Ek Nayi Pehchan 9th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 9th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sharda notices Karan arranging the puja thaali. She asks Sakshi to do the puja today which shocks Sakshi and Karan. He leaves from there sadly. Sakshi is unable to understand her. Karan has been doing all this for you. He is really sad. He only wants you to forgive him. Please forgive him. Sharda ties a thread on Sakshi’s wrist. I don’t want you or your happiness to be affected by anything. Sakshi is touched as she knew it. Sharda nods. I am your mother and a mother knows everything. They share an emotional hug. Sharda thanks the Lord for giving them this happiness. Karan applauds his Ma. You don’t want your son to be a part of your life but you are ready to be a part of my baby’s life. Sakshi cannot understand why he is talking like this. Karan tells Sharda that she has no right over his baby. Sakshi and Sharda are shocked. Dadi comes there too. Sharda asks him if he knows what he is saying. Karan says he knows it. dadi asks Karan if this is a way to talk to his Ma. Karan tells her that he couldn’t sleep the whole night thinking about how his mom will forgive him, so that she hugs me. have I become a stranger now? If Mom knew that today is a very big day for me and Sakshi then she should have blessed me atleast. She dint even look at me. sharda tells him that he is thinking wrong. He instead tells her that she is doing it wrong. Sakshi and I stood by you always but you are giving me such a big punishment of my one mistake. Why mom? She replies that what is wrong will remain wrong in her eyes always, even if my son is wrong. Karan says if it is about right and wrong and you don’t think of me to be your son because of my one mistake then you too are no longer my baby’s grandmother. You have no right over my baby. Sharda is stunned and so are Sakshi and Dadi. Sakshi tries to say something but he stays put. She has made me a stranger then how can she have a right over my baby? Sakshi gives him her swear to quieten him. He has made up his mind. Now you have to decide whose side are you on – mine or moms. Everyone is shocked.

Sakshi tells Karan that the day she married him she had taken a swear to stand with him for forever. I very well know that even Ma wont want me to break my swear. When God has brought us together then even I cannot break this. I am with you. He thanks her. don’t worry nothing will happen to mom. She will not even get to know what’s happening in our life as she is upset with me. anyways, she has more kids as well and she has to take care of them too. Sakshi tries to calm him down. He wants to take care of his baby on his own. He takes a tearful Sakshi to their room.

Sharda too breaks down. She tells Dadi that everything is slipping away from her hands slowly. He said he will keep me away from his baby. Dadi knows how much they both love each other. You dint make any mistake. One day everyone will surely realise this. Dadi wants her to focus on the good news. Bring sweets for all of us. Sharda hugs her and then goes to bring sweets.

Karan calls doc to come home to check Sakshi. He also wants to take her for the check up. He turns to go but finds her sad. Our present can be whatever but our future will be very beautiful as our baby will be with us then. It doesn’t matter if anyone supports us or not but we will be there for each other always. When we are together then we can overcome any difficulty. Trust me I wont let you face any problem. You wont take any help from mom for our happiness. If you do it then I would think that you don’t trust me. She assures that she wont do anything that hurts him. They both share a hug. He leaves for office after telling her to take care of herself.

Sharda brings kheer for Shanaya who wants to know the reason for her happiness. Shanaya gets to know that the secret is out. Sharda calls Suresh. He is talking to some client and notices Sharda’s call waiting. He finally picks her call. She shares the good news with him. he is thrilled at the news. Mr. Singhania called me just now. he wants our innovative designs for his foreign buyers. If they like it then we wont have to look back ever. I know you can make such designs. She is hesitant but wants time to decide. She only has two days. Meeta suggested our name. I know you wont break our trust ever. She agrees to think and tell him about it. She shares it with Shanaya. Shanaya shares her happiness about so many good things happening suddenly. Shanaya offers to help her but Sharda is sure Sakshi will help her with it. Shanaya feels a little bad. I was thinking that you will love me less now as Sakshi is pregnant. Sharda denies. a mother’s love can never reduce for her kids. Shanaya looks relieved.

Dr. Preeti comes to check Sakshi. Sharda offers to take her. Sakshi sends her to her room saying that she will just come. Sharda is glad that she called a doc. The check up should be done soon. sakshi recalls Karan’s words and declines to take her help. I will have to handle everything on my own now. I will manage it slowly as life anyway teaches everything. Till date we supported each other but now its time to go separate ways. We will do everything on our own now, without each other’s support. I have made up my mind for this. It will be good if you do the same. She heads for her room while Sharda looks at her tensed / hurt.

Suresh calls Sharda regarding the designs. She hasn’t started working on it which upsets him. you could have said no if you dint have time. I would have told company designer to do it. She apologizes and agrees to start from now only. Sharda recalls Sakshi’s words.

Sharda is not able to make designs. Shanaya watches her thus. She encourages her. sharda is worried as it is for foreign market. I don’t know their preferences. Shanaya suggests comfort. They love Indian sarees but it isn’t their dress which is why we should design it in a way that they don’t have to invest much time into it, like adding zip. She calls it innovation. Sharda tries to make it but in vain. I have always looked at myself through Sakshi’s eyes. When she likes something then I used to feel that I have really done something. I dint know anything. Sakshi has taught me everything including studies, going out and talking to strangers. Sakshi took me to school just like a mom takes her kid to a school. She also used to scold me when I dint used to do my homework. She has been with me through thick and thin. Now that she is not with me today, I am feeling scared. I feel as if nothing can go right ever. Shanaya boosts her. sharda too wants to believe it but she knows that her world is from Sakshi. God please return my happiness.

Precap: Sakshi comes downstairs calling for Ma. Sharda gets happy that she called her. Padma calls out for Sakshi who is surprised to see her there. Karan had called her. He said that your terms are not very good with Sharda ji these days. Sakshi is glad that she has come.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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