Ek Nayi Pehchan 21st August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 21st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Janamashtami puja is going on at Modi House. Sharda joins Suresh for the puja. Sakshi and Karan come next. Sakshi prays to God to give strength to her Ma. She should be strong so as to hold papa’s hand and move ahead in life. Also bless me with the happiness of becoming a mother. Karan and Sakshi smile as they look at each other. Sharda thinks about Suresh’s, Shanaya’s and Sakshi’s words as everyone else does puja one by one. She thinks if she should actually go to office with him. please show me some way. The puja comes to an end.

Diya collides with Suresh who was holding the aarti thaal. Sharda holds it with him to keep it steady. She asks him about the dress code for his office. He denies anything being as such. Sharda asks him if it’s ok if she wears the sarees which she has designed. He is happy / confused. Sakshi excitedly announces loudly that Ma is joining papa’s office from tomorrow. Everyone claps. Suresh thanks Sharda. Now we are not just life partners but business partners as well. Dadi wishes them well. Both Suresh and Sharda seek blessings from her. Sakshi is super happy while Shanaya is bent upon ruining this plan.

Sakshi covers her Ma’s eyes and brings her to her room. Dadi and Karan are already waiting for her. they want to help her in getting ready for her first day at office. Karan is told to bring gajra for his Ma.

Latika wants Mr. Rawat’s file from his dad. He gets a call from his office and is upset that the table and chair for Sharda haven’t been arranged yet. He firmly tells the person to do it asap while Latika asks for the file. He ends the call and picks up a file. I am very happy today. finally I am going to actually put it into practice what I should have done long back. He asks her if he is looking good. Latika nods, yet continues to talk about the client. He assures her they don’t have to worry about anything now. Now we have a designer who knows everything, what should reach where and when exactly! Our company will reach new heights now. Just watch out. He goes out with the file. Latika is angry that she put her everything for this company and now its all about mom? Diya comes asking for her breakfast but Latika tells her to ask her Nani. I have so much work to do. She walks out from there. Shanaya smiles seeing this.

Sharda wears saree in a different way. Sakshi does her makeup and hair. She continues teasing her Ma on her beauty. Sharda is worried about breakfast but Dadi has told everything to Sunita (maid / cook). Sakshi wants her to focus on the big things (related to their company and its progress). My Ma is about to become a very big businesswoman now.

Shanaya is pissed off that everyone is busy / excited in sending Sharda to office, as if some kid is going to school for the first time. But I am really sorry as I am not going to let you go to office. I wont let you rule over my mom’s company. She smiles as she notices Diya.

Aarav asks for his favourite strawberry cornflakes but the maid has been told to give him healthy stuff only. She notices that everything (milk, veggie) is burnt. He walks out from there in a huff. I will eat in canteen. Diya is eyeing food. Shanaya cutely asks her what she wants. Diya is hungry. Nani is not here too plus the food is burnt. Shanaya takes her outside as so much is kept on dining table. it is Nani’s first day at office so all these sweets have come. All this isn’t too good though. Would you like to have some sweets? Diya’s mom has told her not to eat sweets as she is ill. Shanaya insists promising that she wont tell anyone. diya declines but Shanaya keeps luring her. she keeps the plate full of laddoos back on table and leaves from there.

Sharda is all set for the day. Sakshi and Dadi compliment her on her beauty. Sharda is feeling uneasy, as if something is wrong. Sakshi gets it that she is nervous which is quite normal. Everything will be alright. She gives her a Ganpati idol. Keep it on your office desk always. He will give you strength.

Diya is tempted runs away with the plate of laddoos. Shanaya gets happy.

Sharda prays to Ganpati. Take care of everything (office and home). Shanaya watches from a distance as Diya eats all the laddoos from the plate.

At the dining table, Karan thanks his dad for doing all this for mom. Suresh says he is trying to change completely. Latika asks Sunita if Diya has eaten breakfast but Sunita has not seen her since morning. Everyone is happy to see Sharda’s new avatar. Suresh compliments her for the same. Come have breakfast. Sakshi teases her that her magic is working on dad. Sharda is all shy. Sakshi offers to serve breakfast today. suresh has to leave for office urgently. We have a client meeting at 10. I will wait for you. Shanaya is angry. Sharda asks for Diya who falls on the floor unconscious just then, calling out for her mom. Everyone is shocked to see her thus except Shanaya. They all rush to her side. Latika finds laddoo on Diya’s face. Karan goes to call the doc while Shanaya dials Prateek’s number.

Diya is in her room (still unconscious). Latika says, Diya had come to me and she was hungry. I thought you will be in kitchen so I sent her there. Sharda tells her to be calm. You only have to take care of her. prateek comes there, worried for his daughter. He is angry at Latika at being irresponsible yet again. who will say that you are her real mom? Even a step mom is better than you. Latika tries to say something but Karan comes with the doc. Doc checks Diya and gives her an injection. You should take care that she does not eat so many sweets at once, especially when she is extra hungry. Latika agrees to be more careful. Doc assures them that Diya will be fine soon. Karan goes to drop the doc till the gate. Latika is upset with Prateek for what all he said to her. Diya gains conscious and calls for her mom. They are relieved / happy. diya immediately apologizes to Shanaya. You told me to eat one laddoo but I loved them all so ate all of them. everyone looks at Shanaya in surprise / shock. Sharda diverts the topic. She takes everyone outside so that Diya can take some rest.

Once outside, Sakshi confronts Shanaya. You told her to eat sweets? Shanaya feigns to be ignorant of the fact that Diya is diabetic. Sakshi knows her too well to understand that her mind works a tad faster than she shows. She is a kid. She only did what you told her to. Shanaya retorts that in that case, her mom should take care of her. You should take out your anger on her, not me. She should have told her what to do and what not to do. Latika and Prateek have heard everything. Latika slaps her for the same. Don’t you feel ashamed? You put my daughter’s life at risk and are blaming me now? You very well know that she has juvenile diabetes. She is ill. Shanaya says you too know a lot many things. Your daughter is ill but you are neither worried for her nor for your family. I was just trying to give her some happiness which you couldn’t. Become a good mother first and then lecture someone over anything. Latika raises her hand once again but Prateek holds it in time. Sharda too tells her to stop. Latika tells Shanaya to get out of this house. You guys don’t deserve to be here. She wants her mom to throw Shanaya out of this house right now. Sharda accepts that Shanaya made a mistake while trying to make Diya happy. latika cannot believe it that her mom is siding with someone like Shanaya. She is just waiting for the right time to seek her revenge from you. You are not able to understand it. please throw her out of this house before our house is all broken. Sharda looks at Shanaya with worry and confusion.

Precap for Monday: Latika is sitting beside Diya. You had to go office mom. Why are you still here? Sharda cannot go leaving her kid in such a situation. Latika calls Diya her kid. Trust me I know how to take care of her. your priorities have changed. You have to handle office, business. Dad has cleared all this to us very nicely. You should go and handle your work / office. I will handle my daughter. Sharda gets sad.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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