Ek Nayi Pehchan 3rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 3rd April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 3rd April 2014 Written Update

Sakshi has got cushion covers with her and Karan’s photo. Just then she gets a call from Karan. She is pleased when he calls her beautiful. He guesses all her movements and she cannot help herself from gushing every time. I cannot see anything beyond you so I know your exact reactions for every moment. He is coming back tonight. She gets excited but he wants to keep it a surprise. She agrees to keep it a secret. He is still waiting for his answer but she feigns ignorance. She doesn’t reply to his I love you and acts as if she cannot hear him.

Pratik comes to Modi House as Sharda had called him over. She is proud of him for hs values haven’t changed over a period of time. He calls it his problem – his old thinking. She encourages him for his thinking instead. One must think of mending things rather than breaking them or giving up on them. Latika is all set to leave with Pratik. Sharda knows she is always in a hurry. Think about what I have told you and no more fighting. Latika agrees. Sharda blesses the couple. Latika has to go leaving Diya here only as there is some plumbing work to be done at home. Sharda will drop her off to school. They both leave. Sharda prays that they get the strength to live their relation together. Bless them always!

Suresh is upset as he has to leave for his meeting but Sharda hasn’t set his clothes for him. She does it in two minutes. He points out that she could have done it in the night itself so he wouldn’t have to waste his time like this. He asks for Latika. Has she left? Sharda nods. Latika wasn’t ready to go but I have made her understand things. She hasn’t gone there to stay back yet but that too will happen. He is confused. Latika has gone to office right? Sharda tells him how Latika has left with Pratik though they have gone to get some work done at home. He is shocked / upset. He is angry with Sharda for she has sent Latika back to that loser’s home! Sharda tries to explain it to him but he is upset with Pratik for always blaming Latika for everything. You have taught enough cooking to Latika or you will make her useless like you only. You must have come to know the meaning of useless by now.

Suresh calls Latika and tells her something in mute. He wants her to come asap so she relents. She tells Pratik about their big conference today. Pratik isn’t too happy with it but has no choice.

Karan calls Sakshi. Can you send everyone out of home? Do something but please send everyone out somehow. She agrees to try and he ends the call after thanking her. Sakshi takes help from Lata (maid). Sakshi comes to Dadi’s room. There is a new golgappe vendor next to temple so I thought to tell you as I guess you like them very much. Dadi is hesitant due to her old age. What will people say? Sakshi talks about golgappe and lures Dadi who falls in the trap. Lata has already got an auto for her. Dadi leaves excitedly. Sakshi mentally apologizes to Dadi but I am doing all this for your grandson. I hope your surprise is good or else!

Sharda and Diya are waiting for any auto or taxi but all are full. The school is nearby so they decide to walk till there. Sharda is crossing the road but a car is speeding towards them. Suddenly a guy comes and pulls both of them. They are saved by luck but the guy is hurt. Sharda checks of Diya who is crying as she got scared. People rush to check on that guy. Sharda too goes to see if he is ok or not. Sharda notices he has been hurt on the hand / head. She also thanks him for saving them in time. He says when a mom is in trouble then a son will definitely come to help her. Sharda is impressed. He asks Diya if she is all right. She talks about his wounds but he calls himself superman. Sharda suggests him to come with her to her home so that she can do his first aid. He denies initially but then agrees as they both share common roots – Gujarat. He introduces himself as Aditya. He was in London since some time regarding some project and have come back here for the same project. He asks about what she has cooked at home and she lists out what all she has made today. All 3 of them start walking towards Modi House with him carrying Diya in his arms. He talks about coincidence and if she believes in it. Sharda has never given a thought to it. He says I had to go to come meeting but coincidentally met you guys and I am late now so maybe I was supposed to not go there maybe as I had to meet you people. She likes the way he talks. He is happy he will get to eat home cooked food.

Sakshi keeps a flower on that cushion which has their photo while Saiyaan re plays. Karan calls her again. He will be there in next ten minutes. She goes to change and get ready to welcome him. Sawaar Loon plays. She is about to apply vermillion when the doorbell rings. She leaves it and rushes to open the door thinking it to be Karan. Sakshi opens the door and is shocked to see Aditya. She remembers all the past incidents and how he had ditched her. He too is shocked to see her there.

Precap: Aditya is playing with Diya when Sakshi comes to ask her what he is doing here. He tells her to relax. I haven’t come here stalking at you with some big plan like it happens in films.

Update Credit to: pooja

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