessarily dragging Raghav in her problems. Khan says if he will know your intention, he will help you. She says if my sisters will know the truth, they will get angry on her. Sisters on the other side shows Soniya’s room, her school pics, pillow etc. Khan on the other side said fate brought Raghav here and he will help you, asks her to go and protect him from her sisters.

Soniya goes home and asks her sisters why are they troubling him. They say their jiju is very silent. He says nobody is allow him to talk. Soniya sends he sisters out saying she wants to talk to Raghav. She then informs the whole incident happened and requests him to continue the drama. Raghav says he will not involve in her drama and says he was doing all this for Khan chacha. Soniya agrees. Sister asks Raghav to drop her to a school trip. He agrees and leaves.

Raghav asks Khan where did he send him, he was feeling helpless. Khan says Soniya lives for her sisters and even with this lie, she is keeping them happy.

Soniya’s sisters prepare sorry card for Raghav and asks her to give to to Bobby, says he will come daily. She thinks he will not come tomorrow. She promises her sister that she will get a new dress for her picnic.

Deepu sees Soniya preparing dress from her bridal saree which her mom gifted her and gets angry on her, but gets convinced with Soniya’s explanation. Raghav hears their whole conversation and thinks of helping her. Ek rishta…. song plays in the background.

Raghav gets his mom’s call and meets her at her office. She sees him tensed and says if he is having prob with his internship, she will speak to his boss. He asks her not to, else he will not be able to work. She asks him to take interview of a new employee and he agrees. New employee comes and shakes hands with mom, says his name is Abhimaan. She gets irked hearing that name as it is her elder son’s name. She then checks his academic record and likes it, says he has not lost in life. He says he does not like losing. She sees his father’s name as Shekhar and asks his mom’s name. He says he does not remember as he did not see her. Raghav says he should not talk about mom like that. He says he is talking as his mom took care of him. Mom asks about his father. He says he is dead. She is shocked to hear that and falls on the ground. Raghav picks her up, and Abhimaan gives her water. Raghav says he will do interview later. Abhiman asks mom to take care of herself and leaves.

Soniya sees Khushi still awake and asks why is she still awake. She says she is excited about her school trip. Soniya gifts her ethnic dress prepared by her saree. Khushi says she is waiting for Raghav to drop her tomorrow. Soniya thinks he will not come.

Raghav helps her mom rest on bed and asks why did she stumble. She thinks how to tell him that he is not his only son and Abhiman is also is son, and her husband left him long back with Abhiman. He asks her rest till he gets her juice. She opens her old file and sees missing complaint cutouts of her husband and son.

Soniya gets Khushi ready for the trip. Khush says she is waiting for Bobby ji. Sisters taunt that she must be eagerly waiting for Bobby. Soniya says he will not come. Sisters ask if she fought with him. Just then Raghav/Bobby comes. Sisters get happy seeing him.

Precap: Raghav takes Soniya’s sisters to a hotel. They ask what is his future plan and say they are talking about his marriage. He looks at Soniya.

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