Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 23rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 23rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raghav shows his papa’s receipe diary to Soniya. She says he is fulfilling his dad’s dream. He says just like you are fulfilling your parent’s dreams and emotionally tells her about his childhood agony. She says when our parents are not with us, their blessings are with you and says he will become a big chef. He asks her not to tell about it to anyone, especially her sisters, else they will make a joke on him and asks her to promise him. She promises him and leaves. Ek rishta… plays in the background.

Deepu looks at Abhiman’s papers and reminisces her meetings with him and smiles. She thinks whenever she meets him, something good happens, he is lucky to her, so she should attend his birthday. She says Soniya that she has to attend her new friend’s birthday party. Soniya asks if it is a boy. She says yes. Soniya asks boy’s name. She says Abhiman and she met him 3-4 days and whenever she meets him, something good happens, she feels him as her good luck charm. Soniya asks if he is her good friend and says she believes her sisters and knows they will respect their father’s dignity and asks her to tell her first if she falls in love anytime, asks when she has to go. She says 7 p.m. soniya says it is 7 pm and to take penset gift. Deepu gets happy and hugs her.

Ratna calls Raghav and asks when is he coming home. Raghav already has reached home and asks what is the occasion of party. Ratna sees Abhiman coming and says it is his birthday today. Raghav congratulates him. Abhiman asks Ratna how does she know about his birthday. She says she knows a lot about him which he does not know and then says she saw his birthday in his resume. Office staff comes and greets him. Abhiman says he does not celebrate his birthday as birthdays are celebrated with dear ones, he used to celebrate it with his papa. Ratna says now she is with him and not to feel sad. Raghav silently watches the whole incident and goes to bring cake. Deepu just then enters with flower bouqet. Abhiman is surprised to see her. Ratna says she invited her. Raghav gets tensed seeing Deepu there. Deepu gifts penset to Abhiman and says her sis gave it. Raghav thinks how Deepu knows Abhiman and thinks she will get angry if she knows that he is Ratna’s son. Deepu introuces herself to Ratna as Deepika.

Sisters taunt Rati about her fiance Pawan. Soniya sees their taunts and smiles. Phone bell rings. Soniya asks Rati to speak and forcefully gives receiver to her and asks sisters to leave Rati alone. Rati shyingly talks to Pawan and then cuts call. Sisters taunt her and say they will tell about her conversation to Deepu.

Ratna asks servant to call Raghav. He says he is busy on phone. Ratna thinks Raghav does not like Abhiman. Abhiman thinks same. Deepu asks who is Raghav. Ratna says he is her son and says we should cut cake now. Once Abhiman cuts cake, she happily feeds him cake. Raghav watches that hiding behind curtain. Ratna gifts Abhiman a gold chain. Abhiman says it is very expensive and he cannot take it. Deepu says her sis says we should look at gifter’s feeligns and not gift. He accepts it. Deepu says she will leave now. Ratna asks her to have food and go. She says her family will be waiting for her. Abhiman thanks her for coming and making his day special. She then asks servant about washroom who tells her directio. She then sees Raghav and calls him. and asks about washroom. Raghav changes his voice and talks. She gets irked with his voice and walks from there. He gets relieved seeing her walking out.

Abhiman thanks Ratna for celebrating his birthday and says he will remember this day forever. She says she thought him as her dear one. Raghav sees Abhiman’s gift and says Ratna that Abhiman’s gifts resembles his birthday gift. Ratna says it is from same store and asks him and Abhiman to have dinner now.

Chintu checks grocery at Raghav’s kitchen and says everything has come except his partner. Soniya comes there and asks him to get back to his work. She then gifts Raghav a new apron and asks him to wear it. Sisters come there and clap and start taunting them.

Precap: Deepu says Raghav he will be free from fake engagement and says building relationships are very difficult.

Update Credit to: MA

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