Ek Nayi Pehchan 9th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 9th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 9th April 2014 Written Update

Sakshi is taken aback to know that Aditya will be staying with them only for a few days. She nods helplessly and welcomes him. Suresh makes Aditya feel at home. He is unwell and hotels don’t take care of you like home. Aditya agrees with him. Now this has become a home for me only. Suresh feels some past connect with him. You have gelled with the family so soon and so nicely. He asks Sakshi to show the guestroom to Aditya. Sakshi is stuck with him.

Chirag is surprised to see his dad home so early. Suresh gives round about reply and then asks for Sharda. He gets to know that Sharda has gone to help someone in her business and laughs at it. Sharda comes home just then. She goes to get tea for him but he stops her. You had already become so engrossed in your studies that you had

forgotten your household responsibilities. Now you have started spending time with your friends outside as well. She tells him she had finished all the work before leaving for her class and I am back on time too. He is irked. It is 24 hours in a day for all the people (educated or not) and you are sharing time from those 24 hours with strangers. You have always shared everything with me till date then why did you feel like making friends with outsiders all of a sudden? He doesn’t let her reply. Aditya is unwell and is going to stay with us for a few days. I want you to take care of him. Pack my stuff as I have to go out of town urgently. She nods.

Sakshi asks Aditya what he is doing here. You promised me you will stay out of my life then why are you breaking your promise? He points out that she is scared that she will fall for him again. She tries to explain sense but he doesn’t let her say anything. You can quieten me by raising your voice but your heart knows that you should have been with me instead of that loser Karan. How could you think that you will fall in love with him? He doesn’t deserve you. He is not good for you I am good for you. I am seriously not getting it as to how you got married to him. Sharda offers to answer his question which shocks both of them. Relations are made by God. Just like a river and sea are bound to meet similarly Karan and Sakshi were bound to meet. When something is written in fate then it happens one way or the other. Sakshi heaves a sigh of relief thinking that Ma dint hear anything. She excuses herself for a minute. Sharda asks him about his favorite veggie and he tells her. She goes to make it for him.

Chirag wants to go to some Saundarya’s birthday. I want to give her some expensive gift to impress her but mom ruined it all. Chirag Modi cannot go with some small gift. I will have to do something.

Sharda is revising her studies while cooking. Diya is in the kitchen too. Latika comes and sends Diya out for she wants to talk to her mom. She is upset with her mom for what they had done. Sharda denies doing anything like that. We only sent your feelings along with the lunch box. Latika gets sad thinking her mom too feels she is at fault. Sharda says it isn’t about right or wrong. It is about talks which you both don’t do anymore as you guys are too busy fighting with each other. Your problem is you both are still I and you. You still have to become us. You both are at fault for this. Two people are like two river banks. Words make bridges and connect them together through which feelings, thoughts transfer. You guys don’t do it anymore. Latika is stuck to the thought of not giving up in front of Pratik’s ego. Sharda says you both have egos which is stopping you guys from talking about your love. When you both dint say it to each other so I and Sakshi had to do it. When we sent your love then he returned his love for you too. Latika leaves for her room to finish her pending work.

Karan comes to his room and finds Sakshi adjusting the clothes in their almirah. They both discuss about their day. He casually asks her if she knows Aditya from before. She answers in negative. Why? He says you both are from Ahmadabad so I thought you both might know each other. She declines. I haven’t met him earlier. So many people come from Ahmadabad daily which doesn’t mean I will know everyone. He tells her to relax. The question came in my mind so I asked you. I know you will tell me first if you would have known him. She goes to get tea for him asking him to freshen up in the meanwhile. He nods but is still thinking.

Everyone is having dinner together. Pratik too comes there. Sharda introduces him to Aditya. Pratik sits down next to Latika. She is asked to serve dinner to her husband so she obliges though they both look somewhat upset with each other. Sharda asks Sakshi to eat too as she was hungry but Sakshi will eat with her only. Sharda makes her sit next to Karan. Pratik asks for Suresh but before Sharda can answer Latika speaks up. Dad went out of town without telling me? We take all the business decisions together. Karan too dint knew it. Sharda says it must be something important at a sudden notice and he wouldn’t have gotten time to tell. Sharda goes to get Pratik’s favorite pickle for him and wants Aditya to taste it too.

Karan gets a call and excuses himself to attend it. Aditya notices that Sakshi is about to eat mushroom and stops her. You are allergic to mushrooms. Everyone including Karan observes this with surprise. Latika asks him how he knows about it. Karan too wonders about the same question. First that photo and now this. Aditya says Sakshi only had told him a while back when they were talking about mushrooms. Sakshi denies. We never spoke in this regard. I am not allergic to mushrooms. Why are you behaving as if you know me very well? Latika calms her down. Sharda comes back with the pickle and gives it to Aditya and Pratik. She asks Karan to eat first. Karan takes his seat and looks at Sakshi eating away the mushrooms angrily. Aditya observes her too. Karan tells his mom he will go to new Mumbai’s site in the morning as there is some problem with the workers there.

Next morning, Sharda is trying Suresh’s number but it is out of coverage area. She is getting worried by the minute. She is also surprised to see that Sakshi hasn’t come downstairs till now. She goes to wake up Sakshi and finds her unwell. She has high temperature. Sakshi loses conscious when Sharda tries to make her stand so that they can go visit a doc. Sharda gets worried for her. She runs off to call Chirag or someone else for help.

Sharda comes downstairs calling out for everyone for help when Aditya comes there. She tells him about Sakshi. Go and look after her till I am back. He rushes to check on Sakshi. He is really concerned for Sakshi and sprinkles water on her to wake her up. She is not happy to see him here. He says I told you not to eat mushrooms but look what you have done to yourself. Are you all right? She removes his hand from her head asking him not touch her. I beg you to go away from my life, my family and my home if you ever loved me truly. Sharda comes there and is happy to see her all conscious. Lie down and rest. I have called Karan. He will be reaching soon with the doc. Aditya assures her Sakshi will be fine very soon. Doc must be coming.

Karan comes home with the doc who checks Sakshi. He suggests giving an injection to Sakshi. Looks like she is allergic to something that she ate. Sharda tells him about mushrooms. Karan recalls the dining table incident and looks at Sakshi.

Sakshi is given injection. Doc asks them to remove Sakshi’s jewellery as that can increase the allergy. Karan goes out to drop the doc. Sharda removes Sakshi’s bangles and stuff. Chirag looks at Sakshi’s ring (and other jewellery). He thinks about Saundarya’s birthday gift. Karan comes back. I have sent someone to get the medicines for her. Chirag quietly goes and stands behind them. He eyes Sakshi’s jewellery. He offers her a glass of water which she declines. He picks up her stuff when he puts the glass down. Sharda, Aditya and Chirag walk out of the room.

Karan sits down next to Sakshi and caresses her forehead. He feels sad that he dint knew about her allergy even though they have been married for so many months. I am not a good husband. You deserve better.

Precap: Sharda asks Sakshi if there is something which she is hiding from her and she should know it. I am noticing that you are acting differently since some last few days. Sakshi begins to tell her but then stops mid sentence.

Update Credit to: pooja

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