Ek Nayi Pehchan 6th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Lathika asking Aditya to cook his dishes fast. Aditya says he is preparing paneer with olive oil and will prepare it soon. Sakshi thinks she will trouble him as he troubled me. She asks him if he adding olive oil on paneer. He says olive oil is good for health and asks her to pass olive oil bottle. She picks bottle and drops it purposefully. She asks him sorry for dopping it. Aditya says it is ok. She asks him to give her some coal. Aditya says he can give his life for her. She says she does not need his life and just needs coal. She takes coal and olive oil bottle. She asks her friends to bring mustard oil from her bag and replaces olive oil with mustard oil. She asks her friend to give mustard oil bottle as olive oil to Adiktya saying Sakshi gave it. Aditya takes it and thanks Sakhsi. He adds mustard oil in his paneer dish. Sakshi asks her friends to help her cook the disk fast. Aditya asks Lathika and his other friends to check his world’s best paneer recipe. Lathika tastes it and says it is bitter. Aditya squeezes lemon in it. Lathika tries it and says it bitter again, she says he will lose this round also. Sakshi calls Lathika and Prateek to taste her dish. Lathika tastes her dish and says it is amazing. She announces Karan’s team won this round. Sakshi address Aditya and says with new bareque grill, food wont become tasty, good recipe and ingredients make food tasty.

Sakshi sees Karan sad near the lake. She asks him sorry and says she should not fight with him and will not do any mistake. Karan says she repeats her mistake often and asks her why did she bring coal from him. Sakshi says Aditya was trying to insult you, so she did that. She asks him not to fight again. Karan says she is fighting instead. She says she is trying to make him happy and he is trying to hurt her. Aditya hears their conversation.

Sakshi prays god and says she is trying to go near Karan, but he is going far from her, she prays to get back her love. Aditya comes and touches her shoulder. She thinks him as Karan and hugs him emotionally. Karan sees them together and gets angry. He shouts at Aditya. Sakshi realizes she hugged Aditya. Karan asks Aditya how dare he is to touch his wife and says he is there for her. Karan says whenver Sakshi needed you, you were away from her and says he is a blo*dy loser. Karan starts beating Aditya. Lathika and others come there. Sakshi asks Karan to stop but gets pushed by him. Karan then gets worried about Sakshi and helps her get up and walk. Lathika asks Karan to take care of Sakshi and goes from there. Sakshi says she did not know it was Aditya and not him. He says he knows that. She sees him injured and says she will apply ice. He says he is fine and goes from there.

Lathika sees Aditya packing his bag and asks him why did he fight with Karan. Aditya asks her to check with brother and goes from there. Lathika asks Karan to fight with Aditya in office and not here. Karan’s friend says let us lighten the mood with music and dance. The all dance on song Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram.

Suresh gets dizzy after a heart attack and falls down. Sharda and daadi sees him and help him. Daadi asks Sharda to call doctor. She reads the diary, calls doctor and informs him about Suresh’s illness. Doctor says he will need one hour to reach there and asks her to give him a particular medicine. Sharda checks Suresh’s medicine but canot read it. Daadi asks Sharda to check doctor again. Sharda calls doctor, but his phone is out of reach. Daadi asks to call children then. Sharda calls Lathika and Karan, but their phone is out of reach. She then calls Sakshi, but Sakshi is busy dancing and does not pick her call. Daadi asks Sharda not to give medicine if she cannot read its name, but Sharda gives it by partially reading medicine name. Suresh still does not get up after taking medicine. Daadi scolds her thinking she gave wrong medicine and says if children would have been here, they would have taken her to hospital and asks why did she sent them to picnic.

Precap: Doctor checks Suresh. Daadi says she warned Sharda not to give him medicine, but she gave it herself. Sharda shows medicine to doctor and asks if she gave right medicine.

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  1. a bad show….this karan and shakshi ..omg..they have no chemistry.they look like siblings…

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