Ek Nayi Pehchan 5th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sharda picks up the watch and looks at it in shock. She recalls her convo with Pallavi in that shop. She was told by Pallavi that she is buying it for her husband (who means the world to her). Suresh looks worried. She asks him about the watch. He lies to her that he has bought it for Karan. She tells him that it is the same watch which Pallavi had bought. Has she gifted it to you? He retorts back at her. You mean I am having an affair with someone and I am cheating you? It isn’t your fault but mine that I couldn’t make you believe. Look at my age. Can I put my family, my reputation, my name at stake at this age for another woman? She shakes her head. He pretends to be disgusted with her. You wont believe it if I will tell anything to you. Doubts have no end and it is an incurable disease. I am sad that you trust our marriage this little only. And do you think that this is the only piece available of this watch? He shows her a website from where anyone can buy the same watch anytime they please. Did you know it? She shakes her head. He scolds her for blaming him without knowing anything. I had called my friend (shows her the call list) whom I had told to buy this watch for Karan. Whatever you see is not always right. Eyes only see what we humans want to see. I am ashamed to call you my wife today. How could you even think of this? You have hurt me deeply today. I feel like not even looking at your face from today onwards. He takes his coat and walks out of the room. I am going out and you can think whatever you want to. Suresh realises that he will have to be very careful now. Sharda even knows Pallavi’s name now. She will have to leave from Mumbai asap. Sharda feels bad for Suresh. He is right. There can be so many similar watches in the market. My faith was so shallow that I doubted him. What has happened to me that I am thinking like that? He also walked out of the house at this hour. It is entirely my fault.

Suresh is lost in his thoughts. Pallavi understands that he is too much stressed because of his work. Suresh affirms that he will get the results of what he has done after all. Pallavi is confused. He corrects that he was talking about his investments at various places. She still doesn’t understand his meaning. He asks her about her plans of going back to Jamshedpur. You are getting calls from your office and your clients. When are you thinking of going back? She has already cancelled her return tickets, which shocks him. She will take care of her meetings later on. Business is not everything after all. I want to spend some quality time with you and my friends who are here in Mumbai. I miss you a lot. He reciprocates her love though he is worried that he will have to be very much alert for the next 5-6 days.

Sharda is sitting in the lobby. She is sad for mistrusting her husband which forced him to walk out of the house in a huff. Latika comes there but Sharda is still lost in her thoughts. Latika has come to give some files to her dad. He is so busy nowadays that he doesn’t come to office so I thought to drop by. Sharda tells her that he isn’t home which surprises Latika. How would you know if I don’t know? Who is this client with whom dad is busy since last so many days? She hands over the files to Sharda and leaves for her home. Sharda again feels sad that Suresh works so hard for his family’s happiness and I acted like that.

Pallavi wants to see Suresh’s office. He lies about some renovation work happening at his office. Wherever I go to attend meetings becomes my office. She complains about wearing the same old necklace to some party. You were going to get me a new necklace right? He remembers how Sharda got that necklace by mistake. He tells her that the jeweller went out of town and I forgot about it later on. She feels that he might forget her as well. He denies. That day can never come. You will get that necklace very soon. she gets happy. Suresh calls his jeweller asking him to make a similar necklace. But don’t deliver it at home this time. Pallavi questions him about it. He explains that he is not at home most of the times and you cannot trust servants as the necklace is quite costly. I will pick it up on my own. Pallavi hugs him out of happiness. Suresh is finding it difficult to manage two lives, two homes. They leave for the party.

Sakshi comes to Sharda who is waiting for Suresh. I thought to finish this saree in the meanwhile. Sakshi loves what she is doing. It looks simple and I too feel like doing it. sharda replies that it looks simple but is has to be done very carefully. One mistake and everything will go wrong. Sakshi compares it with life and relations. She credits Sharda for making her learn all these intelligent stuff. Sharda starts teaching her on her insistence. Sakshi gets a message from Karan which says ‘emergency’. Sakshi replies playfully to call an ambulance. She fumbles when Sharda asks her about it. Karan wasn’t able to find a file and I have told him where to look for it. Sharda jokes that people forget their stuff in the first year of their marriage. She asks Sakshi to concentrate. Karan comes downstairs and calls Sakshi to help him. Sharda allows Sakshi to go. Karan sweetly thanks his mom when Sakshi leaves.

Karan and Sakshi share some cute moments.

Next morning, Sharda wakes up and is worried that Suresh isn’t home yet. He had to spend the night outside because of me. don’t know how he will be! She decides to call him. His number is out of coverage area. She gets all the more worried, tries again but in vain. She regrets her mistake.

Pallavi puts roses in a vase while Suresh is sleeping. He holds her hand as she is going away and talks sweetly to her. Pallavi wants him to do some things for her today – shopping, visiting friends, movie and romantic candle light dinner. He is worried as he looks at the watch while she is still thinking. He has an urgent meeting to attend to but she is insistent so he agrees finally.

Pallavi’s taxi has broken down. Sharda was passing by from there and stops to offer her lift. Pallavi declines as her husband has gone to get another taxi. Sharda suggests her to call her husband asking him to pick her up from the temple nearly. Pallavi likes the idea. She sits inside Sharda’s car and calls Suresh. Sharda misses seeing the wallpaper of Pallavi’s phone (Suresh’s photo). She tells Suresh that she is going to a nearby temple with my friend. You can come and pick me up from there. He gets curious about her friend. Who is this friend? She would surely have a name. Pallavi takes Sharda’s name. Suresh is not able to hear it because of the poor network. Pallavi tells Sharda that her husband is coming. They reach the temple. Meanwhile Suresh finds a taxi. Sharda explains the significance. Whatever is not written in your destiny can be made yours by coming to this temple. Pallavi questions what if that has already been written in someone else’s destiny? Suresh is on his way to the temple. Sharda leaves it on God. Epi ends on the split screen of Suresh and both the ladies.

Precap: Sharda and Pallavi go Ganpati’s aarti while Suresh too reaches the temple.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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