Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 13th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Abhiman says Ratna that if she is concerned about him as an employer, it is okay, but if she is trying to be his mom, then she should know that he hates his mother. Ratna gets sad hearing that and thinks her one son hates her and another is in love with a girl whom she hates.

Soniya asks Rathi’s opinion about her marriage with Pavan. Rathi agrees to marry him. All sisters gets happy. Raghav hears their shouting at Khan chacha’s dhaba and gets happy. He tells chacha that he is happy about Rathi as Pavan is a very nice guy. Chacha prays for Pathi and even him.

A lady reaches Roy mansion in a car and scolds her taxi driver for not getting her bags out, says in Dubai drivers are very fast and would have removed bags by now. Driver gets irked hearing dubai repeatedly from her and asks her to give his taxi fair. She gives him money and asks him to return 2 Rs. Driver says she was shouting dubai repeatedly till now and is asking 2 rs. Watchman sees them and asks them to take their car out. Taxi driver scolds lady and leaves. Watchman asks whom she wants to meet. She says she wants to meet Ratna. She looks at the bungalow and gets happy seeing its lavishness. She then sees daada/daadi in the lawn and meets them. Daadi identifies her and is shocked to see her. Lady/Suhasi is daada’s niece/brother’s daughter.

Soniya informs Pavan’s mother that Rathi has accepted the alliance and says she does not have mother and does not know all the rituals, but will follow them. Pavan’s mom says she is like their mom and asks Soniya to get ready Rathi for a roka ritual. Sisters get happy and get busy selecting sari for Rathi. Fruity says even she wants to wear sair. Deepu says she has to marry to wear sari. Fruity says get her married then… Soniya gets Rathi a new sari. Rathi identifies sari as Soniya’s moms, gets emotional and says she does not want to marry her, gets into room and locks door. Sisters get worried hearing her weeping and asks her to open door. Rathi reminisces Soniya and Raghav’s breakup. Soniya requests her to open door. She opens it. Soniya asks her if she likes Pavan or not. Rathi says she says likes him a lot, but she cannot marry before her marriage. Soniya asks why she does not want to marry for a silly reason. Rathi says that sair is her mom’s who wanted soniya to wear it on her marriage and she cannot take it. Soniya says her happiness is in getting her married and asks if she cannot give her that happiness. Rathi emotionally hugs and smiles. Other sisters smile seeing her. Fruity asks Rathi what happened. Soniya jokes that Rathi is anxious about her marriage. Fruity says she does not want to marry then. Soniya takes everyone out.

Soniya is in kitchen and is engraped in thoughts. Deep sees that and asks what is she thinking. Soniya says she does not have money to buy gift to Pavan. Deepu says we can give whatever we have in an envelope, Pavan will understand our problem. Chintu overhears their conversation.

Raghav sees Chintu tensed and asks him if everything is alright at Soniya’s house. Chintu says Soniya is in trouble and does not have money to gift Pavan. Raghav says it is good he informed him.

Suhasi gulps snacks and fruits and says daada/daadi that she is enjoying dubai but came to India to meet them with great difficulty. Daada says he got worried seeing her. Suhasi says her life is settled in Dubai and instead Ratna would be in trouble. She throws banana skin on the floor and it hits Soniya feet. soniya asks who is this mannerless person.

Precap: Soniya and Raghav get into an argument, then Raghav corners her towards wall and looks at her romantically.

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