Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 23rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 23rd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rathi asks Fruity to sleep as she has maths exams tomorrow. She says she does not want to go to school. Raghav cheers her up and asks her to go and sleep. She asks other sisters also to sleep as they have college and office tomorrow morning. Fruity slips. Raghav wakes up and it is just his dream. He thanks god that it was just his dream and thinks Soniya used to tell dreams are always opposite than reality. He hears sisters coughing due to smokes, comes out and sees smoke all around. He gets into kitchen and sees utensil burning on gas. Deepu pours water on it. Rathi comes and scolds her that she was preparing food for them and with high flame it got burnt, she should not have spoilt food. Raghav says it is his mistake that he woke up late. Fruity says her school van has left now and she will not go to school. Raghav says he will drop her via auto.

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Deepu asks Fruity to come out of bathroom, but she does not. Raghav says Fruity she will miss food if she does not come out. Fruity comes out wearing school uniform. He asks her to go and pack her bags for school.

He hears Soniya’s wind chime sound and says Soniya makes her presence always, he cannot be perfect like her but is trying. He says it is 15 days since she left them and gets emotional. He says today he is getting some clients and is sure will get some good orders.

Abhiman during breakfast tells Ratna that Raghav always lived a lavish life and it must be difficult for him to life a hard/poor life, so he wants her to help him get Raghav back. Ratna says when she went to meet him during weekend, she felt happy seeing Raghav and Soniya’s sisters trying to help each other. Fruity calls dada and tells him the daily routine report. She sneezes. Daada asks if she got cold. Deepu calls her and she says she will leave now and will call him later.

Raghav and sisters get ready and come down towards their mini van, but car is punctured. Abhiman comes there and tells Raghav that he can take his car. Fruity gets happy hearing car and runs to take car keys. Raghav stops her and asks to remember what Soniya told her about strangers. She says didi told not to take any favor from stranger. Abhiman says Raghav that he cannot be angry on his dear ones and not put Soniya’s sisters in hardship. Raghav says even they don’t consider him as dear ones as Soniya died because of him. They both get into an argument. Raghav says Fruity and Deepu that they will go by auto. Abhiman thinks he made promise to Soniya that he will not leave family, but don’t know when will he convince them.

Anjali apologizes Rathi for misbehaving with her. Rathi says it is okay and says Raghav is working hard to take care of them and she tried to help him, but could not. Anjali says even Deepu is changing. Rathi says she is afraid about that and says she cannot become like Soniya. Anjali says nobody can become like Soniy and cries hugging Rathi.

Precap: Raghav is working at Soniya’s shop. He gets a call from Fruity’s school that she has fallen ill.

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