Ek Nayi Pehchan 23rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Nayi Pehchan 23rd April 2014 Written Episode, Ek Nayi Pehchan 23rd April 2014 Written Update

Mr. Taneja compliments Sharda. You are a lucky guy Mr. Modi. I want Mrs. Modi to be a part of our project too. Suresh shares that she has no knowledge about our business. But Mr. Taneja points out that she knows very much about the product through which we can reap upon loads of benefits in business. This deal will be yours if you both make a team. Suresh has no option but to comply. But it depends on Sharda. SHe doesn’t get spare time from her household duties. I cannot force her. Sharda thanks Mr. Taneja for thinking highly about her. But whatever I know about these sarees is because of my husband. This business is not just a way to make money for him but it is a dream to bring forth the talent of people from small town. I too have seen his dream. I have been to so many small towns with him for the same reason after which I too have realised its need. I am ready to help him in any way I can. He has done loads of hard work to make his business successful. Business is anyways not my cup of tea. Mr. Taneja is still eager to invest in their company only and only because of Mrs. Modi. I too have started trusting Mr. Modi after looking at your trust on him. He again calls Suresh a lucky man to have a wife like Mrs. Modi. Suresh nods and they both take their leave.

Sakshi comes to her room and finds the floor wet. Why does Karan always leave the tap on? She is about to storm at him when she stops recalling what Sharda ma had told her about patience. I don’t know what will happen by it but when ma has said something then it would certainly imply something. She wipes the whole floor clean. Just then Karan comes to take a file and leaves while talking to someone on phone. His shoes / sandals were dirty. She thinks of Gandhi ji. He said that, you should forward your other cheek too if one hits you on your one cheek. She gets her dirty slippers and makes more imprints on the floor. I dint know it is so much fun to make mess. Karan comes back to his room and finds her jumping on the floor. He is taken aback to see the mess. what are you doing? Are you out of your mind? She replies that she is doing what he did. I came to know how fun it is to make mess. He calls her mad but she instead asks him to join her. Let us see who can make more footsteps. He asks her to stop it. What will mom think if she sees all this? He sits down to clean it. She too goes and gets another cloth for the same purpose. She smiles at him but he keeps a straight face. She thanks Kanha ji with a wink.

Latika is cleaning the house as it is in a mess. He tells her that this is what happened as she was not in her own house. He acts all romantic and they hug.

Suresh and Sharda come home. He tells her that he dint expect anything like this from her. Don’t do anything like this again. It wasn’t a kid’s birthday party that you walked in just like that. It was a business party and it was not at all necessary for you to come there. Chirag is watching them and smiles when his dad scolds his mom. Sharda again takes Latika’s name but he doesn’t want to hear any of it. You should have asked me first. He walks away from there. Sharda stands there sadly. Chirag plans to do something to make his dad scold Sakshi bhabhi as she had sent her to the party.

Suresh is in his room. Chirag comes to talk to him. Chirag asks his dad for some money on the pretext of wanting it for his college project. Suresh asks him as to why he dint take it from his mom. Chirag tells him that he had gone to ask her but she was getting ready for some party. She dint even hear me out. I don’t think mom was in a mood to go to the party but Sakshi bhabhi insisted so she had to to. She was all after mom to send her to the party. Suresh tells him to take money from him in the morning. Chirag smiles while Suresh seems to be thinking something.

Next morning, Suresh is at the breakfast table while Sakshi serves him juice, etc. He asks her to sit with him for he wants to talk to her. Did you force Sharda to go to the party? Sakshi agrees. He tells her that it was a business party. You should understand that it was not for Sharda. You have understood her well by now. She gets very uncomfortable at such places. Have you thought about how hurt I will feel if someone insults her for her small mistake? Chirag overhears their convo as he stands at the door. Sakshi asks him if everything went well in the party or not. He only wants her to remember what he has told her. I know you love Sharda a lot and want her to accompany me in every party but next time do ask me. I don’t want that my impression goes wrong because of someone else’s mistake. Sakshi nods in agreement. Sakshi feels that something must have happened in the party which is why papa is so upset but why dint ma tell me anything. Karan joins them for breakfast. He is happy with Karan for he is working diligently. He is also thinking of giving the account of his new client to Karan. Sakshi is pleased for him. Suresh asks Sakshi to serve breakfast to Karan. Sakshi is more than happy to do so. Karan thanks his dad for trusting him but Suresh trusts his decision more than Karan. Sakshi serves them halwa as she herself has made it. Suresh appreciates it. Seems like Sharda has trained you completely. She smiles. Yes ma has indeed trained me. I used to make very bad halwa earlier but people learn through their mistakes only. Both the men leave for work. Sakshi notices that Karan dint even taste the halwa. She reminds herself to be patient. He had breakfast if not halwa. Something is better than nothing!

Chirag gets his money from his dad. Sharda is about to eat noodles with a spoon when Sakshi stops her. You should use a fork and knife for it. Sharda doesn’t want it. I was trying to eat a bread using them yester night in the party but it fell off from the plate only. Karan’s papa must have felt embarrassed. Sakshi has full faith that it would never happen again. Sharda doesn’t want to try again as she creates problems for Karan’s dad all the time. However hard I try to please him I make some mistake always. I wont be able to do it anymore. Sakshi reminds her of her own teachings about patience. You should keep trying while being patient. What if you make a mistake in one party, things can change for good in another. You should not just give up like this. Papa is right that big people come in such parties. If you wont try then he would not be able to take you with him. You have to learn this too along with your studies. Sharda understands her point.I will come first but you tell me what’s going on with Karan. Sakshi tells her about the breakfast ordeal. You are so simple while your son is as complicated as a jalebi. Sharda tells her not to say anything bad about her son or she will turn into a typical MIL. Sakshi smiles saying that she can learn table manners but she can never learn how to become a typical MIL. They both smile.

Suresh tells Latika, Aditya and Karan that he wants to give his important client to Karan. Latika is against it. You cannot give such an important client to Karan as we might lose it too. I wont let you do it. I and Aditya will handle this client too. Suresh points out that they are already handling 3 clients along with another foreigner client but she stays put. I have confidence that I can handle this client better than Karan. I have an MBA from London School of Business. I know it very well as to how to handle a client. Nothing personal about it but Karan is very inexperienced. I cannot trust on his qualification. Aditya too sides with Latika. we must not take a risk as the client is quite big. Karan remarks that not taking risk is the biggest risk in life. If you have to grow then one must take risk.You guys have 3 clients already. Dad has given me this client so I only will handle it. Latika asks him to prove himself to be worthy enough to handle this client. Karan is up for the challenge. Suresh asks all 3 of them of make individual presentations for the same. Whomsoever’s presentation is best, he / she will get the client. They all agree for this. Latika and Aditya leave. Karan doesn’t want anyone’s support. He is sure he will be able to do it. Suresh wishes him luck.

Precap: Karan is working on the presentation. Sakshi gets tea for him and asks him if he wants anything else. Karan gets irritated. You can see that I am working yet you are disturbing me because you want Aditya to win?

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