Ek Nayi Pehchan 24th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 24th April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 24th April 2014 Written Update

Sharda is cooking in the kitchen when Diya comes running to her wanting to know what has she cooked today. Sharda offers to tell her the name of the veggies used in the cooking and asks Diya to guess. Much to Sakshi’s surprise, Sharda pronounces all the names in correct english. They were taught the names of fruits and vegetables in their class today. Dadi is irked with all the noise. Sharda asks her if she would like some tea. Dadi is fed up of them and leaves muttering to herself. Sakshi cannot stop laughing and feeling good as Sharda said everything in perfect english. Sharda goes to make it up to Dadi or she will stay upset like that only.

Karan comes home and paces in anger. Sharda asks him about it. He is shocked as to how can Lattu di do this to me. She already has 3 clients yet she wants my client too. She is trying her best that I don’t get this client. How can she do this to me? He walks away in a huff. Sharda tells Sakshi to take tea for Karan.

Latika comes home. She calls out for Diya and also asks her mom about her. Sharda tries to know what happened in the office but Latika doesn’t want to talk professional stuff at home. When will your beloved son grow up? He comes to complaint to you whenever anything happens. If he cannot handle this pressure and stop acting kiddish then he should not come to office anymore. Sharda explains that he only told me when I asked him. And is this the way to talk? Latika is in no mood to discuss all this as she is too tired. Latika leaves for her home with Diya. Sharda os worried for her daughter. Hope she does not get distant from her family once again while trying to prove herself.

Karan is working on the presentation. Sakshi gets tea for him and asks him if he wants anything else. Karan gets irritated. He asks her the same question. You can see that I am working yet you are disturbing me because you want Aditya to win? She declines but he doesn’t want her company. She turns to go but remembers her MIL’s words about patience. She composes herself and keeps the tea and snacks on the table for him. I dint want to disturb you at all. I only wanted you to eat while you work. He is sure there are many other people in the house and office who worry for him. You don’t need to do that!

Sharda is doing some work on a saree. Suresh comes there. She asks him if something happened between Karan and Latika in the office. He is actually happy over whatever happened today. Your kids have grown up finally. They have understood that if they don’t get something by asking then they can snatch it. They have realised the importance of money, fame and success. Sharda is taken aback. It isn’t good that our kids fight for business. You know at times there comes a permanent rift in relations because of such fights. He calls all women emotional. There is a brain too. If you think using your brain then you will realise how much it helped our business. If they will work hard towards fighting for something then the company only will reap benefits out of it. Plus this all is theirs. They only have to handle it in the future. She is not convinced. He tells her not to worry till he is alive. She nods at this. She thinks of apologizing to him for he got embarrassed because of her. She picks up the notepad kept on the table and writes sorry. She gives the paper to him and he is all confused. She apologizes for the party incident. He thinks that she is saying sorry for coming in the party. He confirms the spelling. Your studies came to help after all which is good. It is time for him to sleep so he goes from there. She is happy that he appreciated her studies and forgave her for the party incident (fork-knife one) He is so good. Now I will study more diligently and learn all the ettiquetes necessary for big parties so that he doesn’t have to be embarrassed.

Karan works throughout the night. Sakshi even gets a coffee for him once which he drinks later on. She keeps watching him while she sits on the bed.

Next morning, Sakshi wakes up and notices that Karan is still working. She takes out his clothes, socks, shoes and lays them out for him. She smiles as she looks at him.

Sharda is cooking breakfast when she gets a call from Rukhsar. She is told that they have to come early today as there is a surprise. We have no idea what it is as sir did not share anything at all. Sharda ends the call and is worried. She shares it with Kaveri. Sir’s surprise is always a surprise test. Don’t know what will happen today. She asks Kaveri to get her bag. Kaveri obliges. Sharda is worried that she has not prepared for anything. Kaveri brings her bag. Sharda wants to study side by side as she cooks. Kaveri offers to ask Sakshi bhabhi to help but Sharda denies. She is anyways stuck in so many things. I only will do it. Kaveri compliments her for being the best MIL. Kaveri holds the book for her while Sharda cooks. Sharda finishes her cooking and is all set to leave for her coaching class.

Sakshi prays for Karan’s success. At times a small win encourages people to win the whole world. This presentation is very important for Karan. He has worked very hard for it. Please I wish that he should win! Sharda comes there. She talks about her surprise (test). Hope I get good marks today in the test. Sakshi blesses her. She boosts her morale as anyways she is very sincere in her studies. Don’t worry you will get very good marks in your exam. Sharda tells God to listen to Sakshi. She leaves for her class. Sakshi wishes her luck.

Karan is in the office and continues working on his lappy. Latika comes in the cabin with some Mr. Kulkarni and asks him to check the file before sending it to dad. She notices Karan yawning and smiles. She tells Mr. Kulkarni that she has done a lot of hard work to finish this presentation (home, Diya’s tantrum, etc.). I dint even get to know when the sun came up. Mr. Kulkarni is amazed by how she handles everything. Latika praises herself for being multitasker even when she has so many responsibilities to handle. You put weight on strong shoulders only. Karan is listening everything quietly. Aditya too comes there. Mr. Kulkarni leaves. He is coming straight from the gym. He even made the presentation and she is very happy with him. I am sure you wouldn’t have slept in the night while working on it. He talks about winning and winners.

All the ladies are waiting for sir to open the door of their class. Sharda is sure he will give them a very tough test which is why even the door is closed. Rukhsar too wonders about it. Sharda prays for herself as well as for her kids’ exam. Help us pass in our respective exams.

Precap: Sharda, Rukhsar and Mrs. Bhalla are sitting in front of a lappy. They find Suresh online and Sharda wonders what message to send him. Meanwhile, Mrs. Bhalla already sends a message on her behalf. The message flashes in between the presentation slide on the projector. Employees joke that Mrs. Modi is missing sir. Suresh is not happy with the message and the comments.

Update Credit to: pooja

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