Ek Nayi Pehchan 26th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 26th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sakshi laughs seeing Shanaya working. She tells her to clean properly and then goes to the kitchen. Karan comes out and calls Shanaya with their maid name. She gets angry and says she is not their maid. Karan says sorry and goes to Sakshi. Sakshi tells him about Shanaya making Latika against Sharda and so she thought to punish her. Karan agrees. He leaves. Sakshi purposely makes the kitchen dirty and calls Shanaya to clean it. Shanaya refuses. Sakshi reminds her about credit card. Shanaya is annoyed and says fine.

Diya spends good time with Latika and Dadi. Shanaya comes there to give juice and tea. All get surprised seeing her working.

Sharda and Suresh return from office. Sakshi also comes out and asks Sharda how her first day was. Suresh says it was amazing. Sharda goes to meet Diya. Sakshi asks Suresh how was Sharda’s day. What all she did. Suresh tells her to ask what she didn’t do. She made lots of changes and all are excited to work under her.

Diya shares all that she did today and how much fun she had. She wishes to get sick once a week. Both Sharda and Latika cover her mouth. Sharda tells Latika she did good thing by spending entire day with Diya. Latika says they should let Diya rest till dinner time. Sharda tells Diya to rest and she will see her at dinner now.

Maid is giving medicine to Dadi. She asks what it is for. Dadi says for BP. She tells Dadi to take all instead one. Dadi says if she eats all then she will die. Shanaya hears it and thinks of teaching a lesson to Sakshi. After both leave, Shanaya goes in and eat 4-5 tablets.

Shanaya is getting dining table ready. Sharda gets surprised. She sees Sakshi laughing and follows her in kitchen and asks what happened to Shanaya. Sakshi tells her not to be upset with her and tells her everything. Sharda gets shocked knowing all the work that Shanaya did and tells Sakshi she shouldn’t do that. Shanya has grown up with lots of love. Sakshi asks what’s wrong and she’s actually having fun. Shanaya hears it and says she will show her fun.

At dining table, they are talking about Sharda’s first day at office. In that, Suresh says Sharda even wants Karan to work with them. Why go elsewhere when they have their own business. This doesn’t go well with Latika. She says sometimes what people say is not false. Sharda says she doesn’t understand. Latika tells her she made her stay at home and went to office. Now she wants to give her position to Karan. She leaves in anger. Karan also gets upset for not asking him about taking a favor from Suresh. Shanya is all smiling. She faints and all get worried.

Doctor does her checkup and says if not BP history, then she must have worked too much. She needs to rest now. He leaves. Shanaya says no one treats her well in this house. Suresh asks what happened and she tells him everything. She further says that Sakshi must apologize. Sharda first says Sakshi did all that as fun only. She didn’t know this would happen. But Shanaya continues doing her drama and in end Sharda tells Sakhi unintentionally, but she has made a mistake and asks her to apologize. Sakshi and Karan get shocked. Karan takes Sakshi’s side, but Sakshi says, I am sorry and leaves.

Sharda hopes Sakshi would understand her situation. Shanaya is lost and she needs love and care right now.

In their room, Sakshi is not happy with what happened. Karan says she can’t change her BP level purposely. Sakshi says she is very smart. One day she will change level of their house and still Sharda won’t see her fault. Sharda hears it. She goes to Sakshi and says she knows she didn’t want her to get sick. Sakshi asks her why she supports her all the time when she knows everything. Sharda says she promised her mum. Sakshi says she promised to be a good mother, not support her all the time. Latika was right about Shanaya. She’s a snake, no one knows when she will turn and bite. Sharda tells her not to say like that, and if not her, then trust her mum at least. Everything will be alright if she gets her support. She then apologizes Sakshi for what happened today. Sakshi tells her she’s embarrassing her now. She’s not upset with her. She’s just worried. Shanaya is becoming her weakness and she’s taking advantage of it. Sharda says but the fact is she got sick because of her. Sakshi asks what about what Shanaya is doing with her? Shanaya comes there. Sharda tells Sakshi she knows she will always support the truth. But she can’t choose one of them. Shanaya is her responsibility and it will best for all if she (Sakshi) stays away from Shanaya. Shanaya gets happy knowing Sharda stopped supporting Sakshi. She hopes to teach Sakshi a good lesson.

Precap: Shanaya tells someone on phone about taking 4-5 tablets and now having issues. Sakshi hears it. Shanaya gets shocked seeing her. Sakshi walks away with tears.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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