Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 12th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 12th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ratna asks Raghav what will he do after getting Soniya’s sisters married. He says he will fulfill his dad’s dream and will become world’s best chef. Radha passes by. Raghav calls her. Ratna asks if she is okay with her marriage. Rathi says she will do whatever Raghav says, even Soniya’s wish was to get her married. Raghav says Sahil is a nice guy and will keep Rathi happy.

Abhiman and Deepika’s fight continues. She shouts at him and asks him to not come back in her life again. He says he knows she had proposed in the letter she gave her and asks if she really does not love him. Raghav hears their conversation and gets irked. Rathi and Anjali come and ask him to get babycorn fast. Deepu who is sad cheers up when Raghav informs her about Rathi’s marriage. Raghav says he will prepare special food on her marriage and says tomorrow groom’s people are coming. He says his friend Sahil is coming with his family. He then reminisces Abhiman and Deepika’s fight and thinks of asking Deepika.

Raghav and sisters see Chintu crying on street and ask when did he come back from his village and why is he crying. Chintu says he came back thinking he would need his help in catering business, but saw people badmouthing about him and sisters and telling saalis are adhi gharwalis. Raghav says Chintu is telling right and reminisces the fight. He tells Chintu not to give heed to people and continue doing good deeds as Soniya taught him. He says tomorrow Rathi’s alliance will also be fixed and takes them back home.

At home, Raghav sees sisters sad and asks what happened. They say that they cannot tolerate people badmouthing about him. Raghav says it does not matter to him and tells what Soniya used to tell. Sisters cheer up. He says tomorrow Rathi’s marriage will be fixed and says he will get them milk now. Deepu asks him to rest while she serves milk to everyone. Sisters surround Rathi and sing Raja ki aayegi baaraat….Raghav gets happy seeing them, goes near Soniya’s wind chime and gets emotional. He reminisces sisters happier moments with Soniya, Soniya promising Ratna to unite Raghav and Abhiman, telling him I love you, etc. Tears roll down his cheeks, wind chime shakes, and he stops crying. He continues his emotional talk.

Rathi gets emotional reminiscing Soniya, her apologizing after her alliance with Pavan broke, etc. Sisters cheer her up. Fruity asks who will tell her stories after Rathi is married. Deepu says she will and has learnt many stories.

Precap: Abhiman tells Raghav that he loves Deepika and wants to marry her, if he accepts their marriage?

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