Ek Nayi Pehchan 2nd June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Epi begins with Sharda, Sakshi and Latika coming to a temple to offer their prayers. Karan and Pratik have come along too. The ladies perform the puja as the priest tells them to. They pray for their husbands’ long life.

Suresh is on his way to some place. He is talking to himself wondering what excuse to give. He calls someone and is upset that the flight has landed half an hour before. Why did you not reach then? Ok, I don’t want any further mistake. Make sure there is no problem in their stay or anything at all. He ends the call.

Priest tells the ladies to touch their husbands’ feet to seek their blessings. Sharda is a little lost but then tells Sakshi and Latika to oblige. Title track plays while Karan very sweetly blesses Sakshi. He too wants her to bless him. He jokingly tells her to bless him with 10-12 kids. Sharda too expresses her wish to have someone call her Dadi. Sakshi feels shy. Pratik blesses Latika who is very much hungry. She suggests going home but Sharda wants to talk to Suresh first. I can get his blessings on phone atleast. Suresh disconnects Sharda’s call. This happens once again. Sharda wonders as to why he cut her phone but then deduces that he must be busy. Karan whispers something in Sakshi’s ears and she nods at him. They all leave for home.

Sharda sits in her room sadly. She is looking at Suresh’s photo when Sakshi and Karan come there. They wink at each other to implement their plan. Sakshi tells Sharda that their dad had planned a surprise for her but now that he is not here then we will show it to you. Sharda is surprised. Karan adds that dad is teaching me business while I am teaching him romance. They all smile. Sakshi tells her to get ready while they leave for their room to get ready too. Sharda is sure now that she will never be able to understand their dad. Sharda is very happy.

Sharda, Sakshi and Karan come to a restaurant. They are told to sit near the pool and Sharda is impressed. She gets a bouquet of red roses. She is touched that he still remembers that she loves roses. Sakshi and Karan smile at each other. The menu is also Sharda’s favourite – typical Punjabi food. She shares with Sakshi and Karan how she and Suresh had enjoyed Punjabi food when they had first gone out after their wedding. But I dint knew that he remembered all this till now. Karan says this is dad’s problem that he doesn’t know how to show love. Sakshi teases him saying that this is a family problem. Sharda has never broken her fast without looking at her husband’s face. I don’t feel like eating all this. Sakshi knew this already which is why they have brought a photo of Suresh with them. Sharda wishes that she stays with him for as long as she lives. Bless me that we stay together in all the other births too. Sharda breaks her fast. She is still on cloud nine because of all the surprises. I am really blessed to have him as my husband. I had kept a fast of 16 Mondays when our alliance was proposed. I got him because of those fasts only. We dint have too much money to spend in a restaurant when we were newly married. Yet he always used to take me to have my favourite chuski whenever he had time. With time he got engrossed in his business and dint have time to spend with me. And look at this! Karan is unsure if she like all that because of getting used to spending time with dad or because of their past memories. She smiles that we always smile because of our memories as no one knows what is in store for future. Just then Suresh reaches the same restaurant and steps out of his car. Karan spots one of his college friend and he and Sakshi go to meet him.

Sharda picks Suresh’s photo and thanks him for everything. She leaves to clean her hands till the time the kids come back. She is on her way to the restroom when she notices Suresh. She is overwhelmed thinking that he himself came to give her a surprise. She calls out to him but he doesn’t hear or see her. He dials someone’s number but then turns and smiles. Sharda feels happy when he opens his arms. But she gets rooted to her place with shock when she sees him hugging some other woman. Sharda is unable to believe her eyes. Suresh is very warm with that other lady and they walk away from there together. SHarda tries looking for them but in vain.

Sakshi and Karan get worried for their mom when they don’t see her at their table. They finally find her but she is all lost / hurt by whatever she saw. Sakshi senses something and asks her about it but Sharda lies that she was looking for them only. I was lost now lets go home. I am tired and want to rest. Karan agrees with her while Sakshi is sure something has happened whereas Karan puts is on her fast. Sakshi is still in deep thoughts.

Sharda comes to her room. She recalls how he had to go out citing an urgent work today only even though she had reminded him of her fast. Even Karan had offered to go but he was stuck at it. The client is much more important than your mom’s stupid beliefs. She next remembers what she saw in the restaurant a while back. She is deeply hurt. Why did he lie to me? He told me that he is going out somewhere. Karan had dropped him at the airport too but he is here only, in the same city yet he dint come for the puja. Why did he lie to me? Who was that woman? What’s happening? I cannot understand anything. Is there something between him and that woman? She rejects it saying that he cannot do anything wrong. I am only thinking it all wrong. I will ask him. But what will I say? She cries as she is not able to make any sense out of it.

Precap: Precap: Sharda questions Suresh as to how he came back early. He is irked with her questions and her interest in his meeting. He is not at all interested in answering any of her questions and tells her thus. She in turn tells him that she saw him in Sagar restaurant. He stops in his tracks.

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