Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 11th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 11th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Mantrimonial agent tells her clients that Raghav takes care of his saalis very well like his own sisters and if all goes well, he will take care of their daughter also very well. Raghav and saalis are shocked to hear that and says he thought she has brought alliance for Rathi. She says she will get alliance for her also, but he should marry first so that he can take care of saalis with his wife. Raghav says he cannot think of marrying. Fruity says they decided they will not marry and will live happily like they are living now. Raghav says he said just like that. Agent says he is spoiling saali’s life and asks him to think about society. Clients leave saying it is an insult for them. Agent continues yelling that Raghav insulted her and he should think how society will insult them. Raghav says though society may not accept their relationship, they have decided to live together and not marry. He says he is like a father to his saalis and asks when bhabhi can be mother, then why can’t jija be father. Agent angrily walks out yelling.

Sisters console Raghav and ask him not to bother about people and to concentrate on order. Raghav says babycorn is missing, so he will get it from market. Deepu says she will accompany him.

Rival dhaba owner buys baby corn from the market and asks his servant to hide it. Agent comes to his dhaba and badmouths about Raghav and saalis. Dhaba owner backs her and tries to provoke neighbours. Raghav and Deepika come down just then to go to the market. Dhaba owner and Lady start provoking and badmouthing about them. Raghav angrily tries to hit him, but Deepika stops him and says let dog barks. Owner says he is a dog, then what are they. Ratna comes with Abiman just then and takes Raghav’s side and scolds neighbours and owner/lady. She asks servant to bring babycorn bag and asks him to tell what is happening. Servant says his boss ordered him to buy whole babycorn from market to stop Raghav from completing order. Owner says richies bought his servant. Abhiman holds his collar and asks him to mind his business. Raghav says if he does not stop, he will be kicked out of city. Ratna takes Raghav from there. Abhiman stops Deepika and tries to propose him, but she scolds him and says she heard him telling lie when she came to his house and asks him to stop his drama.

Ratna tries to explain Raghav to marry, but he is adamant and says after sisters are married, he will fulfill his dad’s dream of becoming chef.

Precap: Deepika asks Abhiman why is he troubling him repeatedly. He says because he loves her. Raghav gets irked hearing that.

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