Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 25th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 25th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raghav says Khan that he feels Pavan has frightened Rathi. Khan says then it is a serious issue as Rathi is very innocent. Raghav asks Chintu if he can do anything for Soniya. He says yes. Raghav asks him to be with Soniya and sisters when Pavan is with them and protect them from him. Raghav then thinks whatever Soniya treies to go away from him, he will go even closer to her and thinks he will get Pavan of their lives soon.

Ratna and Abhiman are busy at work. She says it is very late. He says he knows and says even he did not want to disturb her as he had to get his designs approved by her. He ges a call from Deepu who asks him to meet her in tomorrow morning. He asks him to explain his boss that he also has a personal life. Ratna asks whose phone it was. He says it was personal. She gets embarrassed hearing that, but then changes topic and says his designs are good and asks him to go home now. She then thinks it must be of Deepika’s and thinks those 2 sisters are trying to trap his both sons.

Ratna gets a call from Samaira who asks wh did she call. Ratna says she wanted to apologize her for the incident happened. She says it is okay as Raghav is his friend and she misunderstood him. She asks about marriage preparations and asks if marriage is in 2 days. Ratna asks who told her. Samaira says Raghav. Ratna says she must be knowing then that she hates that girl and says it is a good news that Raghav did not talk about marriage and that girl since 2 days and says hope he forgets her. She says she well call her later and cuts call, comes out of cabin and sees Suhashi peeoping into her cabin. Suhasi says she came to see her brother’s office. Ratna says it is her office and says it is time for her to go back to Dubai. Suhasi gets worried and says she came to meet her and asks her to take her home with her.

Rathi reminisces Pavan’s warning and gets afraid in bed. Soniya comes there seeing her awake. Rathi hugs her, cries and tells mariage…thinks how to tell her truth, if she tells, Pavan may harm her. Soniya says she knows she is thinking about her and Raghav’s breakup and asks her to think as a bad dream and forget. Rathi thinks Raghav jiju is helping her instead. Soniya that that Rathi is nervous about her marriage with Pavan and says it usyally happens before marriage, asks if she is happy with it. Rathi reminisces Pavan’s warning to kill her sisters and Soniya if she tells his truth. She hugs Soniya again and thinks she has to hide truth and does not know now what to do. Soniya asks her to sleep now.

Raghav calls Chintu and asks where is he. Chintu says he is following Pavan, but he is not doing any mistake at all. Raghav asks him to keep an eye on Pavan and wait until he does any mistake. He then calls Rathi on laneline. Rathi is confused if it is Raghav’s or Pavan’s. Before she picks call, Soniya picks it and asks Raghav not to trouble them again. Raghav thinks though she has secluded him, he still cares for her and feel pain if she gets in pain.

Abhiman waits for Deepu and gets irked that he has to wait. She comes and apologizes him for coming late, says had a lot of work at home. She gives Rathi’s marriage card and invites him for marriage tomorrow. He asks how come so suddenly. She says Rathi got her Mr. Perfect. He asks her to congratulate her sister. Deepu says he will have to come and congratulate himself. He says he needs sweets with special news and takes her to pan shop. He says this is Bhopal’s best pan shop. She says she is surprised that he eats pan when he did not want to have pani puri other day. He asks her to stop taunting him. She takes pan and tries to bite a bit. He says pan should be eaten at once and shows her how to eat it. She tries, but it is too big for her mouth. She somehow thrusts it in. He asks how is it. She signals it is awsome. He gives money to panwala and walks with her. She says he has to attend marriage with his parents and asks if he fought with his mom. He gets irked and asks her not to talk about his mom. She asks what happeend. He says if she thinks him as her good friend, then she will not talk about his mom again. He thanks her for invitation and asks her to call him if she needs any help. She thinks why is he overreacting when he heard about his mother. She then thinks it is very late and runs towards home.

Soniya gets haldi for Rathi and keeps it in hall. Rathi asks Deepu about Soniya. She shows her and says Soniya that Rathi was talking about you since 1 hour. Rathi tries to tell her about Pavan, but Soniya thinks she wants to see him and points at Pavan. Pavan looks at Rathi and smirks while she gets angry. Haldi ceremony starts and ladies apply haldi on Rathi followed by Soniya. Soniya hugs her and haldi also gets on her cheek. Pavan thinks this haldi was for you and at last my name will be engraved on you soon.

Precap: Rathi happily hugs Pavan who is disguised as Raghav bt is shocked to see it is Pavan and not Raghav.

Update Credit to: MA

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