Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 22nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 22nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Deepika and Abhimaan talking in the car. Deepika tells Abhimaan that she thought her lunch treat is gone. Abhimaan says they will soon reach the restaurant. She asks why did you refuse to Ratna aunty. Abhimaan says we will talk later. She asks him to say. Raghav says it is good that he went from here. Sonia asks what did he do? He is not that bad. Raghav says you are talking like mom and favouring him. If he was not there then that post would be Deepu’s. Truth is that we won’t be fighting if Abhimaan was not there. You thinks everyone is right except your husband. Sonia wonders what happened to him. Abhimaan tells Deepika that he have a problem with family. Deepika asks what happened and why you have so many problems with family. He stops the car.

Siddharth’s mom comes to Abhimaan’s house and tells Servant that Abhimaan asked her to wait. She asks her to get water. Servant goes inside. Sid’s mom starts checking. Abhimaan apologizes to Deepika and says if I shall tell you everything. You have to promise to keep our talks to herself. He says you saw my dad’s photo in my house. He tells that his mom is alive. Deepika is surprised. Sid’s mom thinks to enquire with the servant. Servant says may be he is from Bhopal. Abhimaan says he doesn’t know anything about his mom. He tells that one day Papa left his home. His mom didn’t stop them and never enquired about them. Since then he feels suffocated with relations.

Deepika says I can understand and says everything have two sides. She asks him to question his mum. Abhimaan says his hope has died. Abhimaan says you are seeing goodness in my mom. Deepika asks him to meet her once. Abhimaan says no mother can stay away from her child. She never tried to know about me. Deepika says may be she was helpless. She tells them that all relations are not bad and some relations seem beautiful. Abhimaan requests him not to ask him to participate in family functions. He says whatever he is today is because of himself. He says I am selfless man. He says he can’t trust anybody. Deepika asks about her. Abhimaan nods. Deepika says I won’t let you upset.

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Sid’s mom says she is going. Servant drops the photo frame by mistake and goes to get the broom. Sid’s mom sees Abhimaan’s dad photo and gets happy. She says Abhimaan is Shekhar and Ratna bhabhi’s elder son. He is the one whom Shekhar Bhaiyya took with him. She gets happy and says I got permanent in Bhabhi’s house. She wonders why Ratna hide the fact from everyone. She thinks Abhimaan hates her and that’s why hid the truth. Raghav asks the servant to get tea. Sonia thinks he is still angry with her.

Sonia and Raghav clash with each other and fall on the bed. Ek Rishta Aisa bhi plays…………………Raghav asks what is this?She makes him wear the head phone and asks him to listen to it. Raghav hears Sonia’s recording. Sonia says Abhimaan is a good guy. Raghav removes the head phone and tells Sonia that he hates Abhimaan very much. He makes it clear to her that they will not talk to each other about Abhimaan as he hates him. Sonia thinks he got very much angry. Deepika recalls Abhimaan’s words and gets thoughtful. Her sister’s make fun of her. She asks her to call Abhimaan and pretends to fall asleep. Deepika checks if she is sleeping and goes to call Abhimaan.

Ratna sees an envelope and opens it. She reads the letter that reveals that abhimaan is her son who works in her company. She gets shocked. The blackmailer writes that what will Abhimaan do when he comes to know that you are his mother. The blackmailer asks her to give 5 lakhs rupees. Sid’s mom peeps in her room and thinks she wrote the letter. Ratna calls the servant. Servant informs her that the letter was in the letter box, so he kept in her room. Ratna wonders who is this blackmailer.

Sonia thinks to make Raghav’s mood good. Raghav is going for work. She asks him to have food. Raghav refuses.

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