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Suresh picks the landline phone. Sharda goes quiet as she hears his voice but then tells him it is her. She asks after his health. He calls out for Dadi who already knew that it would be Sharda. She dismisses Lata.

Suresh stops at a distance to overhear their convo. Dadi asks Sharda about her new home. Sharda talks well. She is missing her and Chirag. Dadi tells her everyone is alright. We are just giving assurances to each other as you know that this house is lifeless without you. Your pigeons are quiet too. Sharda is sure they too will get used to this change. She ends the call after telling her MIL to take care of her health. Suresh too goes from there.

Sakshi comes back and finds her Ma all sad. Why are you crying? Sharda says I was missing my pigeons. They don’t even know that I am not there anymore. Don’t know who will be taking care of them. sakshi is sure they will be fine. Your love is with them. I am sure everything will be fine one day. We should make something special today as it is our first day in our new home. Karan too would be coming. Sharda agrees.

Karan is filling a details form at the interview venue. He looks at the section named Father’s name and recalls how his dad had challenged him to make an identity of his own without using his name. He replaces Father’s Name with Mother’s Name and continues filling the form. He submits his form.

The receptionist identifies him to be Suresh Modi’s son. What are you doing here? He himself appreciates Karan’s attempt at being a self made man. He tells Karan to put Father’s Name in its rightful place. You will anyways get this job very easily as your dad is a well known man. Karan wants to keep it that way but the receptionist stays put. He takes his file and leaves saying I wont apply at a place where people think that a mom’s name shouldn’t be added in a form like this. Dad’s name is not everything.

At night, everyone is having dinner. Suresh asks for butter. Pallavi gives him butter but he asks for white butter and almost takes Sharda’s name. Everyone notices this. Pallavi leaves from there upset. Suresh doesn’t know what to do.

Karan comes home. Sharda is sleeping. Sakshi asks about his job. He keeps quiet so she understands that it dint work out. She boosts him up saying he will get a very good job soon. He is sad. Dadi told me to take care of both her daughters but I am not able to do anything. Mom is sleeping on sofa and you have to sleep on the floor. I couldn’t do anything for you two. Sharda wakes up and listens to them. Sakshi tells him not to talk like this. It was just your first day. Don’t lose hope. We will give you chance to do so much for us. He is scared what if he fails but she encourages him. go freshen up as I have made special dinner for you tonight.

She makes him sit on the floor. She laughs saying that mom has taught you to walk but I am teaching you how to sit. He realises that comfort spoils people. I was so used of dining table that I forgot how to sit on the floor. He tells her to make him eat. Sharda closes her eyes before they can see. They both feed each other. Sharda thinks that even shadow leaves you when in dark but Sakshi isn’t a shadow. She is that light which will never let darkness enter in my son’s life.

Pallavi takes her pillow and is about to go when Suresh stops her. She taunts him. You remember my name? You only chant one name which is Sharda. He apologizes to her. She doesn’t find it strange. You aren’t cheating me from now. Its been 36 years so this name will anyways be in your mind all the time. He tries to stop her but she is going to Aarav’s room. Things haven’t changed only for Sharda but for everyone. The only difference is that Sharda’s new life is starting outside this house while mine is starting right here. Suresh stands there confused / sad.

Next morning, Pallavi is talking to her lawyer regarding Suresh’s properties. Suresh comes asking for his files. Lata goes to bring it. He gets a call from someone and tells him / her that he will be there in next 5 minutes. Door bell rings. Police has come to arrest Suresh which leaves everyone shocked. Suresh tries to talk to the Commissioner but Inspector tells him that it will add more charges against him (of defying the police). Suresh asks what crime has he committed. Inspector tells him that he has committed bigamy by marrying twice. He shows him the warrant based on which he can arrest him. Suresh is yet again not allowed to call his lawyer. He is angry for they are behaving this way with a respectable person. Inspector clearly tells him off. Suresh finally leaves with them. Aarav is worried for his dad and asks about the same to his mom.

Sharda’s finger gets cut while she is cutting veggies. Sakshi nurses her wound. Sharda is feeling restless today which even Sakshi has observed. Sharda only hopes that everything is fine.

Pallavi tells her lawyer to do something but he cannot do anything as the charges are very strong. Pallavi hasn’t registered this complaint. She gives her lawyer Suresh’s lawyer’s number.

Sharda is still feeling uneasy so she decides to call her MIL. Dadi tries not to tell or show anything to Sharda as they talk but Sharda can still feel that something is wrong. She can sense it from her MIL’s voice. Dadi lies that she has a sore throat. Sharda tells her to get ginger tea from Lata. Sharda asks for Chirag. Dadi replies that everyone is alright. Sakshi comes there just when Sharda asks after Suresh. Dadi again lies that he has gone to office. Sharda feels relaxed and ends the call. Dadi is in tears. Sakshi explains that her attachment with that house and its relations is right. But if you will be tied in them only then how will you move forward? You have to move ahead to give a new identity to Sharda. Sharda is ready for it. They are heading to some factory today. It is a big day for them! Sharda wants to go alone. I have decided that from today onwards I will do all my work on my own. You have been with me in every step as my Guru. Now it is time to prove that this student can do everything by herself. Trust me I won’t let your trust break. Sakshi has full faith in her.

Dadi recalls how Pallavi gave him court orders and now Suresh has been arrested by the police. She tells Lata to take her to Pallavi. Lata obliges.

Pallavi turns and is shocked to see her. She was coming to meet her only. It is time for your medicine. She tells Lata to bring it. She assures Dadi that she has spoken to their lawyer. Suresh will be out soon. Dadi questions her as to why is she in a rush to get him out of jail. Pallavi replies that he is her husband. Dadi shares that she is sure that she only has registered a complaint against him. Pallavi denies doing anything like that. I don’t have to give you an explanation anyways as you wont believe me. it will be good if you don’t get involved in any of this. You can go and rest. She gives her her medicines but Dadi throws it off. It will become poison if I take it from you. You came in this house by force but you will never be able to make a place for yourself in my heart. Sharda is my DIL and will remain thus till my last breath. The value of relations is from Sharda only. If she was here then nothing like this would have happened. Pallavi tells her clearly that neither is she Sharda nor does she have inkling to be like Sharda. Medicines are important for you. Rest its up to you. She goes from there after telling Lata to make sure that Dadi takes her medicines.

Suresh is in police station. His lawyer comes too. He assures him that he will get the papers ready. Suresh wants to get out of here asap. I never thought that I will be here one day. He cannot understand as to who has registered a complaint against him. His lawyer answers that in these cases generally it is done by the first wife only. Suresh looks at him in shock. Pallavi!?

Precap: Many women are brought to the police station as they were protesting. Sharda has been brought along with the group. She tries to explain that she isn’t one of them. I had gone to ask them something. My kids will be very much worried at home. Lady Constable tells her to look there (where the inspector is seated). She turns and is shocked to see Suresh sitting there.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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