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Sharda thinks that she should tell everyone about her condition. It hurts a lot when old relations break. You cannot leave your children in pain like this. Tell them so that they can share their pain with their mother. Pallavi knows she is being selfish but she cannot see her death in her children’s eyes every day. Sharda nods. I have to leave as Karan and Sakshi must be waiting for me. Pallavi requests her not to go. this isn’t home but your temple. Your memories are attached with this house. Don’t go please. This is your house. Sharda composes herself. My relation with this house was because of someone and now that we don’t share any such relation then how this is this house mine now. I cannot do a drama that everything is same like before. I can never come back in this house. Pallavi agrees that Mahesh did wrong to her but somehow intentionally a new relation has been formed – between you and me. please come back in this house for this relation. We couldn’t talk properly at hospital. You have handled things so well. Even I might not have been able to do all that. Shanaya made so many mistakes yet you forgave her and supported her. you have a big heart. I could never become a mother like you. You have brought your kids so well. You have given them very good values which I couldn’t give to my kids. My kids will be all broken once I am gone. Will you accept my kids? Will you become their mother? Sharda is in a dilemma. The kids aren’t to be blamed as they are going to lose the most precious thing of their life. What would have my kids gone through if they had to face a situation like this? They would need her mother always. No, I cannot leave those kids alone. Pallavi continues to request her. sharda replies that some relations are formed unintentionally. Maybe this is what’s written in my fate or we wouldn’t have crossed each other’s paths. I will never differentiate between yours or my kids. I promise I will become their mother. Pallavi is overwhelmed by Sharda accepting her request and holds her hands gratefully. Sharda has a condition. Pallavi will have to share the truth with everyone. You have already been through so much. I don’t want that this pain takes your life away from you. Tell everyone. Pallavi denies. I can bear this pain but I cannot see the sadness / helplessness on my kids faces. I cannot do this. Both the ladies are in tears.

Door bell rings. Shanaya was leaving with her luggage but goes to check who has come. Someone from Advocate Patel’s office has come and meets Shanaya. He has brought some papers which were asked for by Pallavi. Shanaya takes them. She is shocked to know that her mom has divided her property in five parts – Shanaya, Aarav, Chirag, Latika and Karan. Now I am sure Sharda is filling mom’s ears. I wont leave this house until I get an explanation of all this.

Sharda comes out of Pallavi’s room. She takes leave from her MIL. Shanaya stops her. she shows her the property papers. She even tells about it to everyone all the while blaming Sharda for all of it. Everyone is shocked to know about the property division. Pallavi shocks them all by saying that she has done all this on her own will. Not just this, none of you can withdraw a single penny without Sharda’s signature. Another shocker for the family! Shanaya tries to explain her mom that she is falling for Sharda’s innocence. She isn’t that innocent. Throw her out of this house as she has ruined her life. Pallavi doesn’t budge. Shanaya tries to recall the old times when they all were happy together. This woman (Sharda) ruined everything. I just wish that she dies. Everyone is taken aback by her words while Pallavi shouts at Shanaya. She breaks into tears. Sharda stops Pallavi from reacting further. Pallavi apologizes to Shanaya who doesn’t want it from her. She (Sharda) should be sorry.

Shanaya observes the pain on the faces of both the ladies. She wants to know what’s happening. Pallavi wants to talk to both her kids. Aarav comes closer. Sharda gestures Pallavi to speak it out. Pallavi finally tells everyone about her illness. I don’t have much time. I am about to die because of bone cancer. Her kids are shattered to know this. Pallavi apologizes as she should have told all this to them long back but couldn’t. Shanaya isn’t ready to believe it. she runs off from there crying while Aarav hugs her mom. Dadi too sits down on the sofa sadly. Aarav too is heartbroken. Suresh wonders how all this happened. you could share it with Sharda and not me? Pallavi continues talking to her son. Suresh holds her by the shoulders still wanting to help her but she is in no mood to talk to him. She heads towards her room for she wants to be alone for a while.

Karan and Sakshi are worried for Sharda. Karan finally calls her. Sharda is with Dadi. Sharda tells him that she is at home (Modi House). Karan is confused as to what she is doing there. She tells him to come over with Sakshi. I will tell you everything when we meet. He agrees to come finally. He tells the same thing to Sakshi.

Pallavi asks Shanaya to open the door. She keeps on requesting her but Shanaya is in tears thinking about what she just got to know. Sharda makes Pallavi understand that Shanaya will take some time to accept the truth. She will come to you automatically when she would gain the strength to face this truth. Pallavi realises that Sharda was right. She should have told her kids long back. Their mom is in their lives for a very little time now. Sharda calms her down. You look tired and you should rest. Shanaya will come to you.

Dadi comes to talk to Aarav. She encourages him not to be weak. You are strong like your mom. Chirag brings water for him and Aarav is surprised by his gesture. He takes it from him and Chirag pats at his shoulder in an assuring manner.

Sharda makes Pallavi lie down. Shanaya is mature. She will understand things in time. She asks about Aarav and gets to know that Dadi and Chirag are at his side. pallavi is worried about Shanaya. Shanaya comes there just then wanting to talk to her mom alone. Sharda was about to go but Pallavi tells her to say it all in front of Sharda.

Shanaya sits down on the bed beside her mom. Why dint you share it with me earlier? Just don’t go mom. Don’t go leaving me and Aarav alone. She cries. We both need our mom. Please don’t go mom. We need you. Pallavi replies that they both wont be alone. Their Ma will be with them – their Sharda Ma. Shanaya declines outright. Pallavi stays put. Please accept Sharda as your mom. Shanaya denies. that’s just not possible. No one can take your place, no woman in this world can take your place. Pallavi can understand her pain but she has to go. you and Aarav will have to accept Sharda as your mom for my sake. Both the ladies share an emotional hug. Sharda places her hand on Shanaya’s shoulder which she brushes away. don’t you dare touch me. no one else can be my mom. She leaves from there in tears. Sakshi and Karan are standing by the door and are confused by what they just saw.

Precap: Pallavi tells Sharda that she is leaving her rights because of the man who ruined her life. He just said some harsh words to you and you are all set to leave? He did wrong with all of us. We should teach him how to respect women. You will have to be in this house with me to teach him a lesson. Will you support me Sharda? Sharda looks at her in confusion.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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