Ek Nayi Pehchan 27th June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Latika doesn’t want her mom to go. How can I let you go out at this age! You can come to my house as it is yours too. Sharda says we cannot even drink water of our daughter’s house. I trust Karan completely. He wont let me or Sakshi bear any problem. Latika takes a promise that if they will need anything then they will let her know. Sharda promises her. Dadi comes to meet Sharda. Latika goes to see if the taxi has come or not.

Dadi supports Sharda in whatever she is doing. I am with you always. This wont be a home anymore once you leave. It will just be building where anyone can claim their rights and it doesn’t matter. You are taking all the relations with you while I will take care of your memories. Sharda is touched by her words. They both will miss each other a lot. Dadi ties rakshasutra on Sharda’s hand. This will save you from any trouble or anything. Go and find yourself. Make your own identity. Not of Sharda Modi but of Sharda only! Sharda too feels positive now that she has blessed her. dadi rues as to what Suresh is doing. He is so unfortunate. He has rejected the Lakshmi (Sharda) of this house and once it happens then it never returns. Go and make your identity. Make me proud. Sakshi observes their bond. Sharda seeks Dadi’s blessings.

Title song plays as Latika, Chirag and Dadi wait for Sharda. They are in tears as they see Sharda looking around at the house sadly. Sharda recalls all her past moments in every corner of the house i.e., dining table, temple, etc. Sharda gives Ma Saraswati’s idol to Sakshi to take care. Karan comes to inform them that the taxi has come. He goes to keep their luggage in it. Sharda hugs Chirag who leaves from there as he cannot see his mom go. Dadi wishes them well. She has her hopes pined on Karan as he is the head of this family now. Take care of everyone. Latika too bids a tearful farewell to her mom. Karan takes the bag while Sharda and Sakshi head towards the main door holding hands. They stop to take one last look at their home (Pallavi watches them from upstairs) while the title track plays. Both the ladies walk out of the house.

Pallavi is taking her Ganpati idol to keep in the temple when she notices the pictures on the wall. She isn’t happy to see Sharda’s pic with Suresh. She calls Lata and tells her to replace these photos with the ones she will given her. Lata nods. Pallavi puts the Ganpati idol in the temple and is happy. She notices a diary there and picks it up. Sharda is written on the first page. She is about to tear it but stops as Sharda means Sarawati (Goddess of knowledge). She keeps it back in its place.

Suresh asks for his files. She tells him that they are in their place only. He makes it clear to her that he wants his things at the same place where he keeps them. She has no idea and tells him not to shout at her like this again. Suresh is sad. He recalls a past instance where Sharda never used to tell him off even if he used to ask for n number of things at one time.

Karan, Sakshi and Sharda come to their new home. It is a small house. Sharda is sad. Sakshi asks her what she is thinking. Sharda replies that I always used to feel that I will only leave that house when I will be dead. I never thought that I will have to leave it like this one day and have to come to another house to live. Maybe this is what we call life. I am not just entering a new house today but also entering into a new phase of life. Sakshi nods. Karan adds that all three of them are doing the same thing. Sakshi says the only difference is that we have you….to lead us too. Karan clears it that they wont stumble again but will achieve success ultimately. Sharda seeks blessings from Ma Saraswati to bless her kids always. My old identity was given to me after my wedding but I myself will have to find my new identity. Bless us always. Sharda and Sakshi enter their new home.

At night, Sakshi and Karan sleep on the floor. Sharda is sitting on the sofa. She looks at her kids and feels better.

Next morning, Sakshi is tying tie around Karan’s neck while Sharda is doing puja. She is about to put vermilion on her forehead but stops as she recalls Pallavi’s words about her false identity of Mrs. Sharda Modi. Sakshi and Karan fight sweetly. Sharda composes herself and calls them to seek blessings from Ma Saraswati. This is not just our first day in this house but also the first day when we begin the new journey of our life. The start should be good. They seek her blessings. Karan apologizes to his mom as he knows this house isn’t up to her mark but he has taken this on rent from his friend as he was in a rush. She denies. people who are tied with their roots have no problem. Our house in the village had no facility of electricity and water used to leak from the roof yet I had no problem with anything there. I was very happy there as it was full of love. we will live happily here as well as it has you people here. It is all the more special for my son has chosen this home. Karan leaves for his interview. Sakshi wishes him luck.

Sakshi brings necessary vegetables and spices for their kitchen but she misses out a few important ones. Sharda explains her that they should make list of the necessary items for the month first. It will help them in keeping themselves organized. She guides her this time while she writes it down. Sharda too had to make a list as Karan had asked her to. They both check the lists made by each other. They both point out what the other person has skipped. They both smile saying that whatever is missing is etched in their mind. Title track plays. Sharda grows sad for a second but Sakshi hugs her and they both smile heartily. They both decide to make list for each other.

Sakshi gets a call from her friend so she leaves to attend that call. Sharda is about to complete the list when she hears bells ringing. she realises that It is time for aarti. I don’t know if anyone at home would have done it or not. chirag is always busy in his phone. it is time for ma ji’s tea. I had told Lata everything but don’t know if she would have given Ma ji her tea and medicines yet. She decides to call her MIL to check on her.

Suresh picks the landline. Sharda goes quiet as she hears his voice but then tells him it is her. epi ends on split screen of Sharda and Suresh.

Precap: Police has come to arrest Suresh. Everyone is shocked.

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