Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 18th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 18th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Anjali asks Deepu who got CV position if she has not gotten it. Deepu says Abhiman. Anjali says tall and handsome. Deepu says yes he is and expresses his feelings via his eyes. Anjali taunts if he expresses it to everyone or only you and continues taunting. Deepu gets shy. Anjali says if she does not give her money, she will tell her secret to everyone. Deepu says it okay and then says she will give money if she keeps this secret. Anjali says she was joking. Deepu asks not to tell about her happy mood to sisters as she wants to enjoy pampering for some more time. Anjali says jiju is preparing paneer items himself and will feed you from his hand.

Ratna comes home and cheers up Deepika. She gives her gulab jamoon and gives choc to fruity. Soniya comes and asks Fruity not to touch chocs. Ratna asks her to relax and says nothing will happen. Soniya says she has already felt a burn and does not want to take another chance. Raghav says though she is worried about her sister, Ratna is elder and knows that is good for family. Soniya starts crying and runs into her room. Raghav says he will go and check. Ratna says she will check, goes to Soniya’s room and asks if she is not ashamed to misbehave with her and what impact it will have on her sisters.

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Soniya plays Negi’s confession on her mobile. Ratna gets tensed hearing it. Soniya says her secret is caught. Ratna asks what rubbish is this. Soniya says she took her permission to bring her sisters to home, then why did she do this, says she let her sisters in her home but not in her heart, says her sister’s life would have spoilt with this and asks why did she did this. Ratna says she does not like her and her sisters, but accepted them for Raghav’s sake. She says she wanted her sisters to stoop low in her eyes and she herself kicks them out and Raghav does not get to know about this. Soniya says she loves Raghav a lot, but she cannot live without her sisters also, she lost her parents in childhood and thinks her sisters as her daughters and cannot see them in tears and says she does not have any right to trouble her sisters. Ratna why did she trap Raghav and burdened him with responsibilities of her her and her sisters. Soniya says she did not burden Raghav and he himself accepted responsibility and says she would have showed this clip to Raghav, but did not as she knows she loves her son a lot and cannot stoop low in his eyes. She says she will not tolerate anyone troubling her sisters again and walks out.

Soniya comes out of Ratna’s room. Sisters asks if Ratna scolded her. She says nothing and asks them to go and sleep, else they will get dark circles. Sisters ask she is hiding something and to tell truth. Soniya says Deepu worked hard for CV position, but Ratna did not give it to her, so she confronted Ratna. Sisters think again Soniya is hiding something.

Raghav sees Soniya sad and asks her the reason. She says she is tired. He asks he can see she is lying and asks why did she misbehaved with Ratna, if Ratna told her anything. Soniya sits silently. He says he knows her well and wants to know what happened. She says if she tells him something, will he get angry. He says she is her life and one cannot get angry on his own life. She says tomorrow is Roy family’s photoshoot and she does not want her sisters to attend it. He says her sisters are part of Roy family and how can they skip it. She says her sisters are not part of Roy family. He gets angry and says they will be part of photoshoot. She says she knows how to take care of sisters and he does not have to worry about them.

Precap: Ratna brings Abhiman for a family photoshoot. Raghav asks why did she bring him. She asks when his sister-in-laws can be part of it, then why not Abhimaan, she thinks him as part of her family.

Update Credit to: MA

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