Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 27th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 27th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raghav says Fruity that scientist has made a medicine which which we forget past. Anjali says he is right and its name is choco khao. Fruity asks if she will forget Soniya after eating it. He says she will not forget Soniya, but will stop missing her. Anjali brings choc pieces. Fruity says this is choc. Raghav says it is a medicine. Fruity and other sisters also taste it. Raghav says she will stop missing Soniya and asks her to sleep. Fruity sleeps. He asks sisters to take care of her and walks towards kitchen.

In kitchen, he sadly remembers Soniya while preparing food. Deepu comes there and asks if he had choco khao. He nods no. She asks if he misses Soniya and remembers her. He says we forget people whom we remember, but Soniya is in his breath and he cannot get away from his breath. Anjali comes and says Fruity slept now. He says it is good and says he is preparing soup for everyone. Deepika says Fruity has allergy to mushroom and don’t know who gave it. She picks Fruity’s tiffinbox to wash it. Raghav takes it from her. Anjali asks Rathi who added mashroom in Fruity’s lunchbox. Raghav says he added and apologizes. He silently drops mashroom roti in dustbin. Rathi picks it back and reminisces she made this mistake. She tries to confess her mistake, but Raghav stops and signals her not keep quiet.

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Abhiman comes home sadly and tries to walk in. Daada asks why did he come home early. He says he is not feeling well. Daada asks if he got doc’s checkup. He says this pain cannot be cured by doc. Dada says he is right and asks if he loves Deepika. Abhiman says nothing like that. Daada says he can see in his eyes and says if he unites with Deepika, both families can unite. Abhiman asks if it is possible. Daada says if he tries by heart, anything is possible and asks when did he meet her for the first time. He tells him the whole story. Daada smiles.

Raghav tells Soniya that he is finding it difficult to run her shop and asks how she used to manage it well. He slips and falls and thinks it would have been good if he had eyes backside also and thinks hope he could manage everything. Ratna comes there and says for that, he has to be reborn as an woman. He gets happy and hugsher. She gets emotional. He says he will get her tea. She says she to talk to him and asks if he is fine. He nods yes and says women has multitasking skills and handles both work and house proficiently, even she handles both proficiently, but he is finding it very difficult and is sure he will get adjusted to it soon. She says it is very difficult for him and Soniya’s sisters to forget and family’s help is needed, so she wants him to come back home. He says she is speaking like Abhiman. She says it is his mom’s voice who is searching for him day and night. He hugs her and say she knows howmuch he loves her, but he hates Abhiman a lot and cannot come back to that house. She says she is proud of him that he is trying to keep Soniya’s memories alive, but till when it will go and what about his dreams. He says his dreams went away with Soniya and now he wants to fulfill Soniya’a dream, but they are very difficult. He says he is in her heart always and he has Soniya’s sisters for his help and they are his family now. He says she can come to meet him whenever she likes. She asks him to take care of himself and be happy. He wipes her tears and says he loves her. She says even she loves him and walks out waving bye. Once she leaves, he stats crying and wiping his tears.

Rathi serves burnt rotis for breakfast. Anjali asks her to be careful. Rathi asks her to have rice. Deepu scolds her and asks not to prepare food from hereon. Raghav asks them to stop and says Soniya would not have liked this. Fruity says she ate choco khao and has forgotten Soniya, looks like he forgot to eat it. Raghav says he will sleep now as he has a customer to attend in the morning and asks everyone to sleep early. Rathi sadly walks into kitchen. Raghav says he will check her and walks behind her. Phone bells rings. Deepika picks it and gets shocked hearing the other side. She comes into kitchen and sees Raghav consoling Rathi that Fruity is fine now and she did not do any mistake purposefully. Deepika says Fruity is not only ill, but something else happened to her.

Precap: Raghav and Soniya’s sisters don’t find Rathi at home and get worried for her.

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