Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 26th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 26th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Deepika reads blackmailer’s letter that Abhiman is Ratna’s son and to keep secret he/she needs ransom. She shocked and thinks how this letter came in Abhiman’s file. She asks Abhiman why he wants to quit. H e says for self-respect and says he does not want to get insulted by Ratna and Raghav and asks her not to force him to stay back.

Deepika comes home back and sits sadly on sofa. Soniya asks her what happened and not to hide anything. She shows blackmailer’s letter and Soniya is also shocked to know that Abhiman is Ratna’s son and Raghav’s brother. Deepika says jiju hates his own brother and they have to unite them. Soniya says until then, we have to keep this secret. Sisters come there and Anjali snatches letter and reads. She is shocked to read that Abhiman is Raghav’s brother. Other sisters also read that and are shocked. Soniya says we have to keep this secret. Anjali asks how did she get this letter. Anjali shows file but then realizes this is not the file which Abhiman brought for Ratna’s signature and realizes that file is exchanged. They realize that Ratna picked the other file by mistake. Soniya again repeats that they have to hide this from Raghav. Raghav comes and asks what are they hiding. Anjali says they are planning to prepare food for him. Raghav jokes with them. He sees letter on floor and picks it. All sisters get tensed thinking he will read it. He gives it to Deepika without reading. She thanks him and leaves.

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Suhasi spreads money on bed and happily thinks she can fool Ratna like this repeatedly and grab money from her.

Sisters plan to exchange file in Ratna’s room. Deepika says she and Soniya will enter Ratna’s room and exchange it while other sisters guard them out and signal them. They both enter room and exchange file. Deepika then says they should find evidence that Ratna has 2 sons. Ratna enters home and walks towards room. Sisters get tensed seeing her and thinks how to signal Soniya and Deepika. Soniya and Deepika get photo album and find Abhiman’s dad’s pic in it. Ratna is about to open her room when sisters start making cock sound. Ratna gets irked hearing them and ask them to go to their room and shout. Soniya and Deepika hear signal and keep album back at its original place and stand silently. Ratna enters room and asks what are they doing here. Deepika says Abhiman sent this file for you. Ratna asks her to keep it on bed and leave. They both silently walkout from there and get into sister’s room and signal that mission is complete. Soniya says we all have to unite Raghav and Abhiman.

Ratna at breaskfast table thinks she cannot let Abhiman resign for a simple reason. Soniya asks why is she looking tensed. Suhasi also asks same and tells her fake Dubai tales. Raghav asks the same. Ratna says Abhiman has resigned, calls him and asks to meet her in office. Raghav asks why is she worried about an employee. Ratna says he is our company’s creative director and she cannot let him go easily. Raghav says she told she will keep the issue professional and angrily walks out. Ratna also gets up. Soniya asks her to have breakfast. Ratna says she does not have to worry about her and she will have breakfast at office.

Precap: Sisters think to stop Abhiman from resigning, Raghav has to apologize. Soniya asks Raghav to apologize her and records it on mobile. Sisters also greet him goodmorning repeatedly and record his reply.

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