Ek Nayi Pehchan 30th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 30th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 30th April 2014 Written Update

Karan walks in his room angrily with Sakshi following him. She tries to talk to him but he is really angry at her for saying things on her own. She is really sorry but he thinks himself to be wrong for trusting her. Now Aditya has got this client as well. Sharda was coming there to talk to them but stops to hear their convo. Karan is now sure Sakshi wanted this only. Sakshi agrees she has made a mistake but it doesn’t mean that you will bring Aditya between us in everything. He justifies himself saying he is doing that as Aditya is actually between them. You must be happy that he was happy with your presentation. He even clapped for you. Sakshi and Sharda are taken aback. Sakshi reminds him that that presentation was his only but Karan doesn’t buy it as she changed the facts because of which they lost. Anyways you shouldn’t be upset but celebrating. Sakshi is really hurt by his words. Do you even realise what you are saying? He knows he is saying the truth which is very bitter in reality. He walks away from there. Sharda is worried for her kids.

Latika tells her mom that she and Diya will leave as soon as Pratik will come. She sits down for dinner and notices that Sakshi is not around. She is told that Sakshi is taking care of Karan as he is unwell. Sharda appreciates Latika for her work. Suresh boasts about Aditya and so does Latika. Sharda asks Suresh to think about it one more time as Karan worked really hard on it even though he was not well but Suresh is not interested. This is a business decision. Why do you talk about things you don’t understand? Chirag adds fuel to the fire. Mom was asking me loads many questions about my computer’s project. Suresh tells Sharda to mind her own business. Suresh agrees Karan did good work but he lacks smartness. Dadi takes Karan’s side. He has everything (all the qualities) but he was ill today which is why this happened. I have heard that this all happened because of Sakshi. Latika doubts Sakshi’s credentials as she quoted very low profit margins. Suresh points that she has theoretical knowledge. Practical knowledge is a lot more different than that. Latika has both. They know that Sakshi was sent along with Karan by mom. It looked so awkward as husband was sitting while his wife explained the presentation. Latika is happy with whatever happened as Sakshi goofed up while Aditya’s confidence boosted up. It became much easier for us to win our client.

Sharda is working in the kitchen when Sakshi comes there. Sharda wants to eat dinner with her but Sakshi is not feeling like eating anything. Sharda insists though a little sweetly. Sakshi cannot continue with her teachings any more. Sharda reminds her that they have to be patient in every step of life. Just like we let the roti bake on the gas or otherwise it will remain raw similarly we need to be patient with our relations. Sakshi has tried so many times but has only got burnt in the end. Till when should I keep quiet? Sharda replies till the time everything goes back to normal again. I too am fulfilling all my relations with patience. Sakshi can never become like her but Sharda has full faith that she will learn with time. You also need patience to learn to be patient. They share a side hug which Karan notices sadly as he was coming downstairs. Both the ladies feed each other sweetly. Karan heads back upstairs.

Sakshi gives a courier to Karan and lies down to sleep. They both are watching each other out of the corner of their eyes. He opens the envelope and finds cards inside it. They all are sorry cards. Karan is smiling till the time he is reading the last card which makes Sakshi happy. She pretends to be sleeping while he looks in her direction. They both have a smile on their faces now.

Sharda is in the kitchen. Sakshi comes and thanks her. You are the bestest. Sharda is confused why is it so. Sakshi shares how Karan smiled when he saw her sorry cards. He thought that I was sleeping but I was not and I saw him smiling. Though he will take time to be completely normal. But I must say your son is very stubborn. He threw so many tantrums for one smile. God knows what all will I have to do to spend time with him. Sharda has another bestest idea for this. I will tell it on the right time. Patience, remember!

Latika makes her dad meet someone by the name of Mr. Janak. He will be supplying them material this time. Suresh asks him about his background and both the daughter father duo sit down to see the material brought by him. Suresh calls out for Sharda. She tells Sakshi that she will go and listen to her husband with patience now. Sakshi smiles. Suresh asks Sharda to get some snacks for Mr. Janak. Sharda is about to go when she hears Mr. Janak talking about dress material for patola sarees. It falls on the floor and Sharda bends down to pick it. She checks it and is not happy with the material though Latika and Suresh are impressed. They ask Mr. Janak about the pricing who talks all buttery. I want to make relations with your company so I will not talk about my profit margins. I want us to be working together for long. Suresh asks for an idea. Mr. Janak tells him to pay him 25 lakhs in advance and he will send quotation afterwards. Sharda wants to talk to her husband for a minute. He reluctantly comes. She tells him that the dress material is not of good quality. He as usual doesn’t like her interfering in his work. Go and get tea and snacks.

Sakshi notices that Sharda is sad as she comes back in the kitchen. Sharda shares it with Sakshi. I have seen, work, worked on a lot many patola sarees but I dint like this one. The weight was too much and the cloth wasn’t that good too. Good patola sarees aren’t like that. Sakshi understands her point. Sharda is worried about their company’s loss. He dint listen to me. Sakshi tells her to do something to which Sharda agrees. Kaveri brings something for Sharda who tells her to get a glass of water and some biscuits. Kaveri obliges. Sharda tells her to come with her.

Mr. Janak talks big about his material. Sharda notices that Suresh is writing a cheque. Sharda tells Kaveri to take the tray. She immediately goes to her and accidentally drops water on the samples brought by Mr. Janak. Suresh is irked with Sharda. Kaveri brings a cloth for Sharda to clean it off. Sharda’s hands and the cloth gets coloured in the process. Latika and Suresh notice this and are shocked while Mr. Janak is left speechless. Suresh gives him a piece of his mind and threatens him to leave or he will have to take legal action. Sakshi has come out to see what’s happening and looks happy. Mr. Janak leaves asap. Latika knows her mom is very smart and she did it knowingly. Sharda tries to decline but Latika knows her mom never makes any mistakes. She thanks her mom (with a hug) for saving them or they would have incurred loads of losses. Suresh doesn’t admit her smartness and is not liking the attention that Latika is giving to SHarda. Latika wants to treat her mom but Sharda only wants her kids’ happiness. Latika nods. Suresh thanks her finally which makes her happy. Sakshi is astounded. Suresh feels that he should have listened to her. Good! Sakshi hugs her MIL as she is the bestest!

Precap: Sharda suggests going for a picnic tomorrow as no one has to go to office. They all like the idea. Next day, Karan-Sakshi and Latika_Pratik are on their way to picnic. Their car breaks down. Aditya too was passing by from there and stops to help which shocks Karan and Sakshi.

Update Credit to: pooja

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