Ek Nayi Pehchan 28th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 28th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shanaya hugs her dad and apologizes to him. I am not a bad girl. But I am changing into one slowly without my mom. I feel very lonely. Your life turned normal. You know I am an independent girl and have been living life my way which is not possible here. I thought you always take Sharda ji’s side and don’t love me and Aarav. This is why I have been doing all this, just to gain your attention. I did all this to get some time from you. I promise I wont repeat it ever. I am sorry for hurting you and to everyone else too. I wont do anything like this again. she apologises to Sakshi too. Karan tells her that no one will trust her after seeing her drama. Shanaya promises not to do anything against her family from now on. Please forgive me. She touches Sharda’s head and takes a swear over her. Karan stops her right then. He removes her hand from his mom’s head warning her not to do anything like that. She is just some woman for you but for us she is our life. You take swear of the people you love most. But you don’t know anything about love, you only know hatred. It’s not your fault but your mom’s fault actually. She gave you extra freedom and now you don’t know the difference between right or wrong. Only Pallavi ji is to be blamed for your condition. Sharda tells him to be quiet. You shouldn’t say something like this for those who are not alive. Sakshi agrees that Karan is saying all this as he is angry. But this isn’t right that you will continue to hide Shanaya’s faults always. This is wrong. Karan only wants Shanaya to change for good. You know your son well he wont do anything wrong but if you will continue to support Shanaya every time then things wont work out. It’s wrong. Sharda tries to explain something to Shanaya when Suresh interrupts her. You had promised Pallavi that you will love her kids more than your own. This is how you are doing it? Sharda tries to comfort Shanaya who instead hugs her dad. Suresh says that if you all cannot love Shanaya and Aarav then you must not hate them even. thank you for whatever you have done for these kids till date but from today onwards I will take care of my kids. You don’t have to do anything. Suresh leaves for office while Shanaya heads to her room. Sakshi is irked. She notices her Ma’s sad face and tries to say something but Sharda wants to be alone for a while. I will talk to you later. She goes inside.

Sharda talks to Pallavi’s photo about what happened just now. Maybe he is right. I tried to win Shanaya’s heart in a wrong way. It isn’t right to overlook all her mistakes. Shanaya and Aarav are my kids too. I will bring them on the right path. I wont give up so easily. I know you are with me.

Sharda reaches office. She wants to talk to him about SHanaya. She is really worried / lonely since her mom died. She needs love and support but it doesn’t mean that she can do anything and we don’t stop her. we need to show her the right path. You made a decision for her in a second but this way she will feel all the more lonely. Whatever you said today was wrong. I don’t differentiate between mine and Pallavi’s kids.

Manager knocks on the cabin door. Suresh lets him in. Manager straight away turns to Sharda. He couldn’t understand what to do with the consignment. Suresh tells Sharda about the call from that guy (Mr. Madan). The whole consignment was ruined because of the rain. Sharda wants to go to the godown to check it but the manager has brought the whole consignment here in office only. They are not even packed individually. Sharda is upset that the colours of the threads have spread in the cloth because of the rain. Who told you to bring them here? Suresh says I told them to do so. I thought that this will be the right thing to do. She goes all quiet and thinks what to do. She instructs Madan to cut the border of the sarees which can be used for other sarees and how they can take out the appliqués and attach them on a saree. We can sell them in the market as designer sarees. Manager and Madan appreciate her idea. We thought that they will be put in waste now but you have done a wonderful job. Poor Suresh sits there speechless. She apologizes to him for ordering the guys to do it without seeking his permission. Hope I dint do any mistake. He replies that she does the right thing always.

Shanaya comes to mock help Sakshi in the kitchen. Sakshi’s hand gets a little burnt in the process. Shanaya says now you will go and complain to your Sharda Ma. Sakshi wont do anything like that. Sadly your idea will go down the drain. Karan comes there and is concerned for Sakshi. He knows that Shanaya has done it. Sakshi knows what Shanaya wants. She wants us to fight amongst ourselves and Ma is blamed for everything. We cant let her do this. Shanaya mocks Karan that he stopped after listening to what his wife said like an ideal husband. You are anyways of no use. Atleast you do this properly. She leaves from there laughing. Karan is really pissed off. He cannot bear it. Sakshi tells him not to give any importance to Shanaya. She will give up in a few days. She is feeling unwell and goes to her room.

Karan is really concerned for Sakshi as she has been vomiting for long. Shanaya watches them from outside. Sakshi smiles at Karan. He wonders if there is some good news. She is all happy and shy. I am not sure but I am feeling morning sickness since last two days. Maybe! He is thrilled at the news and hugs her. She wants to confirm it first. He says he will bring pregnancy kit for her in the evening. She wants to keep it a secret till then. He agrees to do so. Shanaya is upset as if Sakshi is actually pregnant then Sharda will be after / with her all the time. I wont be able to separate them otherwise. I will make Sakshi pay for what all she has done to me.

Sharda is busy working when she remembers how she had behaved with Sakshi in the morning. I should talk to her she will be handling everything all alone. She calls Sakshi and apologizes to her for talking to her like that. Sakshi is all cool with it. sharda smiles at her reply. They praise each other for their maturity. Sakshi hurts her hand yet again while talking and screams in pain. Sharda gets worried. Sakshi does not share anything with her. she diverts the topic and ends the call. Sakshi is in real pain. Sharda takes out her lunch box and looks around for Suresh.

Meeta is glad to know that Sharda has joined Suresh. Suresh receives a call from Meeta. She shows an inclination to meet him as Sharda has joined him now. I am sure you both will rock together. They are meeting tomorrow at 10 am. He is happy as he ends the call but then wonders if Meeta is only interested to work with him because of Sharda.

Meeta calls Sharda as well. Suresh looks at it and is sure she must be calling Sharda for the meeting only. Sharda comes there and asks him to join her for lunch. She notices that the phone is ringing and finally takes it. meeta wants her to come in the meeting as well to which Sharda promises. She turns to share it with Suresh but he is gone by then.

Sakshi is humming as she sets the dining table. Sunita wonders if she is hiding some good news. Sakshi jokes along hiding the secret all this while. Shanaya notices it too. You weren’t this happy when you had told the BP pills secret to everyone. Now you will have to repay for what you have done. Diya wants to play with Shanaya who promises to play with her in a while.

Suresh invites someone to their office in the morning. Sharda tells him about Meeta’s call. He talks about some client. If he likes our ideas then we will be in profit. I want you to handle this particular client. He will reach office at 10 am tomorrow. he promises to handle Meeta while telling her to concentrate on this client. You are handling everything here and that brilliant idea was yours only. She agrees but can understand what he is feeling. I know you don’t want me to join you for the meeting with Meeta tomorrow.

Precap for Monday: Shanaya throws ball and Sakshi was about to trip because of it but Karan holds her in time. Sharda notices this and shouts for Sakshi. Shanaya apologizes to her. Diya kicked the ball in such a way that. Karan slaps her and locks her in the store room. Sharda and everyone is worried for her. She makes him open the door and they are shocked to find Shanaya lying unconscious on the floor. Blood is coming out of her head.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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