Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 2nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 2nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Soniya’s sister think of taking Soniya to the parlour as groom’s people are coming to see her. They take out their pocket money and collect it. They then see Soniya preparing food and say there is a buy one get one offer going in beauty parlour and asks her to accompany her. Soniya hesitates, but agrees. They all get happy and say if the groom sees her, he will say…. Raghav says I love you, looking at the samosa he is eating. He says his grandpa/daada that the shopkeeper prepares tasty samoas. Grandpa says he is heir of a textile company he wants to have street food and says what will his mom say if she sees him eating street food. Raghav says what will daadi say. They engage in their argument. Daada sees Soniya there and says that dhanush/bow girl is coming, which you broke. He refers her as his seeta and says she will scold you if she sees you. Raghav hides his face. Soniya walks from there without noticing him. Daada says your seeta went. Raghav says nothing will happen like that.

Soniya’s sisters are preparing snacks for the groom and wait for Soniya. Younger sis asks what are they preparing. They say people are coming to see didi, so they are preparing snacks. Younger sis blacmails them to give her choc, else she will tell Soniya about it. They give her choc and ask her not to tell didi. Another sis is busy scolding a customer who took a sherwani an did not return. Geyser burns and even all food gets burnt during their conversation. Light fuse goes off and they try to call electrician. Soniya comes just then and asks what happened to their lights.

Raghav’s mom asks dada if he took his tablets. He says yes. She then shows unused tablet strip and asks how can he be so careless. She then sees Raghav going out and asks if he is going to meet Samaira, asks when will she marry her. He says he just came from London and wants to prove something in life, then he can think of another responsibility. He says if she thinks it is wrong, he will do whatever she says. Mom says she is happy that he is having a goal in life.

Soniya asks why are lights off and fixes fuse. All sisters get happy seeing her looking beautiful in the light and praise her beauty. They ask her not to do anything and says what if groom’s come when she is working.

Daada says Raghav he easily fooled his mom and asks what he wants to do in his life. Raghav says he has a different goal in life, prepares food and says he wants to become chef. Daada says he is just like his papa. Raghav says whenever I talk about papa, you try to divert the talk and asks to tell about his papa. Daada says papa was just like him and he wanted to become chef. He says papa even opened a dhaba, says people inherit property and very few inherit their parent’s dream, he got his papa’s dream. Raghav asks where will he find his papa’s friend.

Soniya asks her sisters whom they are waiting for, if a groom is coming. Sis asks how does she know. Soniya says she got a call from them and she rejected their offer. Sis asks why did she do that. Soniya says she wants them all complete their studies. Sis says we have learned everything seeing you and asks her to think about herself, so that we can think about ourselves. They then start talking about her sacrifices and asks her to think about herself just once. Soniya gets emotional hearing that. Sisters argue that if she does not agree for the alliance, they will not listen to her from now on. Soniya says she has to get grocery from market. Sisters say she cannot go out and say they can take care of themselves. Another sister brings Raghav’s pic and says this is the reason for Soniya’s denial. Soniya thinks whose pic it is. Sis says she got it from Soniya’s bag. All sisters get happy and ask she likes the guy, who is he, etc.. Soniya says she likes him. Soniya apologizes herself for telling like. Sisters happily dance hearing that. Phone rings, Soniya picks the call, Raghav is on the other side and asks if he can speak to Khan chacha.

Precap: Soniya thinks she told lie to her sisters to calm them. Raghav is seen walking from there.

Update Credit to: MA

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