Ek Nayi Pehchan 8th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 8th January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 8th January 2014 Written Update

Manager gives a saree to Sharda and goes from there. Sharda asks Sakshi to hold one end of the saree and move farther. Sakshi does as told. Title song plays in the background as they both arrange the saree properly. Sakshi lovingly watches Sharda do patola work on the saree. Sharda also teaches her how to do it. Sakshi learns it happily. she keeps looking at Sharda very sweetly. Sharda notices a helper putting a not so ok looking colour and suggests him to add pink on green saree. Sakshi asks her why she dint come to factory for years when she knows so much about all this. This is such a great responsibility. Sharda explains that she has been handling a much greater responsibility – of her household, of raising her kids. Sakshi wants to know if she never felt like her name should be everywhere and taken with respect. Sharda is more than happy to be called the best mom. What can be better than this? Sakshi agrees. But now your kids are all grown up and well settled. Now you should think about yourself as you have so many gifts and talents. Sharda gets her happiness from making special patola sarees for her known acquaintances. They wear it with love and click pictures. I get love and appreciation in return. Art is appreciated by praises not money. Sakshi has no more questions. Sharda’s work is done. She goes to give it to Bhavesh ji to send it.

Latika is enjoying with her friends when she notices Sharda and Sakshi returning home. She excuses herself to go to talk to them. Mom how come you are home so early? sharda replies that there was very little work to do and that’s done now. I will go meet your friends. Latika stops her. she starts talking about the saree and if all the work is done. Sharda nods. I have given the saree to Bhavesh ji to give it to the client. Latika is taken aback. You sent it to the client? You could have asked me. sharda reminds her how she had said she doesn’t have time this was why I gave it to Bhavesh ji. Latika again stops Sharda from meeting her friends. She diverts her attention to make aam panna for her friends. Sakshi is confused but doesn’t say anything. Latika sends her off to help her mom.

Latika makes an excuse to her friends about some important work at factory. She fakes to be talking to Bhavesh ji about the same. They understand her work commitment so leave. Latika is relieved.

Sakshi sets the snacks in the kitchen to be served to the guests. She tastes one of them and loves it. She is surprised to know that it has been made by Sharda. Latika comes there to tell them their friends have left already. She shouts at her mom about sending that saree without letting her see it. You know I personally check every saree / sample before sending it off to the client? You don’t care about it. Sharda tries to say something but Latika doesn’t let her. I don’t want to argue with you as I am having a headache. I will right away call the manager and stop him from sending the saree. Sakshi witnesses all this and is upset. Latika goes out. Sharda picks up a bottle and accidentally drops its cap. Latika stops as she hears Sakshi’s worried voice for her mom. She comes back and apologizes to her mom. But again blames her for making business decisions on her own without asking anyone. She goes to take rest as she is not feeling well. Sharda doesn’t show her hurt. Instead she talks in Latika’s favour. Whenever Latika has headache she gets upset. I will make tea for her. sakshi understands her pain very well. Sharda asks Sakshi to go and call Karan for lunch.

Karan is talking to Rohan who asks him what will he do tonight. Karan is sure he will find a way out of this husband wife drama. I wont have to do it for long as Sakshi herself will be so frustrated that she will run for her home. They end the call. Sakshi comes there to call him for lunch. Karan feigns a headache. He wants to go out for some time. She offers to accompany him but he declines. One has to walk alone on some paths at times. I hope you can understand. Don’t tell anyone at home. I wouldn’t be able to lie and they wouldn’t be able to bear the truth so let things continue like this only. Sakshi nods sadly. Karan leaves from there and Sakshi looks really hurt.

Latika is talking to Bhavesh. Sakshi comes out and stops to listen to her convo. She is angry as the saree was a rejected one. Without asking me you sent it to the client just because mom told you to? Do you have any idea when dad will come to know of this how angry he will be? The whole fault is mom’s and I will be blamed for it. Correct this as soon as possible. Latika wonders why mom uses her brain when it is not required. Sakshi gets thinking. Why did di ask ma to work on a rejected piece? Plus she dint tell ma that her friends are coming over. It looked like she dint want her to meet them. But why?

Latika is pacing worried in her room. How will I face dad? Just then Suresh comes there calling for her. she is about to apologize but Suresh starts complimenting her. sakshi comes there and witness everything. He is happy about the design that she sent to the client today. He is proud of her. sharda comes there. Latika tells her that the client liked the design made by her. suresh is taken aback. That design was made by Sharda? Latika explains that she had asked mom to help her as she was busy. Suresh appreciates it but in a sarcastic manner which doesn’t go unnoticed by Sharda or Sakshi. Sharda hides it. Suresh is only concerned about his win / profit. He asks Latika to be careful next time. It isn’t necessary that it will happen every time. Sharda goes to set table for them. latika apologizes to her dad but he tell her not to. Latika notices Sakshi. But before she can say something to Sakshi her phone rings so she leaves to attend the call.

Karan comes to his friend’s house. They are astonished to see him there. Karan is sure of himself that he can do things his way. He enjoys pizza and video game while back at home Sakshi is waiting for him. she is worried thinking that Karan left home without eating anything because of me. Why isn’t he home yet? She looks at the dinner and is tempted as Kadhi rice is her favourite dish. She thinks of eating but stops herself. I will feel guilty if I eat alone. On the other Karan tells his friends he will make Sakshi feel so guilty that she herself will think whether she should live with me or not. This is life or I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy with you guys today like this. She would be full of guilt by now. Sakshi is sure Karan would have eaten something by now. I am hungry I should eat too. She eats alone. I shouldn’t worry for no reason. If Karan is hungry he will eat something. When a person is hungry he eats…same will happen with Karan. I am eating because I am hungry. She relishes her dinner.

Karan comes back home in the morning. He finds Sakshi asleep and moves in quietly but she wakes up and notices him. She asks him about his whereabouts. He says some emotional lines. She doesn’t understand it and asks him more naive questions. He explains he is talking about the doors of heart. Why and who should I have been back for? sakshi very sweetly says you could have come to eat dinner. Karan burps. He again acts to be hurt / sad and goes to the bathroom. She is sad thinking that he dint eat anything at night whereas I ate so much. I should have called him once. He was hungry and roaming for no reason while I slept here peacefully.

Latika apologizes to Tulika about yesterday. All things said and done they promise to meet sooner next time. Latika ends the call and finds Sakshi standing there. Sakshi is confused. Latika wants to talk to her over something. Sakshi too wants the same. Yesterday when I and ma came home then your friends left. Is it because of ma (that they left)? Latika interrupts her. Do you think that in this whole house it is only you who is worried for mom? Do you think what all I did has insulted mom? For your kind information there was a reason behind whatever I did. I dint want mom to feel embarrassed. Its very easy to say I shouldn’t have done what I did. But think if she would have sat here with my high class friends and when she wouldn’t be able to understand even a word then how insulting would it have been for her! Think how small she would feel! Sakshi tries to explain her point but Sharda calls out for her. sharda tells her to let it be. We shouldn’t look back the past but at the future. Latika is right. What would I have said to them? They are modern girls who talk in English. I would have felt weird. Latika dint do anything wrong. Latika thanks her for understanding her. She asks Sakshi if everything is clear now. She leaves from there contended. Sakshi looks at Sharda who doesn’t look happy at all but smiles for Sakshi’s sake.

Precap: Karan is talking to his friends on phone. You know I dint want to get married but had to do it because of dad. Though I tried till the end so that it doesn’t happen but my bad luck. Now I am tied for the whole life. But I wont give up so easily. I am a free bird and I will definitely get my freedom. He looks at the mirror and is shocked to see Sakshi standing by the door.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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