Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 15th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 15th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Abhiman gets a call from Ratna and he wishes her goodmorning. Ratna says her goodmorning will be when her client accept his design and he will become creative director of her company. He says he is ready with his designs and presentation. She says go ahead and make me proud.

Soniya says Fruity that she can have fruits and Rathi’s home made icecream. Fruity says she will eat whatever she permits and says even Ratna is good and bought her cakes. Anjali comes in her usual clothes and says she will wear precious clothes only if she earns it and tells Ratna always was on her side. Khushi says she will go to the college which she like, though Ratna was admitting her in a prestigious 3D animation college. Soniya thinks Ratna is behind her sister’s problems and hopes her thinking is wrong. Suhasi hears whole conversation and tells Ratna that Soniya knows everything about our plan and says will tell it to Raghav now. Ratna says hope she does not tell it to Raghav as she cannot afford losing her second son.

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Deepika enters Abhiman’s cabin. He says if she did not see do not disturb board. She says she did not as it must have fallen down by fan air. He says we have centralized AC in whole office. She says she was just joking and gives him her design CD and asks to check and give his opinion and suggestions. Abhiman says she wants him to get panicked seeing her designs and do mistake in front of clients, he is not a fool and she cannot fool him and asks her to go back to her desk and work hard instead. She says she thought him as a friend, so she wanted his opinion, says both bad and good times come and she will wait for good time. She says all the best and says he should not lose friendship in competition and if he felt bad with her words, she is sorry.

Ratna sees Soniya talking to Raghav and runs towards him, and trips. Raghav holds her on time. Soniya says she should be careful as she must be tensed about so many things like, office, family, her sisters, etc. Raghav says he and Soniya were talking about same that till yesterday, there was a lot of tension and today it is sorted out. She says she worried about family and now everything is sorted out, she is relaxed. Suhasi asks her to tell about Vanity magazine people coming day after tomorrow. Ratna says whole family should get ready. Suhasi asks Raghav to take whole family for shopping. Raghav says Soniya and sisters don’t need any special training and they know to behave well, they are his angels. Fruity sadly asks if they will not shop now. Khushi says they can do online shopping. Raghav says let us do it right now. Soniya thinks the way Ratna behaved, it looks like she was trying to harm her sisters, she will wait until she makes another mistake.

Soniya sees Deepika engrasped in thought while working on laptop and asks whom she is thinking about. Deepika says she is thinking about her creative director post and Ratna is helping her a lot. Soniya asks what about Abhiman. Raghav comes and says she is 1000 times better than arrogant Abhiman. Soniya says Abhiman is experienced and is Ratna’s favourite, so he may get the position. Raghav asks Deepika to show her designs. She shows them both her designs. Raghav likes them and says she will definitely win. Soniya thinks Deepika just joined 2 months ago and a shrewd businesswoman like Ratna will not give her position without any experience, she must be having some vested interest. She sends Deepika an SMS to be careful.

Suhasi asks Ratna to think something about Deepika. Ratna says she will not let Deepika win over Abhiman, she goes to office, sees Abhiman’s designs, praises that his designs, and deletes them. She thinks Abhiman and whole office will blame it on Deepika.

During breakfast, Sisters discuss about sunshine and Vitamin D, etc. Suhasi says if they don’t take care of skin, it will get dark in sunlight. Deepika comes and says Soniya has taught them early to morning, early to bed, health is wealth, etc. Ratna gives her best wishes to Deepika for her presentation. Soniya feeds her sweet curd as good luck. Ratna thinks whatever she tries, Deepika will not win over Abhiman.

Precap: Abhiman sees Deepika coming out of his cabin suspiciously and asks what was she doing in his cabin. Soniya meets Negi.

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