Ek Nayi Pehchan 2nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 2nd January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 2nd January 2014 Written Update

Sharda gives the puja thaal to the priest. He asks her to get some sandalwood. Sharda goes to get it. One of the guests (lady) asks her about where to get her saree ironed from and she directs her to that room. Dadi (guest) asks Sharda to taste the sweets she has made but Sharda has kept a fast today for the success of Karan and Sakshi’s marriage. She requests the priest to taste it. Servant brings Karan’s clothes for the wedding. She is very happy to see the dress and goes to give it to him.

Karan is pacing worriedly in his room when Sharda comes there with his dress. Sakshi is getting ready. You too change and come soon. She notices he is thinking something and asks him about it. He shakes his head saying nothing. She tells him they both will look like Radha Krishna when they will be all dressed up for the wedding. Get ready fast. He nods his head and she makes an exit. His friends tease him about looking like Radha Krishna. Now you will have to get married. You will have to bear it all for 6 months after which you will get used to it. Ask God for strength so that you are able to live this relation. Go to temple. They leave. Karan gets an idea from temple.

Dadi gives Sakshi the dupatta that her husband had given to her. Its not just a dupatta but it also has his blessings for you. Sakshi takes it happily / overwhelmed. Karan comes there. Saiyaan re plays. He wants to go to the temple where his Dadi used to take him when he was a kid. Dadi tells Sakshi to get ready meanwhile I and Karan will go to temple. Karan says he wants to go there with Sakshi. Sakshi feels shy. Dadi tells him to go after wedding but he wants to show her the temple before their wedding. Suresh asks him what he wants to show to Sakshi. Dadi tells him what Karan wants. Suresh tells him to take her there after their wedding. He tells Sakshi that Karan is like this only since his childhood. Whenever there used to be something important at home then he used to go out and then I had to go after him and bring him back home by holding his ear. Sakshi smiles but her smile disappears as she hears Suresh telling Karan that I don’t want to hold your ear before Sakshi. Go to temple for sure but after your wedding. Karan has no option but to agree. Sakshi too nods. Suresh leaves followed by Karan. Sakshi is thinking something. Dadi tells her to go after wedding.

Karan comes to Sharda. She asks him why isn’t he ready yet. He tells the same thing about seeking Goddess’s blessings before wedding. She is happy but she also tells him to go after their wedding. He agrees to come back before the wedding time. If I would have chosen a girl on my own and wouldn’t have made her meet you then it would be wrong, right? Goddess is everyone’s mom so think about that. Before starting this relation I want their blessings. She finally agrees to let him go there. Get ready before you go. He agrees happily and hurries off. Sharda prays to God to bless both the bride and groom always.

Latika is talking to Rawat (employee) about some documents. Sakshi wants to talk to her so Latika ends the call. Sakshi gives a set to her as a gift so that they become friends by choice unlike being sister-in-law. Sakshi insists so Latika takes it. Dadi is watching it from far. It is the same set which was given to Sakshi by Sharda. Latika declines to keep it. This was given to you by mom so I don’t have a right over it. Sakshi says I wanted to give you something which is related to me. Truth is I am doing all this for a return gift: that you remember me in return. Whenever you will look at it then you will remember me. sakshi insists her very sweetly so Latika agrees to take it. Dadi is pleased and blesses Sakshi. You have mingled and accepted people of this house before your wedding only. They hug.

Sakshi is looking pretty in her wedding attire. She is very nervous too. Her friends compliment her and also tease her about what will happen to Karan when he will see her. they all decide to go out to check on the preps. They open the door and Karan was about to knock on it but stops in time. He wants to meet Sakshi. She smiles as she hears this. Her friends tell him he cannot come inside as he cannot see her in her wedding attire before they exchange garlands. He wants to talk something important. They tell him to do / say anything after their wedding. Right now we have a right over her. karan tries to enter a little upset but they shut the door at him. they tease Sakshi about it and she is all shy while Karan thinks of another plan.

Karan is also ready. He calls Sakshi and tells her he has taken permission from mom to take her to the temple. Sakshi tells him they have their wedding in 2 hours. He assures her they will be back in half an hour. If we don’t go then mom will get upset. He cuts the call before she can say anything. He wishes that this trick works after which he will be free from this wedding. She decides to go as Karan would be waiting for her but her mom comes to her room. Padma gives her the bangle her mom had given her. This was given to her by Nana ji. He always used to say I don’t know if this suits you or you suit it. Please wear it. Sakshi obliges. Padma loves it on her. I was waiting for this day when I would be able to give this to you. I am very happy today you are looking very pretty. Sakshi is happy too but she notices Karan’s incoming call. She tells Padma that she should give it to her on the time of her bidai. Padma agrees with her. sakshi tells her to go get ready and Padma leaves. Before Sakshi can go Diya comes there asking her if she is looking pretty. Sakshi sends her off on the pretext of getting a ladoo for her as she is hungry. Her friends come back. She sends them to her mom’s room as she isn’t ready yet. As soon as they leave she runs off.

Karan is waiting for her. She apologizes for coming late as the dress is heavy and she had to wear all this jewellery. You guys believe in this temple a lot? He agrees. Since childhood whenever a new chapter of my life was about to begin then I go there. He opens the door for her and takes care of her dress before closing it. She is happy to see it. Karan also sits in the car. She gets call from their friends who ask her if they have kissed. Sakshi tells them she will be back from the temple in half an hour and ends the call. He tells her to keep the phone in the car only as the phone is not allowed inside. She obliges. You are anyways with me so why should I worry. He is happy. They leave for the temple. Karan and Sakshi reach the temple.

Sakshi is confused as she looks at it. He confirms that this is the oldest temple. She touches his shoulder as she is scared. They share an eye lock as Saiyaan re plays. She removes her hand. I am getting nervous. He tells her they will pray and head home. They both close their eyes to pray. They both look at each other while the other is busy praying. He also asks her to do parikrama while holding the pot of water. It is empty. He goes to get it from the cottage which is nearby.

Sharda is worried for Karan and Sakshi. Hope all is well. She calls Karan but he forgot it at home. His friends come there to tell her this. She is all the more worried now.

Sakshi is waiting for Karan to return from the cottage. Suresh tells Sharda to get ready soon as the guests will start coming in. Tell your beloved son to be ready on time today. She agrees but is worried thinking what will happen if he comes to know about Karan and Sakshi being outside. I cannot even tell him. hope they come back home before he gets to know of anything. Sakshi is worried for Karan.

Precap: Sakshi comes to that cottage looking for Karan who locks it from outside without her knowledge. She is worried as the door is not opening. Rajveer and Nandini from Desh Ki Beti Nandini Serial have come to attend the wedding. Nandini tells Karan that a wife trusts her husband the most. Save it. Rajveer tells him to go and not to worry about what will happen here. Karan and Sakshi head back to Modi House on a horse.

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