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Sakshi and Karan discuss the change of behaviour in their dad. She is amazed while he praises his dad. He is trying to help mom find her new identity. That’s the best he can do and he is trying to do. She feels that all this might be his idea. He smiles a naughty smile and asks for his prize. She sprays deo on him. they have a cute moment and end up falling on bed. They share an eye lock. Diya comes running to show her dress to Sakshi Mami. Karan Mamu got it for me. sakshi remarks that her Mamu loves her a lot. Karan adds that he loves Mami (Sakshi) as well. Its just that he doesn’t get enough time to show it. if this continues then don’t know when will Mama become papa. She smiles.

Suresh gets a sprain in his neck while trying to wear the waistcoat. Sharda is concerned for him. She brings balm for him. She tells him to sleep on the bed tonight while she will sleep on the couch. He puts the balm but is in pain again when he tries to wear it. she helps him, just like old times. He tells her the same thing. She excuses herself to complete the pending work. Suresh gets ready for the puja.

Outside, Sharda overhears him talking to some Mr. Mathur about accepting all his conditions. There wont be any changes. I will come to meet you. Sharda feels bad to see him thus. Latika talks to him about Mr. Mathur. We have been calling him since so many days to fix an appointment. There was a day when he used to wait outside our office to get an appointment with us. Sharda leaves followed by Sakshi. Suresh tells his daughter that that time has passed. It is Mathur’s good time now. I have to pay this price to take care of my failing business. Latika leaves it on him to decide.

Door bell rings. Meeta’s secretary has come to meet Sharda. He is a little sad though as he too has been trying to get in touch with Meeta for business purpose. She leaves a letter with him to give to Sharda regarding the new order. Please ask her to talk to Meeta Ma’am once. Suresh is dejected. Shanaya has got her next plan from this.

Sakshi and Sharda are in the kitchen. Sakshi teases her about her constant checking on the bhog for puja. She also knows that Sharda is worried about what dad said. Sharda is unable to decide whether she will be able to handle it or not. plus his business is facing so many problems right now. on the other hand, Shanaya is happy to see 5 missed call on Sharda’s phone from Meeta. Sakshi suggests Sharda to join the office who is as usual reluctant. Sakshi has full faith in her as she is the bestest. She goes outside to check the arrangements.

Sharda compliments Shanaya on her dress. Shanaya gives her her phone and tells her about he missed calls. She might be trying to give you another order? Meeta’s secretary came to give you the proposal. Dad dint tell you? She met him only. Actually dad has been waiting for this contract for too long. She smirks thinking that her job is done. Sharda will doubt dad’s motives always now.

Shanaya comes to help Dadi in the puja preps. She is waiting for Sharda’s reaction. Though she is sure that Sharda wont agree to join dad’s business now. She is doing puja preps along with Dadi and Lata. Just then Sharda comes. She notices a letter on the table for her. it is from Meeta. Suresh is speaking to someone about how he will not compromise on space. He tells Sharda about the letter. I was about to give it to you only. Meeta Manchanda’s secretary had come. She wanted to know when you will start working on the sarees. They even tried calling you a lot many times but maybe you dint check. She agrees that she saw it but she has said no to them already. He is taken aback. I have spoken in my office about your office space. Its all sorted now. You don’t have to worry about anything. Whether you want to work with me or not is a different issue. But you can atleast resume your work – Sharda Mehta’s business. Sakshi and Sharda are surprised though Shanaya is not happy. sharda replies that I will have to work very hard to make this name (Sharda Mehta). But thank you for thinking about me. suresh looks on sadly as she leaves from there.

Sakshi gives tea to Suresh. He asks for her help. Sharda thinks that I asked her to work with me as she has Meeta’s order but that isn’t so. I know that I was selfish, self centred but I have understood that a selfish person only wins chances, not someone’s heart. It is up to Sharda whether she wants to work with me or not. it is her decision but she should not say no to Meeta. Not everyone gets these chances, not even a so called big businessman like me. meeta wants to work with Sharda Mehta, not Suresh Modi. I am ok with that. I am ready to arrange for factory workers and space. My offer will stay even if there is no Meeta Manchanda. I know that Sharda will only understand your talks. You will try to explain it to her, right? Sakshi nods.

Shanaya comes to instigate Sharda against Suresh. I heard everything. If you would not have seen these papers then dad would have never told you the truth. He was lying. He wants this contract through you as he has no other option left. He is behaving as if he is doing some favour on you. I thought he has changed but he can never change. He can use anyone for his own interest. Sakshi adds, just like you are using Ma right now for your own selfish interest. What kind of a girl are you? Don’t you feel ashamed? We try to bind the family together with whom we live. We don’t try to break it. Shanaya says she only said the truth. It is up to her whether she wants to believe it or not. She is not a kid whom I can say anything and she will agree to it. Sakshi calls her a kid instead. Kids shouldn’t interfere in other’s work. Shanaya walks out from there in a huff.

Sakshi tells SHarda not to think about what Shanaya said. Papa honestly wants you to join him. sharda knows it already. Shanaya cannot instigate me against your papa. No one can read him better than me. I can read him eyes and guess when he is saying the truth or lying. Sakshi wants to know why she said no then. When someone holds your hand for your support then you must not walk away. Sharda is actually feeling scared. I came back in this house as a mother, a DIL but I haven’t got the courage of being his wife again. how can I do business with him then? I have studied somewhat, can cook, have made 300 sarees but that is it. sakshi knows that she can do anything. All this is very easy for you. You know everything. What to do, how to do! You have to manage office just like you manage this home. Why are you thinking all this? Bhagwan Shree Krishna has said in Gita that one must not think about the results but should focus on their work. You too should think about the tasks at hand. Everyone should get one chance to rectify their mistakes. Papa is also trying to do the same. He will be with you in every step to guide you and support you. But if you don’t do it then you wont get to know whether you can do it or not. sakshi boosts her morale. Sharda regains her confidence when Sakshi shows her the way. I start trusting myself more. Sakshi says you only have taught me how to do it. They share a hug. Sakshi goes out for the puja telling her to come out asap.

Everyone has gathered for the puja. Sharda seeks Pallavi’s advice. The priest starts the Janamashtami puja. Sharda recalls everyone’s opinions as she goes outside to join everyone in the puja. Suresh is sad when she stops midway instead of joining him in the puja.

Precap: Shanaya thinks of using Diya’s illness for her plan. I only have to show her sweets, rest of the work will be done automatically. Shanaya takes the plate of laddoos closer to Diya who declines as mumma has said her not to eat it. shanaya insists and also promises not to tell anyone about it. she leaves. Meanwhile, Diya falls unconscious after eating the sweets.

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