Ek Nayi Pehchan 19th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Dadi asks Sharda to get the temple clean for Janamashtami puja. Sharda is not feeling like doing it now as Pallavi died only a month back. Shanaya overhears them from a distance. Dadi tells her that life goes on. It doesn’t stop for anyone. Even Pallavi wanted us to be happy. She will be at peace to see us happy. I don’t want any pomp or show. I only want to keep us to keep a fast, do some puja I the morning and evening. Sharda agrees with her finally. Shanaya is not happy and leaves. Sakshi comes downstairs. Dadi has been waiting for her. They both head off to do the preps together.

Sharda comes to give something to Shanaya but is shocked to see her packing her bags. Shanaya asks for her and Aarav’s shares. I will leave afterwards. Sharda calls them the kids of this house. How can we not love and care for you? Shanaya is again angry at the festival celebration at home. No festival is celebrated for a year where someone has died. Don’t you know? Everything has gone back to normal in a month here. Why do you care? I and Aarav have lost our mom. Go and do your puja. Sharda explains that it matters to her as well. Your mom dint want us to mourn her death. She wanted us to stay together like one big family. A puja is the best way to mark the new beginnings. Shanaya continues to tell Sharda that she doesn’t want to live here with her. sharda simply tells her that whether she likes it or not, she will have to stay here only, like one big family. shanaya asks her till when will she stop her, calling her Sharda Ma. Sharda wants her to learn the difference between right and wrong, become mature and understand the meaning of a family. Till then neither will I give you your share nor will I let you leave this house. This is my last decision. Shanaya is taken aback. Sharda leaves clothes for her to wear in the puja. Wear them if you like them. Suresh was outside and has heard the entire convo.

Dadi and Sakshi are making preps for tomorrow’s puja. Dadi talks about bal gopal. I want to play with your bal gopal next year. Sakshi gets a little sad hearing this though she is sure if God wants it then it will happen. Dadi assures her to do preps with all her heart. Your wish will definitely come true by next Janamashtami.

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Diya comes running to Sakshi. I want to become Radha. She wants to wear a certain dress that’s on a photo. Latika has brought a dress for her but Diya insists on wearing that particular colour dress only. Latika leaves after firmly telling her about her dress. Karan comes and offers to take Diya to market to look for her dress. They share a cute moment. Sakshi is happy to see their bonding. She smiles thinking that Karan will be world’s best dad. Just then Karan whispers I love you in her ear with a cheek kiss. Diya has heard it and repeats it loudly. Karan takes her to have breakfast while Sakshi smiles.

Suresh comes to talk to Shanaya. The solution to your problem is inside you. Everyone here loves you. No one here wants to hurt you. Shanaya tells him what SHarda had said to her. I cannot go from this house till I am mature. Will Sharda take all decisions on my behalf? This wouldn’t have happened if my mom was here. He interrupts her. You don’t call elders by name. You can call her Ma if you want to. I too am missing Pallavi a lot. If she was here with us then you too know how she would have liked it. I wont force you for anything but if you will help everyone outside in Janamashtami preps then I will feel good. Another angry expression from Shanaya.

Aarav is telling jokes to Diya. Suresh is relieved / at peace to see both his families as one. This happened so soon. only Sharda can do such a miracle. I have not done anything for her till date. If I don’t do it today then it will be really wrong on my part.

Dadi and Sakshi ask each other about tomorrow’s menu. He tells his mom to ask Sharda as she knows everything. They are all surprised to see him praising Sharda. He can do it as after all she is his wife. Sakshi smiles. He sits down to guide Aarav about the flowers that have to be put on bal gopal’s jhoola. Lata comes to call everyone for breakfast.

Dadi was keeping a fast but Sharda insists so she agrees to eat breakfast. Sakshi too is keeping a fast on which Karan teases her. prateek is sad as Latika is not keeping a fast. She tells him that she has never done it so wont even do it now. Suresh praises the butter thinking that it was made by Sharda but Sakshi tells him that she made it today. she teases him if its like Ma? Latika denies it. sakshi teasingly tells her Ma (in ears) that maybe dad is trying to butter her. sharda smiles sweetly and calls her naughty. Suresh sits there helplessly. Dadi goes to check the stuff for puja that has come. Latika and Diya go to try the new dress. Prateek too leaves after finishing his dress.

Karan keeps staring at his dad which makes him uneasy. karan is confused at the sudden change in his behaviour. A person shouldn’t be so bad that people start doubting their good deeds. You must have realised how rude you were earlier. Mom has done so much for you but you never valued her for the same. Why all this suddenly? Suresh wants to do something for Sharda now to which Karan apologizes. It is too late. Mom waited to see your love and expected respect from you which she never got in her life. She doesn’t want anything from you now. She isn’t that poor Sharda Modi anymore. Suresh remarks that he too is not the old Karan anymore. Karan agrees. A person’s self respect forces him to change himself. He calls out for Diya as they have to go to the market.

Sharda compliments the laddoos made by Sakshi. I have learned them from you only. You have to teach me a lot more similar things. You will, right? Sharda agrees but to their surprise, Suresh declines. he keeps the plate of laddoos aside and turns to Sharda. It isn’t an easy thing for a person like me to accept his mistakes. I agree that I have never given you the respect which you deserve, or done anything good for you. I always thought that whatever you got in life, was a little extra than what your deserved. I thought that you should stay at home only but you proved me wrong. You can do a lot more and in a much better way. This is why I want you to join my office. Sakshi and Sharda look at him in shock. Dadi too has joined them by now. He tells her that she has been with him through thick and thin of life. You have taken care of my family. I feel that if you join hands with me then we can take our company to another level. Sakshi and Dadi are too excited while Suresh waits for Sharda’s answer. You will support me right? Don’t say no. I want to make up for my mistakes. I want to become a good human being. Will you not help me in this? Sakshi and Dadi tell Sharda to answer in affirmative. This is a new start for your relation and life. Sharda picks up the plate of laddoos and goes from there. Dadi is happy at Suresh’s change of heart. He is sad though as Sharda dint reply to his proposal. Even Latika is happy with Suresh’s changed outlook. But our business is in bad shape right now and you have given all the responsibility to mom. Is this your game plan? If it turns ugly and everything is ruined then will you blame mom for everything? Suresh is shocked. Sharda interrupts her daughter. Is this a way to talk to your dad? Suresh tells her not to do so. Its about the image I have made for myself. If they don’t believe me then I wont feel bad. But I want to tell you something, I really need you at this point of life. Latika apologizes for doubting him but she wanted to be sure. He nods in understanding.

Suresh talks to Sharda about how talented she is. You don’t even know it yourself. Not just your home but you can make a place for yourself in our office too. Rest is up to you. Shanaya is upset that even dad is taking Sharda’s side now. I will have to do something to stop all this.

Precap: Janamashtami puja is going on at Modi House. Sharda joins Suresh for the puja.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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