Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 22nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 22nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Raghav takes Soniya to Pavan’s house, but it is locked. Soniya says it is bad manner to enter someone’s house forcefully. Raghav asks if Pavan is doing right. He breaks door and takes her to Pavan’s room, asks her to see it from her pics from her own eyes. He sis shocked to see all the pics missing. He says he saw her pics from his eyes and says he must have hidden her pics. Soniya says she made a mistake to believe him. He asks her to believe him and says Pavan doubted him and hidden her pics, asks what will he benefit from it. She says if Pavan marries Rathi, we will get another helper and you will be out of our life. She says he does not have proof at all and she cannot ruin Rathi’s life listening to his false allegations and asks him to bring proof first. Raghav thinks Pavan made a mistake by challenging him, he will expose Pavan soon.

Abhiman requests secretary to let him enter Ratna’s cabin and he is getting late for important meeting. He tries to call Ratna, but her phone is switched off. Ratna who is on the way thinks, she will lose her son again if he will see Shekhar’s pic. Abhiman says secretary that she will be responsible if meeting is canceled. She agrees to let him in and he walks towards Ratna’a cabin and opens its door, but Ratna comes on time and stops him from entering her cabin. She says they will have meeting with client after lunch. He leaves and she gets relaxed.

Soniya’s sisters say Pavan that he will come on horse soon. Fruity says Soniya will decide where will he go with Rathi. Deepu asks her to stop her blubbering. They don’t find Raghav and Soniya and think they must have gone on date. Pavan thinks Raghav will repent on his decision to expose him. Raghav comes there, sees Pavan with sisters and slaps him. Sisters ask what is he doing. Pavan asks why is she venting someone’s anger on him. Raghav holds his collar and asks him to tell the truth, else he will… Soniya comes and asks Raghav to leave Pavan. Raghav asks why should he leave him who wants to marry Rathi and then you. Soniya asks why should she believe him and asks where is the proof against Pavan. Pavan acts as being innocent. Khan says if Raghav is telling this, it must be true. Sisters say why will Raghav go against this marriage when he was very happy about it and even gave gold chain on roka ceremony. Soniya says she just knows that Pavan is innocent, apologizes Pavan and says she has decided to marry Pavan and Rathi after 5 days as decided. Raghav gets angry and leaves from there.

Soniya’s sisters sit sadly at home. Fruity asks Anjali why did Raghav jiju slap Pavan. Anjali says he would not do this without reason. Fruity says Raghav is our would be Jiju and Raghav is our best jiju. Deepu says Raghav is wrong as he could not convince Soniya to marry him and planned this to take revenge. Rathi says what if he is telling truth. Soniya asks her to think good and says nobody should take Raghav’s name in this house, says Pavan is a good guy and will keep her happy. She says she went to Pavan’s house with Raghav to find out truth but did not find anything, so she should not worry at all. Deepu cheers her up. Rathi thinks she knows Soniya wants her happiness, but even knows that Raghav will not think of harming her.

Ratna comes home and says Suhasi that she did wrong by keeping Shekhar’s pic in her home and cabin, says if she crosses her limit again, she will forget that she is her relative. Suhasi says when she can keep fast for Shekhar, why can’t she keep his pic. Daada says Shekhar is dead for them as he ran away from his responsibilities and elope with his son and separated a mother from her son. He says for them Ratna is their son who took care and respected them, thanks Ratna. Suhasi says why she is angry if Shekhar took his own son and asks if they ever tried to convince Shekhar and tried to find out what happened to their elder son, instead they wiped out their memories. Ratna says she will not understand her pain as she has not lost her son, says she thrived for her son each moment and tried her best to find her, says your brother snatched my son and because of him, she is still.. Suhasi asks she feels Ratna knows about Shekhar and her elder son. Ratna asks her to remember not to take out either Shekhar or her elder son’s… Just then Raghav enters and she stops. Raghav gets into his room without telling anything. Daadi asks what has happened to her, she is troubling Ratna continuously. Daada says if guest is in his limit, he is a god’s gift, else he is a nuisance. Suhasi thinks she should be in her limit, else she will have to return back to her in-laws. She thinks Raghav does not even know that he has a brother and now she should use this secret in favor of her.

Precap: Raghav asks Soniya and sisters that they ignoring him for Pavan and tries to hit Pavan says he is the main culprit.

Update Credit to: MA

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