Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 13th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 13th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ratna comes with dada, daadi, and Sahil parents to Raghav’s home with Rathi’s alliance. Raghav greets Sahil’s parents in and asks where is Sahil. Sahil comes with Abhiman. Raghav gets irked, but calms down looking at the situation. Raghav’s mom asks to call Rathi. Rathi comes wearing a beautiful sari with sisters. Sahil and his parents like Rathi. Sahil’s parents questions Rathi about her education and culinary skills. Sisters say she is graduate and knows cooking well as she is chef Diju/Raghav’s assistant. Rathi reminisces previous incidents and tells what Soniya used to tell her.

Abhiman sensing everyone busy gets into Deepu’s room and says since she did not reply him yesterday, he does not want them to meet again. She says whatever he tries, the fact is he is responsible for Soniya’s death.

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Raghav on the other side tells Sahil that Rathi is a part of his life and he is get her married to him, so he should not trouble her anytime. Anjali serves sweets to everyone. She sees Deepu missing. Deepu in her room is busy scolding Abhiman that he is responsible for the sorrows of their life and cannot tolerate him. Anjali comes in and asks what is she talking. Deepu says she does wants Abhiman out of her life. Anjali says she is taking a wrong decision and just like us, his life is also shattered and he come here often for you.

Whole family gets in hearing their conversation. Dada asks Deepu to listen to Abhiman once. Raghav tries to confront, but Ratna stops him. Abhiman tells a story of a drowning wife asking her husband to escape from boat and and take care of their daughter. He says he respects Soniya a lot and cannot think of harming her at all. Sahil says he is right, so he brought him here to unite the family. Raghav reminisces Abhiman repeatedly trying to help him. Abhiman reminisces the incident before Soniya’s accident and she taking his promise not to leave the family and to keep the family united. Abhiman continues his explanation and says if they don’t forgive him, he will die. Deepika stops him and says she has already lost her sister and cannot lose him. She forgives and hugs him. Everyone claps for them. Abhiman says Raghav now that Deepika has forgiven her, he should also forgive him. Raghav asks why did not she tell him that she loves Abhiman. Deepika says she wanted to tell him, but before that Soniya’s accident happened. Abhiman says he loves Deepika a lot, wants to marry her and will promise that he will take care of her more than his life, asks if he agrees for their marriage. Raghav agrees and says he has a condition that he will do Rathi and Deepu’s kanyadaan. Rathi says his daughters/Saalis will not leave him anymore. Raghav smiles and thinks Soniya wanted same and hugs all sisters. Sahil’s mom asks Ratna Raghav takes cares of everyone, but who will take care of Raghav. Just then door bell rings, Raghav opens door and sees hospital girl standing in front of him.

Precap: The serial ends on a happy note, with all the family members uniting.

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