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Sharda tells Karan and Sakshi that Pallavi has very less time. They are sad to think that Pallavi dint share her pain with anyone. sharda reasons that a mother cannot see tears in her kids eyes. She wants us to come back in this house. Karan denies. it is more than enough that I am here right now after what all dad did to you. Sharda knows he did wrong but Pallavi had to bear the same pain. Think about her. This is her last wish which should be fulfilled. I have promised her that I will love her kids like my own. Rest its up to you to decide. She leaves from there. Karan cannot understand what to do. Sakshi says whatever has happened, is not good. We should talk to Shanaya as she is very upset. He nods.

Sharda gives medicine to Pallavi. Dadi comes to meet her. Pallavi tells her that she has always loved her. you tried to be distant but I was only getting all the more close to you. I felt good when you used to scold me or used to be angry with me but I don’t like your tears. Even Dadi doesn’t like this Pallavi (ill). Pallavi seeks apologies. Dadi tells her she isn’t at fault. My son is at fault. Pallavi says he is your son and Sharda’s husband. Pallavi calls him her past. But he is your and Sharda’s present and future. She apologizes to Sharda as well for creating upheaval in her life. You had to leave Suresh / Mahesh because of me. Sharda replies she dint come in between them as they were never together. I might have been his wife for this whole world but in reality I could not make a place for myself in his heart. She leaves from there sadly.

Karan and Sakshi come to Shanaya’s room. Shanaya isn’t happy to see them here. She tells them to get out but Karan sits down beside her. He understands her pain and is feeling sad too but Shanaya isn’t interested. I wont fall for your words like my mom fell for your mom’s words and I am never going to give her my mom’s place in my life. Karan tries to talk to her but she tells him off. They both leave from the room while Shanaya continues to cry. Karan is sad to see her state.

Karan and Sakshi ask Pallavi about her health. She tells them to bring their stuff in this house. You too will stay here. I want to see my whole family together when I close my eyes. Sharda’s kids are just like my kids for me. Shanaya hears this and is upset. Pallavi wants this from them as it is her last wish. They are at a loss of words. Shanaya comments that they both must be very happy because of her mom’s illness. After all you guys will come back here to rule this house. Karan politely requests her to think about her ill mom right now instead of thinking about their motives. Your mom is like my mom for me. if she wants us to return here then we will surely come back. Shanaya leaves unhappily while Karan goes to inform Latika about the same.

Karan brings all his luggage in Modi House. Suresh is surprised to see him here with all his stuff. Karan tells him that he has returned here as his mom had asked him to. He heads towards his room. Suresh gets upset. This is my home. Can anyone tell me what’s happening here? Chirag and Aarav leave for their room. Dadi tells Suresh that Pallavi has called Sharda, Karan and Sakshi here to stay. Suresh is shocked. Dadi tells him that maybe she is trying to rectify his mistakes. He should be thankful to both the ladies. Suresh continues talking about how everyone is trying to run “his” house as per their wish.

Sakshi, Karan, Dadi, Chirag and Aarav are eating breakfast. Suresh is irked for he hasn’t got his tea yet. Latika talks about some client. He tells her against it. he wants to handle it on his own. She answers him aptly. You have already done whatever you had wanted to. Atleast let me try now. If you don’t want to arrange for the money then divide this house and company between us. Shanaya praises her idea. Mom thought of donating money to you guys and here you are making plans about it for real. Latika tells her to mind her tongue. Shanaya is as always in no mood to listen. Latika talks about her hard work. I have given my whole life to it. you are enjoying the luxuries of the business for which I have worked all my life. This house is also made from that money. Shanaya continues replying rudely but Sharda stops her. Shanaya doesn’t want any of her lectures. Latika calls Shanaya rude and ill mannered. Sharda tries to make her understand her sister’s pain but Latika points out that SHanaya is not her sister. Sharda makes it a point that they are one family even if they want to accept this fact or not. Pallavi wants this family to be together always for which we all will have to make some efforts. Suresh mocks her. All this is happening because of you. I dint knew that you are such a good actor. You left this house but kept coming here on some pretext or other and slowly made my fall from my own mother’s eyes. Shanaya is happy. I wanted to auction this house but you stopped it which aggravated my business problems. Pallavi used to hate you but don’t know what you did to her that she transferred everything in your name instead of me. You did all this to get this house and property, right? Everyone is shocked. I never thought that you can stoop so low. He walks away from there in a huff. Sharda is hurt by his words. Pallavi recalls Sharda’s words as to how they (Sharda-Suresh) were never close.

Sharda takes her bag and is heading towards the main door as she recalls Suresh’s words. Pallavi stops her. Sharda tells her she will not be able to fulfil her promise. I cannot stay in this house. I cannot let anyone hurt my self respect. Pallavi had thought her to be very strong but she is very weak. I heard everything that Mahesh said to you. You are leaving your rights because of the man who ruined your life. He just said some harsh words to you and you are all set to leave? He has no right to insult you like this. He has never given you the respect that he should have actually given to you. He did wrong with all of us. We should teach him how to respect women. You will have to be in this house with me to teach him a lesson. Will you support me Sharda? Sharda looks at her in confusion.

Latika comes to meet Pallavi as she had called her there. Shanaya shouts at Latika for following her mom everywhere. Latika has no time to waste on her and tells her thus. Pallavi stops them. She has called both of them here. Go and apologize to Sharda. Latika explains her point of view. Plus dad was not completely wrong. You gave the responsibility of handling this whole business on mom without thinking? I understand that mom is talented and very creative but that doesn’t mean that I will make her a businesswoman. You need a lot more than talent and creativity to handle a business. I am fit enough to handle it. I have put my whole life into it. Pallavi yet again tells them to go and apologize to Sharda. Suresh scolded Sharda because of them only. Latika tells her that it isn’t new. Mom is used to being scolded by dad. Trust me she wouldn’t have felt bad. Both Latika and Shanaya walk away from there.

Pallavi finds Suresh in the living room. He is glad that she has finally decided to talk to him. He asks about her health. Have I become a stranger for you? He keeps his hand on her hand but she moves her hand away. you were never mine. It should be more than enough for you that I am alive. I haven’t come here to discuss all this. I want you to apologize to Sharda. He is surprised. She reasons that he shouldn’t have scolded Sharda in front of the kids. How will they respect her if he himself disrespects her? He replies that respect cannot be forced. If they don’t respect her then what can I do? You blame me for everything all the time. I said the truth to Sharda. Don’t know what has she done to you that you have started trusting her and her words more than anyone else. She started studying for a while and thinks of herself to be greater than all of us. Don’t know why you decided to transfer everything in her name. Pallavi has decided on her own reasons and she knows it all well. Suresh retorts that she would agree that Sharda deserves this much insult. She is shocked by his bluntness and rudeness. Sakshi has overheard their convo.

Precap: Sakshi tells Pallavi that she too used to feel bad for Sharda Ma when she had come here after her wedding. She couldn’t say anything to her FIL as she is just a DIL. Pallavi has a plan. She has already shared it with Sharda. She just tells her to be ready tomorrow. sakshi nods.

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