Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 30th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 30th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Raghav thanking Mr. Chintu for his help and say he will get punished Pavan so much that he will repent for troubling them. Deepu says Raghav she knew he would come to rescue them. Raghav says he is his family now. Fruity says he is best jiju in the world. Soniya thanks Chintu. Chintu says he just fulfilled his responsibility as a brother and says until he is there, how can he let anyone trouble his sisters.

Rathi gets emotional and runs to her room. Soniya says she is very sensitive, let her go and cry. All sisters surround Rathi. Soniya says she did not believe Raghav, but his adamancy overtook her egoism and he rescued them all. Soniya apologizes Rathi for selecting a bad guy for her. Rathhi says it is not her mistake and says when beginning is wrong, everything will be wrong. Deepu asks what does she mean. Khushi says Rathi means Soniya should get married first and then she will marry. Deepu says she is telling right, but we were all bounded by fate. Rathi says fate is in our favor, that is why we all escaped from such a big mishap. She says Soniya that she wants her and Raghav’s marriage first.

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Rathi cheers up Rathi and says there are many people to cheer you up. Rathi apologizes him. Fruity says her jiju is world’s best jiju and will forgive her. Raghav jokes when his best sali is telling, he will forgive Rathi. Rathi apologizes him again for telling lie that she called him by mistake, but knew only he could save her, etc. He says she is very brave and faced all the hardships very bravely and now she has to start a new life again. He then asks about Soniya. Deepu says she is angry on you. Sisters also back him. He asks why is she angry. They say they don’t know. Chintu says our jiju is so good that nobody can be angry on him. Fruity asks Chintu if he is on their side or jiju’s. They all send Raghav out and ask him to come in the evening. They also send Khan and Chintu out.

Ratna is engrasped in thoughts. Suhasi comes and keeps rose in front of her. She picks it and thorn pricks her finger. Suhasi says she bought rose as a token of their friendship. She says she knows she must be thinking about Soniya. Ratna says she does not want to talk about her and says even Raghav is not talking about her now. Suhasi says Soniya will not go out of their lives easily and says she can help her with that. Ratna asks her to go from there if she really wants to help her. Suhasi says she does not lend a help hand easily to anyone in Dubai and starts her witty talk. Ratna gets irked and asks her to leave. She keeps rose and leaves. Ratna picks it and thinks Soniya is like rose, looks beautiful but with thorns, she will get Raghav out of this thorn soon.

Raghav reaches Soniya’s house and sees all the sisters missing from there. He finds a letter and rose and picks it. Soniya has expressed his love for him in note, it reads that she promises that she will not repeat the mistake of not believe him again and asks if he will accept her now. He smiles. He reads a second note where she promises she will be his friend all her life. He continues to read 4th note that she will try be as romantic as him. He thinks if he would have know that with 1 fight, he will get so much love, he would have fought many times.

Precap: Soniya proposes Raghav and says she believes him more than herself now.

Update Credit to: MA

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