Ek Nayi Pehchan 7th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 7th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 7th April 2014 Written Update

Sakshi is arranging her clothes when an album falls down. It has pictures of Sakshi and Sharda together which leaves her smiling. She recalls how she had told Sharda Ma about selfie’s with pout and other expressions. Sharda thanks Sakshi for since she has come in her life she has started acting / feeling like a kid. I stay very happy all the time. Stay with me like my (best) friend always. Sakshi cannot hide anything from her Ma. Our relationship is not this weak that it cannot take a truth. I will tell her everything.

Latika is upset as the client is not at all ready to even listen to her. This is the first time when I have lost a client. It is all because of your Karan. He asks her to relax which pisses her all the more. Sakshi looks at them from the balcony above and he too looks at her. Latika observes them. You anyways have your concentration in romance rather than work. I had already told you to stay at home and enjoy your newly married life but you chose to come to office. Now that you are coming to office and handling work but if you will continue to work with this attitude then all of us will have to shut down our office and sit at home. Sharda tries to say something but Latika doesn’t let her. She walks away in a huff. Karan asks his mom if he did something wrong. That client has done fraud once. He can repeat it right! What’s the guarantee that someone who has been wrong in their past wont be wrong in their future? Sharda understands his point but tells him that he should have spoken to Latika once before making any decision. Karan is irked thinking as to why can’t he make a decision on his own. Sharda suggests him to talk to his sister calmly she would understand. He agrees. Sakshi has been listening to everything intently from upstairs and looks worried.

Karan comes to talk to Sakshi. He apologizes for yesterday. You were looking very beautiful yester night. I was about to wake you up but dint. She cuts him off by saying that she is going to help Ma in kitchen. Karan feels that Sakshi is very angry with him. But no worries I know how to make it up to her.

Suresh asks Sharda if Karan and Latika’s fight is over. She denies but is sure it will sort out very soon. He nods. I am sure they both will start taking their work more seriously then ever before. She tells him about her and Diya’s accident. Aditya saved us and he seemed quite a great guy. He got hurt while saving us so I brought him here at our house. He is new to this city and has come here for some work. She shares the name of his company (Suresh helps her in saying it correctly). Sakshi was coming there but stops outside to hear their convo. Suresh wants to thank Aditya personally for he has saved their lives. Invite him over. He is happy upon knowing she has already done that which leaves Sakshi surprised.

Sharda is working in the kitchen. Sakshi wants to tell her but before that Sharda asks her to dial a number which is written on her diary’s last page. Sakshi dials it and is shocked to hear Aditya’s voice. Sharda takes the phone. She confirms his dinner invitation. He agrees to come. Sharda wonders who will say he has lived abroad for years. He is so good and has so good values. Let us finish this work as I have to go to my school too.

Latika is checking the report Karan has made. She throws it away calling it useless. He challenges her saying this is perfectly right. You haven’t done your homework nicely. Suresh comes in the cabin. Latika lectures Karan on his zero business sense. Suresh interrupts her. I am sorry to say but this time you are wrong. Latika looks taken aback. Suresh supports Karan’s decision. If we would have taken forward the deal with that company then we might have to bear many losses in future. There is no place for personal emotions in business. But Karan you will have to understand things very deeply. I will teach you. Suresh leaves with Karan while Latika stands there rooted in complete surprise.

At night, Karan tells Sakshi how dad explained Lattu Di her fault. For the first time dad has understood my point I am so happy. He asks her how is she feeling and she answers positively. She tells him she is fine and gets up to go but he stops her. I have brought something for you – your favoutire chocolates. She doesn’t want to eat but he takes out one requesting her very sweetly to eat for his sake. She is about to take a bit when Sharda comes there to tell her about Aditya’s arrival. Karan is also eager to meet him. Sharda feels they can be great friends. Don’t fight with your sister in front of the guest. He agrees. Sakshi looks uncomfy. Sharda leaves after telling them both to come down fast. They nod. Karan holds out his hand for Sakshi which she willingly takes.

Sharda introduces Aditya to Suresh and Latika. Aditya speaks very nicely which goes down well with Suresh. Aditya notices Karan and Sakshi coming downstairs while holding each other’s hands. Sharda introduces Aditya to Karan. They all decide to have food now.

Sharda narrates the incident to everyone again and how scared she was when she saw the car approaching them but luckily Aditya saved us. Karan thanks Aditya and so does Latika. He says I was mesmerised when I saw these 2 beautiful ladies. I don’t know when the car came and hit me. They all laugh at his version. Suresh and Latika nod at each other. Suresh talks about his company. Aditya has been promoted thrice in last two years. The company is doing well internationally. He talks well about Suresh’s business too. Suresh invites him to come visit his Indian office too (tomorrow). Karan is caressing Sakshi’s hand but she pulls it back which leaves him smiling. Aditya invites himself for coffee. Sakshi pours some curry for Karan but it overflows. She apologizes to him for the same. Aditya notcies her expressions throughout. He praises Sharda’s cooking skills. He is so surprised that he calls Sakshi by her name but then asks Karan’s permission to use her first name. Karan allows. He compliments Sakshi and then Karan for getting a life partner like Sakshi. Karan is more than happy to receive this compliment. Sakshi brings Gulabjamun. Sharda asks Aditya to eat them as Sakshi has made them. Aditya speaks out that gulabjamun is Sakshi’s favorite. Everyone gives confused / surprised looks while Sakshi looks worried. Sharda observes her. Aditya tactically calls them everyone’s favorite and they all seem to make peace with it. Dinner is done. Suresh suggests to have a convo in the living room so they all get up to go. Sakshi is not pleased with it. Karan teases Sakshi if Aditya’s magic has worked on her as well. Sakshi is speechless.

Aditya takes his leave from everyone. He will be going to their office tomorrow for sure. He also promises to come back to have food here again. Karan thanks him once again and they share a hug. He looks at Sakshi who shoots daggers at him. Karan goes to drop him till outside. Latika calls Aditya a charmer. He can make any client agree to anything that he says. I think we should hire him. Sakshi is shocked. Suresh agrees with Latika. Find out how much he is paid and offer him more than that. Suresh will be reaching office late tomorrow and asks Latika to handle things till then. She nods.

Karan has brought gifts for Sakshi and asks her to open it. She is lost so he does it for her. She cannot help but recall what Aditya had told her about hiding about her past from her in-laws as it might create problems for her. Karan finds her lost somewhere. Are you hiding something from me? She declines. I have a headache. He is concerned for her and makes her sit. I will get balm for her. She tells him she is not upset with him. You have been doing so much since the morning to brighten my mood but I am not angry with you at all. She starts crying which upsets him. He very sweetly wipes her tears and tells her to rest. She thanks him as he helps her lying down to sleep. I will take you out tomorrow so that your mood changes for good. She nods.

Next morning, Sakshi and Karan are going somewhere. He has taken her out for shopping. He has already invited her friends to give her company. She is not very much feeling like doing shopping today but he makes her agree to it. Aditya is talking to someone on his phone and is quite nearby to where they both are standing but they don’t see each other.

Sakshi and Aditya both enter the same shop. Karan forgot as to where he kept the car keys. Did I keep them in Sakshi’s bag? He too goes inside. Sakshi is checking out the clothes and so is Aditya. Karan walks in and starts looking for Sakshi.

Both Sakshi and Aditya like the same kurta and call out for the attendant. He is surprised that when he was trying to look for her he couldn’t find her and now she is meeting him at every place. She asks him as to what he is doing here. She doesn’t want to talk to him but he does. He holds her hand and she warns him not to so he lets go. I have to talk something very important to you. We have so many things to clear. Trust me I have no intention of coming back in your life. She points out that he has cheated him once and can do that again as well so no point of trusting you. How do I believe that you have not come back in my life to create problems for me? He agrees he has made a mistake. I left your side when you had left everything behind to be with me. Karan is looking for Sakshi. I agree I realized it quite late but atleast I did realise it! Karan finds the car key in his hankerchief. He gets a call from some Sharma ji and agrees to reach asap. Aditya wants to apologize to Sakshi for what he did. Sakshi’s friends cal; out for her so she goes from there and he too pretends to be looking at the kurta but looks exasperated otherwise.

Suresh is looking for a file when Sharda comes there. She keeps talking to him about Latika and Karan’s tiff while he is engrossed in finding his file. He loses his cool. I don’t have any other work than sorting out the fights amongst the kids. The one who is responsible for it does not have time. No one in this family is worried over anything or anyone here. He finds some books in his almirah and throws them in the bin along with the award which he had received recently (given out by Sharda). She is shocked to see this and points it out to him. He understands what she was thinking but then continues searching for his file. She asks him what is written over that file and he tells her along with the color of the file. You are asking as if you will find it just like that by reading out the name. Focus on the color grey. She too starts looking for the file and reads the tag out loud for him asking him if this is what he has been looking for. He is not happy with what just happened but then diverts it. This is your real work – staying at home and keeping things arranged. This is what you do best. Don’t know how come you are so interested in studies all of a sudden. You think I am happy by receiving that award from you in front of those 100 people? I would be happy when you will handle this house, our kids. If you would have given me this award earlier then it would hold some value as you were an ideal housewife back then. But now you are not that even after indulging in your studies. Logically women fulfill their desires of studies and all in their parents house not in their husband’s. He leaves from there and she is hurt by his words but continues with her work.

Sharda is feeding pigeons in the garden when Sakshi comes there. She notices her sad mood and asks her about it. Sharda says when a girl is unmarried she is told to fulfill all her dreams and desires at her husband’s house and when she is married, her in-laws tell her that she should have done all that at her parents’ home. I don’t understand which one is a girl’s home! One thing that I have understood is that a girl should give up her old habits, likes after her marriage as present gets suffocated because of the past. Sakshi thinks her to be right. I have no right to hurt everyone because of my past. It is good if I don’t tell anyone about Aditya. Sakshi agrees with her but also explains her point to her. Studying is not one of your likes but it is your right. A person might or might not have his own home but he has to have his own identity. Sharda nods in understanding.

Latika shows Aditya around their office. Aditya praises their office. Suresh offers him a job with double salary. Aditya asks for some time to think it over. He has some work so he excuses himself. Karan asks his dad if he dint give too big an offer to Aditya. Suresh is sure they will get greater returns but Karan doesn’t feel so. Latika praises Suresh for realising Aditya’ worth. This comes with experience. Latika is happy when her dad agrees with her.

Lata brings a bouquet for Sakshi. Someone left it for you. Sakshi reads out the card. She is asked to come to Zodiac restaurant in the evening. The sender wants to talk to her to sort out all the things. Don’t know what all Karan is doing when he is not at fault. It is me who is wrong as I am turning my face away from the present by staying in the past. I should not do so. I should go to meet Karan.

Aditya is waiting for his driver when Karan too comes outside. He is smiling to himself while messaging Sakshi. Aditya looks at him and strikes a conversation with him. It must be so boring to work full day in office when you are newly married. Karan replies naively. Aditya makes him his friend. You should not be away from your wife for even a second just like I and my girlfriend were. We were crazy for each other. we used to be on phones when we used to be away from each other. Karan asks about his girlfriend. Aditya says she got married to someone else. Leave my sad story tell me is your marriage a love marriage or an arranged one? Karan replies it was an arranged married. We got married even though I dint want to. First we became friends and now fell into love. Aditya affirms that love happens after all. He gets a call from someone and disconnects it. It was a client. Karan asks him his viewpoint on dad’s offer. Will you join us? Aditya answers in positive. I am anyways doing my job but here I will get to work with my own people. Suresh and Latika come out and see Karan. You are still here? Karan shares the good news with him about Aditya joining their business. Suresh and Latika are pleased with the news and welcome him. They send Karan for the meeting.

Sakshi buys flowers for Karan while she in on her way to the restaurant. She reaches the restaurant and takes a seat but is shocked when Aditya sits on the seat opposite her. She realises he sent that note and bouquet. He knows she loves Karan and vice versa. I have no intention of coming in between you two. She wants to know why he called her here. He asks her to sit down to let him explain his point. I have brought the gifts which you had given to me when we were in a relationship. I don’t have any right to keep them with me now that you are married. I could have used them against you if I had wanted to but I don’t want to lose my friend, i.e., you. Sakshi holds the gifts from the other end. Karan enters the restaurant just then and looks at them from the distance confused as Sakshi takes those gifts from Aditya.

Precap: Aditya tells Sakshi he hasn’t come to create problems in her married life. I think of you as my friend and a friend wont want to harm his friend which is why I have returned your gifts to you so that you don’t even get a thought that I have come here to create havoc in your relations. Karan is confused what is Sakshi doing here with Aditya.

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