Ek Nayi Pehchan 9th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 9th January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 9th January 2014 Written Update

Suresh asks Bhavesh if he has checked all the papers personally. Bhavesh affirms. Sharda comes there as he had called her here. Suresh signals her towards the papers in Bhavesh’s hands. She is about to go get tea for Bhavesh ji but Suresh stops her. There are other things in life than food and all. He realises it is pointless to explain it to her. You stay at home so how would you know of the tensions of the outside world. Sharda is affected by his words but doesn’t show it. Suresh gets a call. Before attending it, he asks Bhavesh to take thumb impressions of Sharda and leave for office. Bhavesh takes thumb impression of Sharda on the documents. Sakshi comes there just then and witnesses this. Bhavesh ji leaves.

Sakshi asks Sharda about the documents but Sharda has no idea. Bhavesh ji gets official documents at home many times, I just put my thumb impression over it. Sakshi nods. She starts to say something but Sharda understands that she is about to talk about Latika. Sharda explains that Latika has to handle the responsibilities of both her home and office so she gets stressed at times and its ok. Suresh comes back. He asks if Bhavesh left for office. Sakshi wishes him good morning and he replies. He asks for Karan and is told that he is still asleep. He looks at his watch in mockery. I thought you (Sakshi) would change him after wedding but! He mocks Karan for getting into the habit of sleeping till noon (almost). Sharda is hurt by his remarks. Suresh goes from there. Sakshi apologizes to Sharda. I thought I shouldn’t wake him as he was tired. I dint know that papa will say things to you like this. Sharda asks her if everything is fine between her and Karan. Make something sweet for him. it will be easier to make up with him then. Sakshi wonders how she came to know that not all is fine between them. sharda replies that a mom can know everything about her kids by looking at her kids’ faces. They don’t have to tell anything. Certain issues happen between a husband and wife but it doesn’t mean u cannot mend it. If you set a kite loose then it will go far from you and if you hold it tightly and pull at it then the thread breaks. Now you have to handle when to do what. Get a cake for Karan. He will forget his anger once he sees it. Sharda goes from there. Sakshi thinks, this isn’t that kind of anger which can be subdued by a cake. I am not able to understand what to do but will have to start from somewhere then why not with the cake. She gets another idea of baking the cake on her own.

Sakshi gets all the ingredients and opens the recipe on her i-pad. She starts to follow the recipe. I wish one could have a recipe of making a better life the similar way. Why does not Karan understand that it was my past? It doesn’t have anything to do with my present or future. I hope he likes the cake. And if yes then he should spend some time with me and talk to me. Sharda comes there and asks her why wouldn’t he. Sweets lessen the bitterness in hearts. Plus you are making a cake for him. sakshi thanks for the idea. I am only worried if he would like it or not. sharda is sure he will like it. You are making it with so much love so he will for sure. I am going in my room call me when you are done. Sakshi is confused. Sharda shows her the mess she has created (in a sweet way). Someone has to clear it as well. Sakshi sweetly apologizes. Sharda smiles. You will learn everything soon. The cake is ready. Sakshi puts the icing on it which says sorry with a smiley face.

Karan is talking to his friends on phone. He tells them he would come over tonight as well. I am genius as I have sent my wife on a guilt trip instead of a honeymoon trip. Rohan points out that his intentions were different from the beginning. Karan agrees. I don’t believe in this wedding and all. You know I dint want to get married but had to do it because of dad. Though I tried till the end so that it doesn’t happen but my bad luck. Now I am tied for the whole life. But I wont give up so easily. I am a free bird and I will definitely get my freedom. He looks at the mirror and is shocked to see Sakshi standing by the door. He turns but Sakshi isn’t there. He ends the call hurriedly. He goes to the door but no one is there. He feels relieved. For a moment I thought Sakshi was here but thank God!

Just then Sakshi calls out for him. he goes and sits down on the bed. Sakshi comes there with the cake. She asks him to forgive her for everything. We have our whole future in front of us. We will have to start afresh. He replies she has hurt him very badly. It will take time to heal. How can we start something new so soon? She shows him the chocolate cake…we have to start from somewhere so I made this for you. Karan is happy and takes it. He is about to take a bite but stops as he notices her looking at him. if I don’t eat then mom will come to know what’s happening between us and I cannot see her sad. He smiles as he eats the cake but again pretends that this doesn’t mean that I am not angry anymore. I am still angry with you. He takes the cake and goes in a corner to eat it. She is sad / upset and comes downstairs. She is crying by the time she reaches there. She is hurt as he recalls what she had just heard (she heard everything that Karan had said to his friends); Karan’s sleep walking drama; Tasha; temple incident; his acting that he is hurt. She makes up her mind to go from here right now. What does he think of himself? He could have cancelled it if he wanted that. I wasn’t dying to get married. In fact, I also agreed because of mom. I thought I will start afresh by telling him everything but he made a joke of my feelings instead of valuing them. I have been doing so much for this relation and this is all a joke for him. She wipes her tears. I wont stay here anymore. She begins to head to the main door but stops. Why should I go? This is what he wants. I wont let him win so easily. We have got married after all. This isn’t a joke. I am modern girl, not some girl from some random movie who will run to her parent’s home in such cases. You wanted to get rid of me right? Now I will stick to you like this that you wont be able to do that ever. Till now you were playing a game now its my turn. Sharda notices Sakshi standing alone. She goes to her and asks her about it. I think Karan’s anger wasn’t subdued even after seeing the cake. Sakshi is about to tell her the truth but then stops herself. You cannot trouble ma like this every time by sharing your problems with her. sharda lies to her that all is well now. I am a little upset as I dint make the cake very well. She diverts it to her. you had some work with me? sharda shares with her that Chirag is taking her to his college tomorrow. parents and teachers will talk amongst themselves. Though I am a little scared. What if I embarrass Chirag over something? I don’t know whether I should go or not. sakshi assures her all will be well. Sharda asks her to help her regarding that. Sakshi agrees to teach it all to her. sharda leaves but she turns and notices Sakshi standing all lost.

Next morning, Suresh and Latika come to eat breakfast. Suresh is surprised to see Karan already having breakfast. He checks his watch to confirm. Karan wishes them both good morning. Sharda brings breakfast for them. suresh asks her is it so that she had changed the time in Karan’s clock. He is here at 9am which feels good. I scolded Sakshi for no reason whereas the truth is I can see changes in Karan since she has come. I am totally impressed with her. he asks for her. karan tells him that she wasn’t in the room when he woke up. Suresh has invited some business clients over at their house tonight to lock a business deal. I want my whole family to welcome them. I also want that this time no one (looking at Sharda) should make any mistakes. Sharda assures him all will be well. Sakshi should be here too as my client’s daughter and Sakshi used to study in the same college. Karan agrees. This time there wont be any problem because of me.

Karan comes in his room. Son couldn’t make an impression now a DIL will make one. He is so impressed by her. he is so bent upon changing me that he will get another son in exchange offer if he can. He wonders where Sakshi is right now. He gets a call from her. why is she calling me? we stay in the same home. He picks up the phone and starts asking / telling her about the evening dinner. She tells him she knows everything. I know what you have done with me. you dint want to marry me, right? I cannot stay with you after knowing what you have done with me. karan is shocked. You have made a joke of my feelings and emotions. What was my fault? I wanted to start this relation afresh. You have lied / betrayed me in every step. I cant take this anymore. Goodbye Karan! Sakshi ends the call.

Precap: Karan comes downstairs to talk to his mom but stops when she asks for Sakshi. Karan is speaking to Padma who is happy that Sakshi has adjusted so well at her new home that she hasn’t called me since yesterday. She wants to talk to her. karan wonders where Sakshi would be. He along with his friends search for Sakshi everywhere.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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