Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 11th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 11th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Soniya asks Raghav why did he prepare snacks and juice. Raghav says Rathi is his would be SIL, so it was his duty to serve food to her in-laws. Pavan’s mother shouts from Soniya’s house to get her water. Soniya leaves taking juice from Raghav. Raghav says Chintu that he has to research about Pavan. Chintu says today he escaped from Soniya’s wrath as she is very angry today. Raghav sees Anjali in balcony and signals that he wants to talk to her. She comes and asks what he wants to talk, says except convincing Soniya he can tell anything. Raghav says he wants to talk to Pavan and needs her to get into her house. Anjali says Soniya will kill her if she sees him there. He explains her the reason and says it is his duty to get Rathi married to a good guy. She gets happy that he cares for Soniya’s family and tells him her plan.

Soniya lets Rathi and Pavan alone for a chat. Rathi gets tensed and does not let Soniya go. Soniya says it is her own house and good chance to know Pavan. She snatches her hand back and walks out. Raghav disguises as an old man with beard and moutache and gets in. He sees Soniya coming out of room and hides behind door. Soniya sees Anjali outside room and asks what is she doing. She says she was just combing her hair. Soniya asks her to come with her.

Raghav and Anjali sees Rathi and Pavan sitting silently. Raghav enters room as a phone line man and asks Rathi to speak up. They both start discussion. Pavan asks Rathi about her hobbines, but she sits silently. Raghav tells him about Rathi’s qualities. Rathi thinks who he is to know details about her and identifies him as Raghav jiju. Raghav asks Pavan if he will take care of Rathi and keep her happy. He assures him to take care of Rathi and says she will not miss them after marriage. Raghav says he was expecting the same and asks them to continue talking while he repairs phone.

Soniya’s sister miss Raghav and say her that it would have been good if he would have been here. Soniya gets irked. Soniya goes to bring Pavan and Raghav. Anjali gets tensed that Soniya will see him. She tensely enters room with Soniya and sees Raghav missing. Rathi informs her that Raghav went. Anjali requests her not to inform Soniya. Raghav gets down via pipe.

Fruity asks Pavan if he spoke to Rathi. He says yes. She says she wants to test if he is perfect to be his jiju. He asks if she tested someone else also. She says Raghav jiju. Soniya asks her to stop. Pavan asks whom she is talking about. She says nobody. Pavan’s mom approves Rathi as her bahu.

Ratna thinks she cannot let Raghav do such a big mistake. Abhiman comes to her cabin and discusses about his project. She says she wants him and Raghav to attend Paris fashion show as company’s representatives. He thanks her and says he had discussed designs with Deepika and needs her help. Ratna gets irked hearing Deepika’s name and says she cannot let him meet her. He says he knows there is a tiff between her and Deepu’s family and says if she wants to order him as an employer he will obey, but if she tries to be his mother, he will not as he hates his mother.

Precap: Rathi says Soniya that she does not want to marry.

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