Ek Nayi Pehchan 1st September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ek Nayi Pehchan 1st September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shanaya plays catch and throw with Diya. Karan watches them from a distance. Shanaya notices Sakshi coming downstairs. Shanaya intentionally throws the ball in her direction. Karan immediately rushes to save her. Sakshi was about to trip because of it but Karan holds her in time. Sharda notices this and shouts for Sakshi. Sakshi has got a sprain in her leg. Shanaya apologizes to her. Diya kicked the ball in such a way that it came in your way. She acts all concerned for Sakshi. Karan slaps her instead which shocks everyone. He takes her to the storeroom and locks her in there. Shanaya is scared as it is dark inside. Sharda and everyone are worried for her. Karan is bent upon not opening the door. Shanaya maybe trips inside over something and Sharda is concerned for her. She moves him aside and makes him open the door and they are shocked to find Shanaya lying unconscious on the floor. Blood is coming out of her head. Sharda pushes Karan away when he is trying to check on Shanaya. I told you to stay away from her but you dint listen to me. They take her downstairs.

Sharda, Karan, Chirag and Aarav bring Shanaya to the hospital and she is bleeding profusely. She is taken inside the OT. Karan puts a hand on his mom’s shoulder but she moves aside. Karan assures her that SHanaya will be alright. Nothing will happen to her. Karan then leaves with the nurse as he has to complete all the necessary formalities. Aarav calls his dad and tells him about Shanaya. Suresh is shocked. How did this happen? Aarav tells him that Karan bhaiya locked her in the storeroom. Suresh agrees to come asap.

Karan tells the receptionist about how Shanaya got hurt in the room. I am her brother. Aarav interrupts them. She is not his but my sister. She is his step sister which is why he hates her. He is the one who pushed her. Doc is curious now. Is this accident or something else? Karan declines doing anything like that. He gets a call from his dad. Suresh talks to the doc. This is a normal accident case please admit my daughter. Doc corrects him that it was done intentionally. Your son wanted to hurt your daughter. This is police case. Suresh assures him that he had a word with commissioner. Rest will be taken care of. Doc agrees to admit Shanaya. Aarav leaves from there in a huff.

Dadi and Sakshi have reached there too. Karan tells his mom that Shanaya has been admitted. Everything will be alright. I am sorry I dint knew something like this would happen. Please don’t be upset with me. I am really sorry. Dadi tells him not to worry as God wont let anything wrong happen to us. Sakshi too agrees with Dadi. Sharda says I was really proud of myself and my kids but I couldn’t fulfil my promise. Sakshi knows she is feeling really bad right now. you are loving Shanaya much more than your own kids. I can understand it. Sharda replies that no one can understand anything. I was begging Karan not to do anything like this but he dint even listen to me. He dragged Shanaya to the storeroom and locked her there. Who behaves with his own sister like that? Would you have done the same with Latika? Sakshi tries to explain Karan’s position to her but Sharda is not ready to understand. Sharda talks in Shanaya’s favour. She was just playing with Diya. The ball hit you by mistake and he reacted in such a way? Karan tells her that it isn’t just that much. Shanaya has been troubling Sakshi since morning. She even hurt her hand. I saw it myself. She threw the ball intentionally so that Sakshi falls down. Sakshi was going to get some tests done today. Sharda tells him to stop. You guys make a mountain out of mole when Shanaya does something. What about what you did today? Sakshi says you know Karan wont do anything like this knowingly. Don’t you trust your son? Sharda knows she had told Sakshi to stand by her husband but not when he is wrong. Who will be responsible if something happens to Shanaya today? Karan will be responsible for it. Sakshi feels bad for Karan yet she tries to calm her Ma but Sharda is in no mood to talk to her. Leave me alone. Sakshi puts a reassuring hand over Karan’s shoulder.

Suresh reaches hospital. He asks for Shanaya. Doc tells them about how Shanaya hurt her head badly. I am worried if there has been some internal bleeding which is why we have kept her under observation. We will get some tests done first and thereafter you all can meet her. Karan apologizes to his dad who straight away tells him to shut up. Sakshi supports him. I know you haven’t done anything intentionally. Chirag comforts Aarav and goes to bring water for him. sharda continues to cry and Suresh consoles her.

Aarav, Suresh and Sharda come to see Shanaya. She is unconscious and in a critical condition. They are told that this has happened because of her son pushing her. I think I have to call the police. Suresh talks in Karan’s favour but Aarav tells him about it. Suresh calms him down but then Sharda too speaks against Karan. Shanaya breathes heavily and they are told to go out. Aarav vows to avenge with Karan. Sharda and Suresh try to stop him but in vain. He goes outside and pushes Karan. Sakshi tries to stop him but in vain. Doc calls police. Suresh tells Sharda that he was trying to quieten the matter but she has ignited fire in Aarav’s heart. Chirag holds Aarav. Suresh questions Sharda if this is the way she will fulfil her promise to Pallavi. Your kids are after each other now. This is the true picture of your family which clearly states it that you have failed miserably.

Police reaches there and wants to know what’s happening here. Suresh tells him that he had a word with commissioner and everything is fine here. Inspector has received a call from the hospital so he will have to look into the matter. I want Shanaya’s statement. Doc tells him that she is not in a condition to give any statement. Inspector wants to know the details. Aarav blames Karan. You can ask Sharda Ma if you don’t believe me. sharda is in a fix. Suresh tells Sharda not to decide the right or wrong. If you say anything wrong then our son Karan will straight away go to jail so please don’t say something untoward. Aarav continues to plead her to say the truth for she never lies. Inspector too asks her to speak the truth. This is not something usual. That girl can even lose her life. You are an eye witness and you should support truth. Sakshi, Dadi and Chirag are worried for Karan.

Sharda recalls her promise to Pallavi. She blames it all on Karan. Everyone is sad except Aarav. Sakshi tries to reason that it was just an accident. How can you say so? Inspector tells his constable to arrest Karan. Suresh tries to dismiss the matter but in vain. He tells the family members to come to police station if they have to say something. Police takes Karan away while Sakshi breaks down. Sharda too is in tears. Sakshi confronts her Ma. I know Karan made a mistake but you really think he was trying to kill Shanaya? Why did you do it? Why?

Precap: Shanaya gains conscious. She is not able to move or feel her legs. Doc tells them that maybe because of the head injury she has gained paralysis in her legs. Everyone is in for a shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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