Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 28th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 28th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Deepika scolds Rathi for adding mashroom in Fruity’s lunchbox by mistake. She says not only Fruity got ill, they lost customer contract as Raghav rushed to hospital hearing about Fruity’s hospital leaving customer unattended and customer cancelled contract. She continues yelling at Rathi that she cannot take care of family like Soniya, etc. Rathi starts crying vigorously. Raghav consoles her and says Soniya would not have liked her crying and would have preferred her smile over contract. He says Deepu is tensed and over reacted. Fruity also apologizes and says she will not get ill. Anjali and Khushi also try to console her.

Hospital lady apologizes her PG owner for her mistake. Owner says her son saw her with husband in hospital and asks her to go to him. Lady says he is not her husband and just used him to escape. Owner gives her Soniya’s passbook which Raghav had dropped and asks lady to walk out with her bags. Lady thinks because of Raghav, her whole day went wrong and now she has to leave even her PG accommoation, she will not spare him if she finds him.

Raghav speaks to his customer and asks him to place order. He looks at Soniya’s wind chime and starts talking to it, he says Soniya that he is finding it very difficult to manage and asks how she used to do it so easily. He gets emotional and asks why did she leave him alone, he is missing her a lot.

Rathi cries reminiscing Soniya and her care for her and also Deepu scolding her. Fruity says Khushi that she is not getting sleep without a story and is hesitant to ask Deepu as she is angry. Khushi says she will calm down and cannot be angry on us. Deepu on the other side feels guilty for scolding Rathi. Anjali consoles her.

Raghav wakes up in the morning hearing wind chime sound and asks Soniya why did she woke her up so early. He goes to kitchen and asks Rathi to wake everyone up as he is preparing tea for everyone. Anjali says she must be in balcony, but does not find her there. Deepu and Fruity also check whole house and don’t find her. Anjali says she must have gone to market. Fruity says it is Sunday today and she must have gone to buy potato for paranthas. Anjali finds her wallet. Deepu instead of getting worried gets annoyed on her. Raghav comes and says he did not find Rathi anywhere. Fruity asks if Rathi also left them life Soniya. Raghav asks her not to tell that.

Raghav and Deepu starts searching Rathi in whole locality. Deepu asks Khan if he saw Rathi. He says no and asks what happened to her. She thinks of not troubling and says she did not find him at breakfast table, so she started searching. Khan prays god to protect sisters. They both start searching Rathi and don’t find her.

Precap: Abhiman calls Deepika. She scolds him, but he says it is regarding Rathi.

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