Ek Nayi Pehchan 29th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 29th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 29th April 2014 Written Update

It is night time. Sharda is preparing dinner but her mind is lost in what happened in the afternoon. She is sad as she recalls her husband’s reacting over her messages. Sakshi comes there and Sharda immediately starts to divert things and starts talking about breakfast menu. Sakshi is concerned for her but Sharda assures her she is all right. It was actually my fault. I shouldn’t have disturbed him while he was in the office. Sakshi takes her side that she was just learning to work on the computer. Sharda very sweetly tells her that when you do something for the first time then you make a mistake as well. But this doesn’t mean that it will become our last attempt. I will learn computer and chat as well but with you. They share a cute moment together. She is more than happy to be

disturbed by Sharda ma. Sharda uses a few English words to tell her that she will add her email id in her account. Sakshi jumps in joy. She asks her if she dint feel bad over what papa said. Sharda justifies his stance. He is my husband so he has every right to point it out to me. Anyways one is bound to be scolded if they make mistakes. Sakshi is sure now that she can never become like Sharda ma. You have loads of patience and you understand everything, whether it is said or not. Sharda assures her that she will learn in time as time is a great teacher. She sends her off to check on Karan in case he needs anything.

Sakshi keeps the water bottle and glass next to Karan’s table. He doesn’t look interested so she sits down on the bed and watches him working. He feels thirsty and drinks water. She gets happy on seeing that and asks him if he wants anything else. He doesn’t reply so she again sits on the bed. Karan gets tired and sleeps on the chair itself. Sakshi wakes up and finds him sleeping like that. Sakshi covers him with the duvet. He holds her hand in his sleep. Saiyaan re plays as she looks down at him lovingly. She sits down next to him after giving him a kiss on his head. She caresses his hairs ever so lovingly. I know you are upset with me but you also know that you cannot stay away from me for long. She frees her hand and shuts down the laptop. She is happy over his presentation. I hope you get this client. She too lies down to sleep.

Next morning, Sakshi goes to adjust the duvet around Karan when she notices that he has high temperature. She goes to tell Sharda ma about it. Suresh asks for his breakfast which Sharda tells him is ready. Sakshi comes and tells her about Karan’s bad health. Sakshi points out that he dint take rest as he was working on his presentation. On top of it, I gave him cold water. I am sure this happened because of that only. Sharda denies. She tells her to take ginger tea for him. I will also make breakfast for him. Sakshi nods. Suresh asks for Karan. Sharda tells him how he has been working through the night. He doesn’t let her complete and sings his praises. I used to work day and night, however the circumstances. Your son has gotten used to luxuries. He again doesn’t let Sharda speak Don’t make excuses for your kids as it will spoil them. Tell your kids how much hard work I had to do to reach here. He gets up without eating breakfast. Worry about your son. If you will keep him tied to yourself like this only then he will be out of office very soon too. Send him to office soon. She has no option but to agree.

Karan is taking out his clothes from his closet. Sakshi comes with tea. He is upset with her for she dint wake him up. She was about to but he had fever so she thought to let him sleep. He is irked that he only had fever. I am still alive. She tells him not to speak like this. He coughs as he speaks. You would have woken me up if you were so worried for me. You want me to make a joke of myself. You want Aditya to get this client right. Sharda comes there and tells him to calm down. She makes him drink kaadha. Sakshi checks his temperature and is worried for him as he has 102 fever. Sharda tells him to stay at home only but he has to. It is very important for me to go. I will only rest after this presentation. Sharda reluctantly agrees for his sake. She leaves and Karan too goes to get ready. Sakshi is thinking something.

Latika calls out for her mom. please take care of Diya as I have a very important presentation today. Sharda nods. Latika finds her worried and asks her about it. Sharda tells her about Karan’s illness. Just then Karan comes downstairs coughing badly. Latika calls this his old habit. He used to get ill in school whenever he had exams and now he got ill thinking about the presentation. If you are so unwell then let it be I and Aditya will get this client anyways. Sharda reminds her that he is her brother. If you are forgetting this in the course of moving ahead in life? Latika says she knows it which is why she is saying it. Stay at home and rest. Karan tells her not to worry about him. I will manage everything. Sharda is not at all happy with their behaviour. Latika leaves for office. Karan too wants to go but Sharda is against it. She tells him to take Sakshi with him if he has to. He declines but she is adamant. I will tell your dad that you aren’t coming. He requests her but in vain. Karan agrees to take Sakshi along with him. Sakshi is thrilled at this opportunity. Chirag has been watching all this from a corner. Sakshi turns and winks at Sharda who smiles back at her.

Chirag asks his mom for Rs. 1000 for some project. She tries to ask him about it but he tells her that it is about computers and he has to submit it asap. She finally gives him money and he looks happy about it.

Sakshi gets happy when Karan tells her about their client. It is an international client and we should make them feel that they are doing the right thing by getting into a deal with us. She calls it cute. I have never seen you so serious about your work. He asks her to concentrate on the presentation. he explains her everything. She cross questions him about the target expectations but he wants her to present the same way if she really wants to do it.

Karan and Sakshi reach office. Aditya sees them and is surprised to see Karan coming with his bodyguard.

Latika and Aditya look very confidently in Karan-Sakshi’s direction. Sakshi explains the presentation well. She talks about the target expectation rate as per her liking. Karan is upset about it. Aditya claps for Sakshi and then gets up to show his presentation. he infact cross questions Karan’s presentation about electricity timings. Plus the power plant that you are thinking about is never going to be setup there. I have confirmed the news with the local MLA there. Karan looks taken aback while Latika is all the more impressed with Aditya. Karan is confused. how does Aditya know about the location where I am going to setup my factory? Aditya talks of high target expectations. The setup can be done in a lesser price too. He shows his presentation now.Suresh compliments Aditya for his work. He gets the client. Aditya teases Karan. Better luck next time! He also appreciates Sakshi for her work. Karan wonders about it while Sakshi shakes her head at him.

Precap: Karan blames Sakshi for him losing out on this client. This is what you wanted right? Sharda is listening their convo as she stands near the door. Sakshi agrees she has made a mistake but it doesn’t mean that you will bring Aditya between us in everything. He justifies himself saying he is doing that as Aditya is actually between them. You must be happy that he was happy with your presentation. He even clapped for you. Sakshi and Sharda are taken aback.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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