Ek Nayi Pehchan 28th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 28th January 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 28th January 2014 Written Update

Sakshi tells Sharda that she wont go to coaching classes as you would study at home from today onwards. I will teach you. Before Sharda can say something Suresh calls out for her and she has to go. Sakshi follows her inside.

Kaveri tells Sharda that sir has been looking for you since so long. He is asking for the black shirt that matches with this particular coat. Sakshi remembers that she had given it to the laundry man but he dint return it. I dint notice it I don’t know how I made such a big mistake. Kaveri tells Sakshi that madam doesn’t know how to count but she has never made any such mistake. Sharda tries to reply something but Suresh comes looking for her. he asks for his shirt. Sharda doesn’t let Sakshi say anything. It’s been left with the laundry guy by mistake. Suresh points out that all this has been happening as she isn’t focusing at home. You had gone to study. Look at the condition of this house….what has happened to it in just a day’s time! This house is incomplete without you and so are you. She nods. It will be good for us if you accept it as soon as possible that this home only is your identity. Fix me another suit with a matching shirt I am getting late for the meeting. He leaves for his room. Kaveri gives Suresh’s coat to Sharda. Sakshi stops her. She apologizes to her as this all has happened because of me. sharda smiles assuring her that its fine. She goes to give him another suit to wear.

Pratik’s friends want a bigger party from him as he has got such a big car from Latika. She comes there agreeing to throw an equally great party. Their friends praise Latika (big hearted) and call Pratik a useless man. He is getting hurt by their remarks. They continue praising Latika. Beauty with brains and a bank balance. You have got great in-laws too. Now ask for a matching house to go with the car. Pratik comments that it wont be a big issue for them. Right Latika? Their friends take leave. Pratik goes out to see them off. Latika looks upset. She asks Pratik if he doesn’t think that he shouldn’t have behaved the way he just did in front of their friends. If you don’t want or like the car gifted by me then what’s the point of showing it in front of them? she calls it his ego. He clarifies it to be his self respect. She cannot understand what’s his problem in raising his standard a little. He replies that your husband’s respect diminishes in raising his standard like this. But you wont understand this…maybe you never would!

Sharda is working on a saree. She sends off Kaveri to get some stuff from the terrace. Sakshi comes there with a notebook and pen for her. She puts it in Sharda’s hands and takes the saree from her. Sharda remarks that she never gives up but I have given up. Sakshi shakes her head. The ones who lose give up. Sharda agrees with Suresh. My life is within this house, not outside. Sakshi agrees with her. only the light (outlook) will broaden and it is said that we find a lot many lost things in light. You too will get a new identity. I am with you. Sharda declines. I wont be able to do it. She lists down the household works that she has to finish or attend to. Sakshi is not stopping her to do any of it. Just take out a little time for yourself too. You live the life of a mom, wife, DIL all the time. Just live like Sharda for some time. Sharda looks at the diary in her hand and gets thinking.

They both are seated on a sofa now with the notepad spread in front of them. Sakshi holds out a pen for Sharda asking her to write down A, B, C & D. Sharda takes the pen hesitantly but gives up before writing anything. I don’t know it. Sakshi asks her to try atleast as she always says that the ones who try never lose. Sakshi shows her how to write and asks her to repeat it. Sharda is writing A when a phone rings. Sakshi stops her and asks Kaveri to attend to the call. Sharda finishes writing A. As she starts with B, the doorbell rings. Sakshi stops her again and Sharda answers that Kaveri will see to it. She resumes but then the cooker whistles and she gets up to go as Suresh doesn’t like the way Kaveri does it.

Sharda’s dal is overcooked. She opens the cooker and keeps the top over the notepad which gets smeared with food. She goes outside while cleaning it and stops seeing Suresh and Latika. He tells her about the guests who will be coming over tonight. He notices the notepad in her hand and asks her about it. Sakshi comes out by now. Sakshi answers on her behalf. I am teaching mom. This way she wouldn’t have to go out to study and your reputation wont be hampered. Anyways you haven’t rejected the idea of ma studying. You only denied for her to go out and study so I thought that I will teach ma. Suresh and Latika are not liking it. Suresh smiles though. Some people learn to live while it is the reverse with the others. Maybe Sharda belongs to the first category. She has learnt what all she has to learn to live. I don’t think she is interested in learning anything more. But anyways I wont stop you. You are the new DIL of the house. You too need some activity to keep yourself engaged in the house. But I hope Sharda doesn’t throw dal on your intentions just like she has on the notebook. Sharda looks down sadly. Sakshi holds her hand and cleans the mess on the notebook while the title song plays in the background. She brings the notebook closer to her and they both smile / nod reassuringly at each other.

Sakshi puts a whiteboard and duster. Today they will learn English. Sharda declines knowing any sort of English when Sakshi tells her that she talks this language every day. Sakshi asks about everyone’s whereabouts. Sharda replies using the words college, office, factory, school, tv. Sakshi points out that all these words are English. It turns out you know it some ways so why to be scared of something which you know. They both smile. Sakshi decides upon making her learn some sentences. Sakshi begins with basic greeting styles. Sharda keeps asking her many questions and words which sound similar but mean different things. Sharda is getting confused as she finds the language weird. She runs off to immerse sandal wood in water even though Sakshi keeps asking her not to.

Sharda thinks of the effort that Sakshi is putting in in teaching her. but I have so much to do I don’t know if I would be able to learn it or not. sakshi comes there asking her if she is done. Sharda tells her the process by which it will be ready for tomorrow’s puja. Sakshi decides to wait there only. Sharda feigns having a headache. Sakshi is about to go get balm for her but Sharda assures her it will be fine if she rests down a little. Sakshi agrees to manage all this work. Sharda leaves from there.

Sharda has got all the stuff ready for the puja. Dadi asks her if she ate something. Don’t you get tired of working so much? Sharda smiles in reply. I had. Tiredness doesn’t come from body but from heart. The work which someone likes, doesn’t tire people. Our whole life is lit by Saraswati Ma’s blessings so there should be light in her puja too. Dadi gets happy. sakshi comes there and is a little shocked to see Sharda making a garland for puja. She recalls how Sharda talked of having a headache. She looks at the notepad she is holding in her hand amazed. Why did ma make an excuse? This is wrong. She is about to confront Sharda but stops as she notices Dadi sitting there. Guilt takes over when someone’s lie is caught. I want to encourage ma instead of filling her with guilt. This is the reason why she is making up excuses but I have to understand that this is equally tough for her to study just like it is tough for a small kid to learn how to walk. There is going to be a puja of Ma Saraswati tomorrow. now she only will give her the strength to study. My heart says that Saraswati Ma will definitely light up your life with her knowledge.

Next morning, Sharda is busy checking on the arrangements for the puja. Sakshi comes down wearing a yellow saree which mesmerizes Sharda. She appreciates her about the same and puts kajal behind her ear to ward off any evil eye. Sakshi asks for her health (headache). Sharda recalls after a minute. I took medicine at night. A few ladies from our neighbourhood are coming whom I teach embroidery so I wont be able to study today. sakshi agrees. We will study tomorrow.

Priest has come. Everyone greets him and Dadi asks him to start the puja. Suresh asks for Karan. Someone go and tell him that Saraswati Ma is waiting for him in the puja. Sakshi thinks that maybe he is still upset that’s why he dint come in the puja. She goes to talk to him. suresh asks Sharda to call Latika asking her to come soon as the puja is about to begin. Sharda agrees to call her.

Karan, in his room, is recalling his dad’s harsh words to his mom about calling all this a betrayal. Sakshi comes there to talk to him but he walks off from there. She follows him. I know you are upset and you are justified. Doing the right thing by using a wrong medium is wrong only. Everyone is upset because of me especially papa. Ma had to hear so much because of me. it wont be repeated ever I assure you. Please forgive me.

Precap: Sharda accepts Sakshi as her guru in front of Ma Saraswati. I will work hard to learn what you will be teaching me along with the other household work. This is my promise to my guru, to you. Gurur brahma chant is playing in the background. Sharda bends down to touch her feet but Sakshi stops her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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