Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 1st December 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 1st December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sonia wears the dress brought by Raghav. Raghav gets mesmerised by her beauty. Sonia says she will change the dress. Raghav gets close to her while the Zehnaseeb song plays…………………..Sonia gets moved by the emotions and smiles. They start dancing and get romantic. Raghav compliments her beauty. They blow the candle and is about to cut the cake. Someone knocks on their door. Sonia panics and hides as she is wearing western dress. Raghav opens the door and finds his sister in laws. They get surprised to see Sonia in western dress and likes her look. Sonia says it is your jiju’s idea. They tell that Raghav is an expert. Sonia’s sister informs her that someone leaked the designs and tells everything which is muted. She praises Ratna. Raghav thinks mum trusted him.

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Raghav tells Deepu that you are very smart and asks her to sleep. Deepu says we are very smart and leaves them alone. Sonia tells Raghav that she is going to change her dress. Raghav stops and hugs her. They get romantic again. Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi plays…………while they get closer. Deepu comes to office and asks the receptionist to keep the tiffin in Abhimaan’s cabin. Receptionist says he is unwell and haven’t come to office. Deepu thinks to meet him and gets his address. Sonia tells her sisters that she will get breakfast for them. Khushi sees a magazine and gets excited.

Ratna and Buaji comes. Ratna tells them that she got the magazine. She tells about the Institute in bangalore. One of her sister gets worried. Ratna asks her to think about Khushi’s future. She asks Khushi to decide and tell if she wants to study in that institute. Bauji questions Ratna about thinking to get Khushi admitted in the Institute and asks about her move. Raghav comes and says he couldn’t believe that he can betray his company. Ratna says we can’t trust on anyone’s intention. He gets a call and leaves.

Deepu comes to Abhimaan’s house and asks about his health. He says he will get water for her. Deepu stops holding his hand and feels he has a fever. She makes him sit and asks did you take tablets. Abhimaan says he will take in sometime. Deepu tells him that healthy man is a happy man and says no work today. She closes the laptop. She says she will bring warm water and medicine.

Deepu makes him eat the tablets with warm water. Abhimaan thanks her. Deepu tells him that she brought the food made by Sonia. Abhimaan thanks her. Deepu praises Sonia to be loving sister and is like their mother. She looks at the photo and asks about his dad. She asks about his mom. Abhimaan says he don’t want to talk to her about his mom. Deepu talks about motherly love. Abhimaan gets irked. Deepu says I wants to know today about your mom. Why you gets tensed hearing about her. She asks him to tell about his mum. Abhimaan gets irritated and asks her to stop it. He thanks her and asks her to leave as he needs to rest. He opens the door and asks her to leave. Deepu gets shocked.

Deepu tells Abhimaan that you are alone because of your nature. Abhimaan says you didn’t know about me. Raghav comes and hears them.

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