Ek Nayi Pehchan 24th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 24th December 2013 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 24th December 2013 Written Update

Epi begins with that girl extending out her hand to support Sharda and she takes it. Sharda bends to pick her bag and stuff but that girl helps her with that too. She looks at that group of people angrily and calls out to them. Can you not see? A woman fell before your own eyes and her stuff fell over too and you guys are laughing over it? She gives them a piece of her mind but they don’t look interested. One of the guys again mocks Sharda for getting an e-ticket but not being able to read it. He also tells her to help aunty if she is so interested. She asks them if their mothers know how to make online reservation. They all go quiet. She notices the smart phones in their hands. This is bought by your parents’ money as well, right? Think, they give you more and are happy with

less. What’s the point of your education which cannot be put to use to help someone needy? She offers to help Sharda. Another guy mocks her this time. She replies fittingly. It did! Do laugh at that time as well when instead of this lady (Sharda) there would be your mom or grandmother. Make fun of them who used to hold your hand and take you to school. Go home and laugh at them. They feel bad. Just because you got education and are good at it does that mean a mom will become small in your eyes that you can insult / hurt her in front of everyone like this? You all should be ashamed of yourself. She turns to Sharda. Come with me I will help you. She takes Sharda’s bag, holds her hand and leads her to her coach.

She asks Sharda why she was getting so scared outside on the station. Sharda tells her this is the first time when she is going out of town on her own. Someone accompanies with me all the time. That girl tells her that she will have to manage alone sometimes. She remembers she has to go as Aditya must be waiting for her at the platform. We are going to get married today. Mom doesn’t know it but I will share it with you…don’t know why but I will. We have eloped from our homes to get married. My mom has fixed my marriage with some businessman. I don’t want an arrange marriage that’s why I decided to marry Aditya. Sharda tries to say something but she tells her to sit and relax. I also belong to Ahmadabad. She is about to go when she stops to tell her something. Do study and take the reins of your life in your own hands. This is the time to make a new identity (Ek Nayi Pehchan). She folds her hands and then gives her a hug. She takes her bags and leaves from there.

She comes out and decides to call Aditya but her phone is not in her bag. Just then her phone rings inside Sharda’s cabin. It is Aditya’s call. Sharda decides to go outside to give her phone. By mistake she presses the call button and Aditya’s voice comes calling for Sakshi. Sharda listens worried. I have thought a lot about getting married like this. This cannot happen. You wont understand it. I cannot do it. Don’t wait for me go back to your home. I wont come.

Sakshi realises that she must have left her phone in the train. Sharda comes to the door. The phone is pressed to her ear. Aditya says forget me and forget that we ever met. Sharda is worried as the call ends. She also notices Sakshi coming towards her to check for her phone. Sharda gets down to give her her phone. Sakshi keeps blabbering about her habit of forgetting phone. Plus Aditya hasn’t come yet. Sharda tells her that he is not coming. The sound of the train engine is heard. Sharda tells him what all Aditya told her. Sakshi doesn’t believe it. He loves me. I will call him just now. She calls Aditya who declines to wed her like this. I have got a job offer from US I cannot do this. You too should return home. Wish you a very happy life ahead. Goodbye! Sakshi cannot believe how he could do this to her. Sharda reasons that he has left you for whom you left your home. Broken trust cannot be mended. Sakshi is still unable to believe any of it. Sharda calls it a sign from God that she has met a woman who is going to her place only (Ahmadabad). Return to your home in this train only. The train gets a green signal to move ahead. Maybe God has planned something better for you. Don’t delay now. I wont leave you alone here. Sakshi still doesn’t want to go anywhere without Aditya. The train starts moving. Sharda pulls her along with her. She gets up on the train but Sakshi is lost in thoughts so their hands separate. Sharda tells her he has decided he wont come. Return home with me. Sakshi recalls Aditya’s words. Sharda keeps calling out to her to come and hold her hand. Sakshi starts running towards Sharda who is happy now. Finally they both board the train.

Karan is playing video game in his room. Chirag comes there to tease him. Have you seen your would wife’s photo yet? Karan denies. chirag tries to show him but Karan moves his hand away. I don’t even want to see it. Chirag again teases him. This is a merger which dad is planning. One is yours while the other would be your MIL’s. Plus everyone at home follows what papa decides. Karan asks him to fight for his cause as he is his younger brother. Chirag refuses to help. Your would be wife is dad’s choice so you know what it means right? He tells him to see the photo if he wants to. Karan runs after him but he runs off from there leaving the photo on the side table. Karan picks up the photo and puts it in the cupboard without even seeing the girl. Papa is not trying to wed me but instead wants to cage me in his business but I wont let this happen. I wont lose my freedom for his business. I will have to talk to him today only.

Sakshi is deleting every message from Aditya. Sharda watches her sadly as she cries her heart out. Sakshi also throws out the gift that she had brought for Aditya. She had seen so many dreams, done so many preps. All my dreams are shattered now. Sharda tries to comfort her but Sakshi tells her she is fine. I wont break down now that he has decided not to marry me. I am very strong. She finally runs to hug Sharda who comforts her very sweetly.

Karan practices how he is going to refuse his dad for the marriage. You cannot make decisions for me. I must speak out with papa with the same confidence. I should tell him what I want. Suresh comes there asking him about what he wants to say. Karan gets nervous. Suresh tells him not to even think about running away from marriage like he keeps running from him or business. Your in-laws are coming tomorrow. Your engagement is tomorrow evening. Don’t run off. Karan agrees not to and stops the treadmill.

Sakshi tells Sharda how she dint want to get into an arranged marriage. In love marriage you atleast know the other person. How can one marry a complete stranger? Aditya broke all my dreams. Sharda replies if she will hold onto broken dreams then she wont be able to move on in life. You had told me with so much confidence that this is a time to make a new identity for myself. Someone pushed you and moved ahead. Now will you stay put at the same place? You are not like that. You can fight. You have the strength to be just and move ahead. You are not weak but he was that’s why he dint come even after promising you. He was not worth it. He left you alone at such a tough stage of life of yours. It is good that he left you today only. Intelligent people learn from life and move ahead. Sakshi wipes her tears. She asks Sharda if she will have tea. Sharda nods happily.

Sakshi gets tea for herself and Sharda. They are sitting at some station. Sharda tells her that nothing happens by coincidence in life. According to me everything is pre planned by Him. Maybe we don’t know but the God above guides us to the right path. Sakshi asks if this is true. Sharda agrees. If that wasn’t so then how would we have met? Maybe God wanted someone to be with you at this point of time. Sakshi nods. I dint think from this angle. Sharda continues, maybe the right path is what your mom has chosen for you. Maybe the family she has chosen is good (MIL, FIL, husband). It can be or it cannot be. Atleast meet them. Sakshi shares how she is scared of arrange marriages that is why I rejected mom’s idea without even listening to her. I was so excited by the idea of running from home to get married. Its so romantic. Sharda says you tried to run off now stop to find out what your mom has chosen for you and then decide what to do. Sakshi is unsure of how that person would be….like Aditya or someone nice? Sharda suggests her to ask her heart as it never lies. Give yourself one chance atleast.

The train is moving again. Sakshi opens the door to have some fresh air. Sharda is worried but Sakshi assures her she wont sacrifice her life for that stupid person. I am only trying to absorb your words in my mind and heart. Sakshi pulls her towards the door only and stands holding her tightly. They both enjoy their time together feeling like they are about to fly.

Precap: Suresh asks for Karan from Sharda. Take care that he doesn’t do some madness today only. Sharda comes to check on Karan in his room. She stops as she sees something.

Update Credit to: pooja

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